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Imaginary Westlife
Racing to the rescue
Fan Fictions
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Here's what you the people voted to happen in Racing to the Rescue. Please read on and vote for what you want to happen next...
Kian smiled evily. "What we waiting for then?" He asked me and took my hand. So about this pool house he said as we began walking down the dark country lane. I heard scary noises of fear and terror. My hand tightened around Kians I was beginning to get scared. I couldnt control myself. A heard a sudden rustling in the bushes surrounding me and Kian. A sudden figure jumped out of the bushes and grabbed me. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" I screamed. Kian suddenly hit the dark figure but the figure dodged out the way and drew out a very sharp knife. The knife was so shiny I could see my petrified reflection in the blade. Kian suddenly stopped. 
                               What should Kian do next?