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This is the one & only Big Bro Westlife style. Read on to find out what the 'loifers are up to and at the end please vote who u want to leave the house...

Welcome to Big Brother 2, with a difference. This series is set in the deep, dark depths of the Bop Bop Baby castle...


"Bop bop baby please dont let me go." Sang Shane whilst sat down on a hard stone stool. "Shane will you stay quiet for 2 minutes?" Kian pleaded. Shane laughed he loved to wind people up especially Kian when he was in a bad mood. Kian glared at him he hated been made fun of.

Nicky and Bryan were attempting to bake some bread form scratch but it wasnt going too well. "Oy Byrne!" Bryan shouted and hurled a lump of dough straight and Nicky and it hit him slap on his face. "Bryan u idiot..." Nicky screamed picking up a big piece of dough and threw it back at him. The two lads were both so indulged in the food fight that they didnt notice a cheeky Mark creeping into the kitchen. He carefully looked into the open fire where he could see at the back the bread being cooked. He carefully lifted out and snatched it from the oblivious lads who were still busy playing their dough throwing game.

Mark cautiously walked up the stone staircase and into his bedroom. He walked over tot the bed and placed the bread onto the bed. Food at last! Mark thought to himself and began eating the bread.

Kian had had enough of Shanes stupid singing antics so he began walking upstairs and headed to his bedroom, but before he got there he noticed Mark eating the bread that Nicky and Bryan had baked for everyone. "AHHHHHHHH!!!" Kian screamed at the top of his voice. "You're dead Mark." Kian said smirking. The other lifers all ran upstairs and found Mark sat on the bread looking extremely guilty with a half eaten loaf on his lap. "You wont get away with this one." Bryan said evilly.


Vote for who you want to see evicted from the Big Brother Bop Bop Baby Castle