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Imaginary Westlife
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was sat in her apartment wishing had never let her go. Why the hell did he choose some lass who was after his money than her. She had gone out with him most of her life but he had met another girl through Westlife and had decided to end his relationship with . had met her ex boyfriend through her old flatmate . They were really good friends and always spent time together when they could. If only she could be back with but she knew that it was almost impossible. Anyway he was probably engaged to that lass by now. And why the hell would he wanna go back out with her anyway after all he’d finished her for someone else. Meanwhile in London in a TOTP cover shoot was sat waiting in a photo shoot with the other lads. He was really depressed. The question he kept asking himself was… why did I let her go for some sleazy kiss & tell lass. What a waste of a year long relationship. And plus was the one he truly loved. If only he could be with her once again… “Hello! Planet Earth calling . What’s up with you mate? You look as though you’ve got the world’s weight on your shoulders!” Anto said. “Yeah well to tell you the truth Anto I think I have. I’ve made the worst mistake of my life. I’ve let go for that lass who sold my story to the paper. What a mistake!” said. “I didn’t realise that you’d broke up with her for that kiss & tell lass. Oh I’m sure you’ll get her back if it’s meant to be.” Anto said. “Yeah well I’m gonna make us be together. Coz I know it’s meant to be. I’m gonna get the earliest train down tomorrow to where she lives. I’ll get her back. But that’s if she forgives me for being an utter idiot.” said. “If she truly loves you then I’m sure she’ll forgive you. I remember the way she used to look at you and remember I was her flat mate for 3 years. I know what she’s like” Anto said. This put a better view on things for the rest of the day. Anto was a really good friend and could cheer up, no matter what the situation. On the next day woke up and got ready to catch the 8:15 train from Kings Cross Station. He took the train down and walked down to ‘s apartment. When he got outside felt a buring sensation in his stomach so he ran outside to the park and sat down thinking things through. “ I don’t know why the hell I came down today. What was I thinking??? isn’t going to have me back after I went off with that other lass. When I told that I’d finished her she sobbed her heart out for hours. I’m such a twat” thought to himself. Meanwhile… was looking out of her apartment window when she spotted a familiar figure sat on the park bench. She couldn’t make out his facial features but she had a feeling that she knw this person from somewhere. watched the figure for about 5 mins and then noticed that the person, whoever it was, was crying. thought she was getting way too involved in a matter which didn’t concern her. She instead decided to get dressed and started to eat her breakfast thinking nothing more of the person that was sat outside. Meanwhile… was in a real state wondering what the hell he’d done with his life. He’d had enough of it and wanted to get it back to the way it was. If it ever could be the same again. got up from the bench wiped his face from his tears and went up the stairs to his ex’s apartment. He stood outside the door and took a long deep breath and knocking sharply on the door. A couple of seconds later the door opened and there was stood at the door. “I know you probably hate me and all but please just hear me out. I really love you and I can’t believe I was so stupid as to pick some bimbo over you. And I really want you to be a part of my life again. When I finished you my life didn’t have that sparkle in it there was something missing. I have now realised that the little sparkle and that thing that is missing in my life is you. Will you have me back? I won’t betray you I promise.” said. was in a state of shock. That person that was sat on the bench sobbing his heart out was . Sobbing his heart out for her. Everyone makes mistakes and hadn’t been the best girlfriend a lad could have but now he was back wanting her. “Yeah I will be your girl if you promose never to do anything as stupid as to leave me ever again. Coz I missed you so much.” said. “Why the heck would I wanna do that when I’m going out with the prettiest girl in the world?” asked. “I dunno. Come here.” held out her arms and the embraced in a hug for a secong until pulled out. “What’s wrong?” asked. “Nowt. I’ve just realised how much I’ve missed you and that your never going out of my sight ever again. Unless I have to go away with the band of course.” said. led through into her apartment and was so glad the only man she’d ever truly loved had just walked back into her life. And he stayed in her life. Forever