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Imaginary Westlife
I Cry
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“See ya later.” I said to my mum. “I’ll be back about midnight.” I said closing the door behingd me. I jumped into the taxi that was waiting at the bottom of our driveway. “Where would you like to go?” The driver asked. “To Club Extreme please.” I told him. I was going to meet my boyfriend, . When the taxi pulled up I jumped out and payed my fare. had told me that he would meet me outside but there was no sign of him. I expected he must be late or something so I waited and waited. BEEP BEEP. I had just received a text message so I looked to see what it read: Sorry babe we’re over love . I couldn’t believe it. I’d been stood up and finished. I broke down in tears. “You alright.” A voice said. “No not really.” I said looking up. It was hard to make the persons face out because he had a cap and shades on. “What’s a girl like you doing in the street at this time of night. There’s scary people around you know.” He said. “My boyfriend has just stood me up.” I told him. “Oh sorry. I didn’t realise. He must be mad to finish with such a pretty girl.” He put his arm round me and hugged me. “Do you wanna come back to my place coz it’s a bit warmer than out here. I promise I won’t do anything to you.” He had a soft Irish accent and for some reason I trusted him. I felt safe. He led me back to his apartment and unlocked the door. “Ahhh that’s better,” he said removing his shades and hat to reveal an extremely familiar face. “You look really familiar.” I told him. He laughed, “I often get told that.” He said. It then struck me I was in the same room as Kian from Westlife. I was stupid how could I not have recognised his smooth Irish voice and those stunning blue eyes. “Kian?” I asked him. “Yeah I am.” I turned round to the door for a quick escape. I had virtually told my life story to the guy. “Please don’t leave. I really like you.” Kian said. I turned round and looked at his wishful eyes. “Come here.” Kian said and held me tightly. “Do you like me?” Kian asked. “Yeah course…” I said blushing. “How could I not like a blonde haired blue eyed angel faced boy?” Kian stared straight into my eyes. “I want to be with you ‘till I die. You’re so special. You know that don’t you?” He said. “Do you really mean that?” I asked. “I’m an innocent angel faced boy, I can’t lie.” Kian joked. “Oh shut it!” I said and kissed him gently.