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Take 5 strapping lads, get em to strip, eh, sorry, wear a football strip & what have you got? The multi-talented, all-star Westlife footy team, that what! We talked full body waxes, singing turkeys and celebrity players with phworsome fivesome


So boys will you be supporting Ireland in the World Cup?

Shane: Yeah! If we get the tour over with and Ireland make the final, well be on the first plane out to Japan.


And will you be hoping England do well?

Nicky: Hmmm. Whenever we go down the pub with English friends they always say, Hey, Ireland have never won the World Cup. I mean, England have already won. So Id like Ireland to win this time. Failing that Id like to see France or Brazil win. But if England go through to the final Id like them to win.


World Cup songs Are they a good idea?

Bryan: We were supposed to do the Irish one, but our tour got in the way.

Mark: Yeah but Nicky flew back to Ireland last week to sing on the other one.

Shane: Hes singing with the whole Irish soccer team and a great big turkey.

Nicky: Lets face it World Cup songs are just a bit of fun I wouldnt take them too seriously.


Do you all play footy?

Bryan: We have a team on tour there is 9 of us. Its Shane, Nicky, Kian, our musicians and me.


Do you think women are dirtier players than men?

Nicky: Theyre the same. The thing is everyone is used to seeing men kicking the shins off each other but when you see women doing it its kinda weird and interesting to see how physical women can get.


Do you mind if you are on the losing team?

Nicky: Im the most competitive person youve ever met. Its not that I cant lose its just that I hate it!


Own up have you ever waxed a body part?

Nicky: Eh? You must be joking.