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Ever wondered what Westlife do when theyre not singing their hearts out or striking poses for the camera? How do they spend their free time? And who keeps them looking so buff? Find out as we investigate the secret life of the 'Life


Lady Lovin'


With the three of the five either on their way up the aisle or already living in material bliss theres a whole lot of lady lovin going on! Ladies' man Kian even admits he gets jiggy to his own records! "Flying Without Wings came on the radio when I was in mid-snog," he laughs, "I couldnt believe I was kissing to one of my own songs!"


Fighting with each-other


While filming the video for Bop Bop baby, all the boys had fencing lessons and Nicky and Kian still enjoy it as a hobby. Bryan prefers to pick real fights with dead ard south London boys such like the So Solid Crew. Tsk, will the little scamp never learn?


Ball skills


Instead of all-night drinking benders on tour, Kian chilled out by playing basketball with his roadies and security guards. He even bought his own basketball hoop with him! And the lads all love footy this summer, they were so determined to watch every Ireland match in the World Cup that they were rumoured to attempt to pull out of a major gig to see a game!


Practising party tricks


Youve heard of the famous sword swallowers, well Bryan has started a new trend beer bottling swallowing as demonstrated at Wyclefs party. Yes, he can almost get a whole bottle down his gob! His latest antics are just the last a string of strange behaviour that has earned Bryan the 'party animal' tag!




It isn't just the Blue lads who like showing off their bums ion public. Its just that Westlife are too clever to get caught. "Once you get out with the lads you cant help it," grins Shane. "I admit it we always flash from the tour bus," continues Kian. "All the lads do it, whether its us or a footy team!" Right then, well be tailing yiou next time we see you o the motorway, lads!


Indulging in retail therapy


Forget psychologists Gucci, Prada and Versace have all helped our boys through tough times. On a recent visit to London, Kian spent hours browsing through rings in the expensive Cartier jewellery store, despite being labelled a tight wad by his band members. However, down to earth Bryan preferred to look at half price suits in a dodgy shop window! Ah, bless him!


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