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Never Stop Believing
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Interactive Stories- "Never Stop Believing" by CJ






Me and my best mate, had just won tickets backstage to Westlife’s concert at Newcatle Telewest Arena for tomorrow. We were sooo chuffed and were discussing already what we were gonna wear.

We were Westlife’s No. 1 fans and couldn’t wait to meet them. I especially couldn’t wait to meet , His gorge eyes and stunning smile is enough to blow anyone away.o:p>

One the next day I was up at 7:00 and it took my about 3 hours to get ready! Me and set off to Newcastle in the car with my mum and dad. It took us the longest 2 hours of my life. But we were there to meet the boyband, Weslife. The boys I had dreamed about for years.

We got out of the car and headed over to the door of the Arena. “I think I’m gonna be sick,” “You’ve come to see the lads of your dreams and your gonna be sick, you really confuse me sometimes1 Come on lets go and meet the lads.” I said.o:p>

We waited outside the Telewest for about ½ hour and then the doors opened and stood there was “We need someone to come in and watch our performance to check it’s OK, I saw you 2 were stood outside so I decided to come out and ask you. Do u wanna?” he asked. “Yeah sure!” We answered. took us through loads of doors and down loads of corridors, until we got into the arena.

“Right, let me just go and tell the lads and we’ll perform to you in about 10 mins. OK.” He ran to the stage and disappeared through the wings. “I can’t believe this” I said to I know I can’t wait to see he’s sooo fit!” said. The girls waited about 10 mins and then on the stage walked Bryan, Mark, Kian, Shane and Nicky. They looked sooo fit! They sung all of their songs and then exited the stage. The show was great! o:p>

When the show had finished the ‘lifers came off the stage and took and , down to their changing room. Inside their changing room it was an absolute pig sty. “Sorry about the mess,” Shane said, laughing whilst Bryan and Nicky were running round screaming like little kids! really wanted to be with and as if he could read her thoughts, blurts out. “Do you wanna come next door coz it’s a bit more cosy than in here.” “Yeah sure,” I said. wolfwhistles from the corner of the room! and leave the lads changing room and go next door. Once they’re in the room asks “I really like you and I wondered if we could meet up again coz I really, really like you.” “Yeah I would really like that,” said. “You may as well make the most of me now I’m here until you have to go and perform in front of 10000 screaming lasses.” So with that throws onto the bed and they start kissing passionately. Until Anto screams through the door that it’s time to get ready!

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