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Imaginary Westlife
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Kian's sign is Earth. See what his star sign says about his love style.


What Kian is like: The strong silent type or are they? Earth guys aim to be honest and loyal forever, but they are prone to mood swings. On the plus side they are touchy-feely!

Kian's snog style: Steady, confident and fun.

How to win him over: Be yourself and dont put on any airs and graces.

Ideal date: Avoid shopping the typical Earth guy would prefer to do something peaceful, like take a romantic walk.


Nicky and Mark's sign is Air. See what their star sign says about their love style.


What Nicky and Mark are like: Air dudes often have their heads in the clouds but they love to share these thoughts with you! They can make the bizarre seem perfectly sane. But beware they hate planning ahead.

Nicky and Mark's snog style: Light and tender.

How to win either of them over: Be flexible and spontaneous. This will make all sorts of fun and frolics possible.

Ideal date: Stimulating trips to art galleries, the cinema and museums are all good. Anything that will involve you both looking, thinking and nattering together.


Bryan's sign is Fire. See what his sign says about his love style.


What Bryan is like: Passionate with a capital P! These fellas are restless with very hot tempers! They are ambitious and have endless supplies of energy.

Bryan's snog style: Rampant and hurried but will get your knees trembling!

How to win him over: Play hard top get Fire guys love a challenge and treating them mean will definitely keep them keen.

Ideal date: Go for thrills a plenty. Any daredevil type shenanigans will go down a treat, so think bungee-jumping or go-karting.


Shane's sign is Water. See what his sign syas about his love style.


What Shane is like: They can be cheeky monkeys, but dont be fooled deep down, they are kind and sweet. Water lads are kind and sweet. Theyre not wimps though they can be strong and determined.

Shane's snog style: Slow and smoochy.

How to win him over: Dont take the mick if theyre spouting off about the worlds woes theyre sharp-tongued but dont respond to being laughed at, and can be upfront.

Ideal date: Head to the cinema showing a weepy film hell love it! Or go swimming any water based activity will be a laugh.