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The Problem: So far, 2002 has been a disastrous year fro Bryan. First, he got so boozed up at The Brits that he offered to take on the entire So Solid Crew, then he got so drunk at a Pop Idol gig that he nearly missed the first night of Westlife's European tour and had to catch up with his bandmates in Holland! And then there were revelations of the drunken stag night that nearly cost Bryan his marriage.

He says: "It's not like people will stop buying Westlife's records because I get drunk one night. I'm a 22 year old man on the road with his mates and I want to have fun!"

What next for Bry? Hopefully, the thought of losing wife Kerry and daughter Molly will sober Bryan up and make him think about what he's doing in the future.


<Taken from Sneak>