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Imaginary Westlife
Mark-On the wings of love
Fan Fictions
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Will Mark be on the wings of love? And will he stay? It's up to you!

Sarah looked out of the window and sighed. Mark hadn't called her yet. He hadn't even texted her. Yeah I know he's always busy, but he promised to call. Well he promised to call her a month ago but didn't. The rain beated heavily against the glass. Somehow Sarah had an uneasy feeling that this relationship wasn't going down very well. Suddenly a tall figure crossed the road and began pacing towards the front door. "Mark!" Sarah gasped. She got up from the window and looked in the mirror to check her hair. As she re-arranged the parting, she heard a knocking. "Coming!" She called excitedly. In her haste, Sarah bashed the door open and grabbed the figure infront for a hug.
"Sarah!" A voice called. Sarah looked up and let go. "Um hi Shane!" She blushed. How could I be so stupid to mistake Shane for Mark? She asked herself. Shane coughed and looked around uncomfatably. "Sarah, can I come in? I need to tell you something."

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