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Imaginary Westlife
Never Stop Believing
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I stood outside Birmingham NEC. I prayed, hoped and wished that there were some spare tickets for Westlifes tour. Just one glance at the gorge Nicky Byrne would make my life perfect. He had been the purpose of my life for the past 2 years. I walked up to the box offices. The old man looked up who was sat inside. "Um can I but a ticket for the Westlife concert tonight?" I asked. The man shook his head. "Sorry love, were all sold out." He said returning to his newspaper. My heart fell. My dreams had been shattered by his answer. I walked away from the box office and round to the back of the NEC. A tear rolled down my cheek and the cold breeze blew it dry against my face. I came to a set of stairs leading to a door that went inside the NEC. I sat down and my head in my hands and began to cry. I remembered Westlifes song; Dreams come true and thought. Sorry lads, youre lying dreams definitely dont come true! "Scuse me." A soothing Irish accent said. I looked up and saw a figure standing in front of me. As I stood up to lave I stared at the person. He was wearing a baseball cap and well covered up, but I still recognised him as Nicky from Westlife. "Are you alright?" He asked me. "Erm erm Im fine." I said. He smiled, then a heavy built man grabbed Nicky and pushed him forward. "Come on Nicky." Nicky frowned and put on his famous perfect pout. "Arent I allowed to talk to the fans anymore Paul?" He asked. "OK, but get a move on." Paul said walking on and pushing through the door. "Looking forward to the show tonight?" He asked. "I would be if I could get tickets but unfortunately theyre all sold out." I informed him. He grinned cheekily. "Im sure I can do something about that." He said leading me in through the door Paul had just walked though. He led me down loads of corridors and we finally came to a door labelled STAGE DOOR. He opened it and said. "Wait in here until Ive got my opening outfit on and then Ill be back." He said and ran off down the hallway. I stood backstage for about 30 mins and then Nicky returned. "Soz I was so long babe, but I had to look my best for you." I blushed. He leant over to me and hugged me, but he pulled away. "You aint even told me ya name yet!" Nicky said. " . I said to him and he smiled. "What a beautiful name for such a pretty lass." He said. "Oh dont give me ya cheesy chat up lines, Nicky, they're way too corny. Youre gonna have to do better than that to win me over!" I said to him. "Anyway, youve gotta introduce yourself as well!" I said. "Well," Nicky began. "Im called Nicky Byrne. Im 23 years old and come from Dublin. Im in the world famous boyband Westlife and Im stood next to the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen in my life!" Nicky said. I cringed, his chat up lines were so bad. "Is that the best way you can chat me up Nicky?" I asked cheekily. He grinned and quickly put his arms around me and gave me a kiss. "Is that any better?" He asked. "Let me think about that one!" I said leaning over giving him another kiss.