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When? March 21 and 22 2002

Where? An old university, Hertfordshire

Who? The loifers, footie nutter Vinny Jones, model Leah Wood and 2 horses

How long? The video for Bop Bop Baby took a whopping 32 hours to make. But what a pop extravaganza it is!


Thursday 7:30am. The lads arrive, sleepy but on great form, in time for breakfast. Eggs, bacon the works. The vid sees the lads back in swashbuckling times. Their mission is to save a damsel in distress whos being forced to marry an evil baddie but theyre locked up! Cue first scene of the day. The lads are locked in a stinky cell along with a few rats! And no, not one loifer was scared. Once thats over, the stunt choreographer takes the lads for some sword fighting lessons and after lunch its time for more boy stuff explosions! A walls blown down and the lads dash outta their cell hurray! But theyre covered in dust - boo! By 9pm the days done and the lads are off to bed to dream of musketeers, pirates and the like. After brekky on day two, Shanes off to be filmed riding through the grounds! He looks amazing and you can tell he loves it. Meanwhile, footie bloke turned actor, Vinny Jones, and model Leah Wood film the wedding scenes. Its all pretty calm til de de da da da da! Mark, Kian, Bry and Nicky burst through the doors, closely followed by Shane on his trusty steed! Its fight time and yesterdays play scrap goes out the window and the lads lay into Vinny! Its a right old tussle and although eeeviiil Vinny puts up a good fight, the lads knock im out with a punch, savin the day and girlie! Yeay! And what do swashbucklin types need? Fair maidens, that what by the evening the lads lasses are on set looking for their heroes! Aw!


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