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Imaginary Westlife
Friends forever
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Holly ran up to Bryan and gave him a big hug. "Hiya darlin" Bryan said to her. "Hiya Bry!"

Holly and Bryan had been friends since they were little kids. Theyd been to school together and lived next door to each other for years. She knew all the other lifers as well through Bryan and theyd had some good nights out together.

"Wanna go out tonight to a club or summat with me and the lads?" Bryan asked. "Yeah sure thatll be great. Ill see you outside the Queen Vic at 8" Holly said "Yeah thats fine see you later."

Holly went back home and got ready for her big night out with the lifers. She secretly wanted to impress Mark coz she secretly fancied him. About hour before Holly had planned to meet the lads there was a knock on the door. Holly went to answer it and to her surprise found Mark stood on her doorstep. "Hiya Mark come in." Holly said. "Bryan told me you were coming out tonight with us so I thought Id get a taxi down with you if thats OK" Mark asked. "Yeah thats fine"

Holly ordered a taxi and her and Mark chatted till it came. They got a taxi down and when they got out they found the other lifers waiting for them. "You going out already?" Shane asked. "What?" Holly asked totally confused. Mark glared at Shane. "Oh nowt" Shane replied giving Mark a wink!

The night was going well and Bryan came over to Holly asking her if he could have a word with her. "Ive gotta tell you sommat." Bryan said. "What?." "Mark really likes you, ya know, but he darent ask you out in case you refuse. He told me to ask you out for him." Bryan said.

"Yeah I would go out with him but I gotta know hes being truthful. Ill go and have a word with him." Holly said. Holly walked over to Mark. "Whats with Bryan coming over to me and asking me if Ill go out with you. Is he lying?" Holly asked. "Yeah. No. I dunno. Well what I mean is do you, ya know wanna" Marked asked. "Go out?" Holly said. "That was the one I was looking for!" Mark said. "Yeah sure!" Holly said. Mark took Hollys hand and led her onto the dance floor. They slow danced for what seemed like a lifetime. Hollys was in heaven. Her life had just got 100% better. Thanx to Bryan she had met the man of her dreams. Bryan would be her friend forever!