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Imaginary Westlife
Fan Fictions
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Stood up. Dumped. Forgotten about. Story of my life. I sighed again like usual the dream of my life had dejected me. Id been with for about a month and I thought things were going OK. I was obviously very, very wrong. Id spent ages getting ready for my date and now I was abandoned in the middle of the street outside our usual meeting spot. I got up feeling rejected. I walked over to the magazine kiosk in the market square and bought the latest edition of my fave magazine. I handed over my money and went over to a grassy bank further down the street where I could lay down and read. I sat down and opened the magazine secretly hoping theyd featured the best boyband in the world. Westlife. I flicked to the "Loved Up!" section and began to read who was loved up and who wasnt. My fave lifer was Nicky but he was unfortunately well hocked up with Georgina but today was obviously my lucky day. My eyes glanced at an article saying. "Nicky No Love!" "Oh my God!" I thought. I carried on reading the article to find that Nicky had broken up with Georgina due to the hectic schedule of Westlife. I looked up at the sky and into the nothingness. What was I getting so worked up about. It wasnt as though I stood a better chance with him. I felt someone behind me breathing down me neck. "Ah you found out that Im an available guy again, have you?" A sweet Irish accent asked. My stomach turned, surely this couldnt be Nicky? I looked up and to my horror and delight Nicky was stood behind me with that cheeky, sexy grin on his face. "Well are you just going to sit there staring at me or are you going to stand up?" He asked cheekily. I quickly stood up from the grass bank and brushed away the grass that was on my clothes. "Sorry." I said nervously. I didnt realise meeting the man of my dreams would be this stressful. "Come on." Nicky said and grabbed my hand and began walking into the sunset with me.