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Imaginary Westlife
Fan Fictions
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RING RING. I picked up my mobile and heard voice on the other end. "Hiya luv it's I'm having a party tonight at my place . Do you wanna come?" He asked. I hesitated. "Is gonna be there?" I asked. "Ummm yeah. Sorry darling I know you aren't on that good terms with him yet but his has finished that lass." He said. "OK I suppose Ill come, but I wont be there for long. Bye." I said putting down the phone. I used to date but he'd gone off with another lass whilst still dating me. He'd broken my heart and the trust had been lost. I loved him so much... But that was all in the past, I decided no matter what he did, he wasnt going to spoil my evening. I decided to start getting ready. The phone rang again. "Hello?" I said. "Hello," came a cold reply. It sounded extremely familiar. It was the man I used to wake up in a morning next to. The man whod broken my heart. "Are you going tonight?" He asked. "Yeah." I answered and hung up. I wanted to get him out of my life for good. I continued to get ready and was going to call a taxi when there was a knock at the door. I looked secretly through the window and saw stood at the door. I walked over to the door and put the chain on, and opened it. "What do you want?" I asked, harshly. His smile changed to a frown and he quickly hid the red rose behind his back. "Maybe this wasn't the best of ideas..." He muttered, turning around and walking back to a car. I instantly recognised the driver to be . He beeped his horn at me. I cringed, he'd tried to set me up again. I couldn't believe it. I sat down on the sofa and turned the TV on. There was no way I was going to the party tonight. My phone rang again. "Hello?" I answered sharply. "Hi I'm really sorry." voice answered. "You know that me and HIM are well over." I screamed at him. I heard a voice in the background. "Give me the phone ya eejit. I need to talk to ." Suddenly my heart started to beat faster, it was like the old days. "Hi ." voice said. "I just wanna tell you that I love you." He said. My heart jumped. "Oh . I..." I said but my voice cut as both the lads screamed in unison and a loud crash was heard. The phone line was dead but I was gripping the phone screaming. " ? ?" Tears were flowing down my face. Were they dead? I ran out of the house and down the road. I saw a figure limping towards me. It was . " ." I screamed. A huge explosion of 's car drowned out my voice. The force threw him into the air and he landed by my feet. I dropped to the floor and hugged . My eyes travelled to the wreckage in front of me. Mark held me tighter and whispered into my ear. " . Car." Only one thing crossed my mind. was dead. I burst into tears. My worst nightmares had come true. "He loved you." said. "I loved him to." I managed to say. A bright light suddenly shone in front of us. I looked up and saw suspended in the air. held out his arms and said, "be with me." loosened his grip on me and said. "Follow your heart." I hugged and said. "Don't worry we'll meet again soon." "I'll miss you." said and kissed me on the cheek. I let go of and took my instinct. I walked towards and took his hand. He held me tightly and we shared a kiss together. Our first kiss since the day we parted. We were now together again... looked at 's lifeless body on the floor and tears began to roll down his cheeks. She'd left this world to be with . In paradise.