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Imaginary Westlife
You find it in the strangest places
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"Shut up singing Shane!" I screamed. "What? Im practicing for when Im famous sis!" He replied. "Hmmm like thatll ever happen." I said under my breath. KNOCK KNOCK. "Someone get the door!" I shouted. I heard my mum walking about downstairs and then the front door opened. "Hiya Kian. Come in." My mum said to him. "Is Shane in?" Kian asked. "Yeah he's just upstairs." My mum said. I heard Kian running upstairs so I came out of my bedroom. "Hiya ." Kian said to me. We'd known each other for quite a few years because he was best mates with my brother, Shane. I looked up and was just about to say hi when I felt a tingling sensation run straight through my body. "Um hi." I managed to say. I looked into his eyes and felt a feeling like nothing before. His blonde hair hung over his eyes in a sexy way and his gleaming blue eyes were longing for someone to love them. I began to feel myself going red so I escaped quickly to my room. I jumped onto my bed. What was going on? Why did I feel like this? I'd known Kian for ages we were good mates. A sudden idea struck ... I was in love. I began crying. Tears ran down my cheeks and fell onto the duvet. I had a major problem I was in love with my brother's best mate and they together with a few other lads were obsessive about being famous in a boyband. "Kian wait there I'll be back in a few minutes Im just going down to the shop." I heard Shane shout. His voice was followed by the slam of his bedroom door and then several footsteps downstairs. My life was over I thought. I tried to take my mind off the problem so I picked up a magazine and began reading. Unfortunately nothing was going to stop my heart from longing to be loved by Kian so I threw the magazine down onto the floor with anger. My bedroom door suddenly swung open to reveal Kian. "Temper, temper." He said to me laughing. The way he laughed was so sexy; come to think of it the way he did everything was so sexy. "What's the matter babe?" He asked me coming over and sitting next to me on the bed. He placed his arm around me and hugged me. "Nothing." I lied. "You've been crying." He said to me. "Yeah so what?" I asked. "Dont get angry with me love, Im only trying to help you." He said. "Im sorry." I said forcing a smile. "Whats up?" He asked. "I think Im in love." I told him. "Well whats the problem with that?" He asked. "I thought love was supposed to be a happy thing." Kian said to me. "Not when the lad you love is way out of your reach." I said. "Darlin', no-one is out of your reach. Any man would be dying to go out with such a pretty girl" Kian said to me. I pulled out of his grip and stood up. "You would say that though." I said to him and I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I so wanted to be with Kian but couldnt bear refusal. Kian quickly stood up. "What the hells going on ? Will you please tell me the truth? You wouldnt get so upset over a stupid lad, who is he anyway?" Kian asked. I couldnt be bothered to play silly games anymore. "That silly lad is... um... you Kian." I said. Kian looked at me in disbelief and walked out of the room and back into Shanes bedroom. I sat on my bed and buried my face in the pillow. I couldnt believe Id told him my true feelings. It was obvious hed react badly. I began to sob my heart out; I had no chance with him now. Id blown everything. I felt a hand on my back and someone sat down next to me on the bed. "It's alright I know how you feel." Kians voice said. I couldn't bear to look up. "Just look up at me I want to see what I've been missing out on for the last 18 years of my life." What the hell was Kian on about? I looked up and he smiled at me, the award winning Kian smile. "Its OK." He said to me and held me in a hug. He pulled out of it and kissed me. "It is what you want, isnt it?" I asked him. "Why the hell would I have kissed you if I didnt feel the same way about you?" He asked me. His eyes glistened and he kissed me again.