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Imaginary Westlife
What I want is what I've got
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“DAD, PLEASE!!!” I begged my dad. “Pretty please with sugar & stuff!” I told him. “I’ll ring him!” He told me. “NOW!” I demanded. I was begging my Dad to ring his friend to get me a chance to meet Westlife. My Dad picked up his mobile and dialled his friend. “Hiya Dave, it’s me. wonders if you could get her to meet Westlife when they’re over here. Is that possible?” My dad asked. I was praying that I could get tickets to see the men of my dreams. I was in love with Bryan. That cheeky grin made him the fittest man alive, as far as I was concerned. “Yeah that’s fine. I’ll bring her down tomorrow at 1:00pm. Meet you outside the entrance of The Point. Bye.” My dad said putting down the phone. “You’re going to meet Westlife tomorrow! You’re meeting Dave outside The Point and then he’s taking you to their hotel on the outskirts of Dublin.” My dad said. I screamed in delight. “You’re the best dad in the world!” I told him kissing him. “Get off me .” My dad said. I ran to my room and got into bed. Tomorrow was going to be the best day of my life! I woke up bright and early and got ready into my fave clothes. I wanted to impress the lads because this was most probably the only time I was ever going to meet them. “ . You coming?” My dad shouted up the stairs. “Course I am.” I shouted back. I was adding the final touches to my make-up before I went. “Hurry up or we’ll be late!” My dad screamed. I quickly got up from my dressing table and ran down the stairs. “Wow! You’re looking very pretty. I’m sure that the lads will think so too.” My dad said. I smiled hoping so too. “I love Bryan so much,” I thought to myself. We got into the car and drove to The Point theatre in Dublin, which was 30 mins from where we lived. My dad pulled up outside the theatre. “Have a good time!” “Hiya Steve!” A voice shouted my dad wound his window down and shouted. “Hiya Dave. This is .” “Right I’ll take her to meet the lads then. See ya.” My dad drove off in his car. I walked over to Dave’s BMW and got in the front seat. Dave got in and started the engine and began driving. “I told the lads you were coming.” He told me. “Oh,” I said. “What’re you sounding so doubtful for?” He asked me. “Well, I might not like them in real life.” I said. “Oh I’m sure you will!” He told me. The car journey lasted about 15 mins. Dave finally pulled the car up out side their hotel. “Here we are.” He said. “This is the place where dreams come true!” Dave said grinning. He led me through reception and we came up to a door with a plaque on it which read: APPLEWOOD ROOM. “This is where the lads are. You ready to meet them?” He asked. I nodded. He pushed open the door to reveal Westlife. “Hellllooo,” Bryan shouted. “How you doing?” Nicky asked. “Emmm hi.” I said shyly. I didn’t really know what to make of them. They were 5 years older than me so I didn’t think they’d wanna meet a crazed young fan. Mark was staring into space but then broke his daze and smiled at me. RING RING. Dave picked up his mobile. “Hello… yep …yep …now…OK…Bye.” He said. “I’ve gotta go lads catch ya soon.” And with that Dave left me surrounded by Westlife. Bryan ran over to me and said. “What’s you’re name?” “I’m .” I said. “Nice name.” He said winking at me. “I’m bored.” Shane said. “Do you wanna have a bit of a laugh?” Kian asked. “Coz I’ve got the perfect game!” We all stood up in a circle. “Starting with Mark we’ve gotta take it in turns to do dares!” Kian said. “Right Mark I dare you to strip down … completely and run down the corridor and back!” Bryan said cheekily!” “Oh that’s sooo sad. Get a life McFadden!” Mark said to him. “But remember Mark when it’s Bryan’s turn to do a dare you can make his twice as bad!” This seemed to give Mark some confidence. “OK I’ll do it!” mark said. All the ‘lifers burst out laughing. Mark stripped off completely. So he was bearing all and opened the door. We all ran over to the door and stuck our heads out. Mark ran starkers down to the end of the corridor. Whilst people were walking past wondering what the hell was going on. “Go Feehily,” Shane shouted. Mark finally got back to the door and burst in. We were all laughing our heads off. Apart from Mark of course. “Just tell me one thing,” Mark said. “What?” Kian asked. “Don’t ever bring that up in an interview!” Mark said. “We aren’t that cruel!” Shane said still laughing his head off! Mark got back into his clothes and then it was time for the next dare… “Right Bry! You’re turn.” Shane said. “I dare you to snog in front of all us lot!” Mark said trying to sound evil. “What you doing Mark. That isn’t even bad!” Nicky said elbowing him. “OK easy Feehily!” Bryan said lunging at me. He put his arms around me and snogged me. He was sooo soothing and made me feel at ease. When he’d finished he whispered in my ear, “it isn’t over yet babe!” I smiled. “Right you finished slobbering all over each-other? Next dare for… Nicky.” Kian said. “I dare you to snog again…” “Eh up! We’ve already had this Egan!” Shane said. “Let me finish.” Kian said. “You’ve got to snog her in an original way!” I looked over at Bryan who didn’t look to pleased with the idea. Nicky picked me up and ran over to the sofa with me. He pushed me onto it and laid on top of me. He started to kiss me passionately. The door suddenly slammed shut. “Bryan!” Shane shouted running after him. Nicky got up suddenly and pulled me up. “What’s happening lads?” Nicky asked. “I dunno. Bryan’s just stormed out.” Kian said. Shane came back a few minutes later. “ he only wants you. I dunno why.” Shane said. I walked over to Bryan’s room and knocked. “It’s Bryan. Let me in.” I said to him. I heard footsteps and then the door swung open to reveal Bryan stood there crying. I walked in and threw my hands around his neck and hugged him tightly. “Big boys don’t cry!” I said to him. “Stup up you eejit!” He said to me. I let go of him. “What’s up with you?” I asked him. “Well you know when I kissed you I felt something special that I haven’t felt before. When I saw you kissing Nicky I just couldn’t stand it. It’s my fault not yours or Nicky’s.” Bryan said. “Oh you daft thing.” I told him. I leant over and kissed him and a smile appeared on his face. “Come on. I’m sure the lads won’t mind if we’re a little bit longer.” He had that cheeky glint in his eye and he picked me up and ran with me to the bed and then dropped me on it. He then jumped on it himself. “I’ve got what I wanted now!” He said grinning and began kissing me passionately.