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Imaginary Westlife
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Due to the number of votes Nicky Byrne has left the island along with Kian who manages to sneak back onto the island. The only 2 left now are Bryan and Shane. But who will win, its up to you...


Bryan is styling his hair early on the morning of the last day whilst Shane is out swimming, when he hears a bloodcurdling scream coming form Shanes direction. "HELP!!!! HELP!!!!" Shane screams in horror as a great white shark begins swimming his way. "Dont worry Shane. Stay calm. The McFaddenster is on the case." Bryan shouts. Bryan dives into the water and heads for Shane as fast as he can. "Quick Bryan!" Shane screams as the shark comes closer. Bryan gets there in the nick of time and pulls Shane to his rescue.

Back at the safe shoreline...

"Thank you soooo much Bryan. You saved my life." Shane tells Bryan. "Thats OK." Bryan says smiling. "Right hello guys. Are you ok Shane?" Charlotte the Survivor master asks. "Ehm yeah I'm surviving," he tells her. "Good, so you'll both be ready for your final task. And by the way Bryan good work saving Shane!!!" Charlotte says and Bryan smiles. "Whats the task then?" Shane asks. "Right the final task is situated in the lake, which is about 100 metres down the shoreline." Charlotte says. Bryan and Shane begin jogging and final reach the destination of the task.

When Shane and Bryan see it they both gulp its full of live crocodiles. "Youre joking Charlotte. I cant do that." Bryan says helplessly. "You dont even know what the task is yet Mr. McFadden so dont presume the worst." Charlotte states. "The task is to walk straight through the lake." She tells them. "No way." Shane and Bryan say in unison. "You cant refuse to do a task boys." Charlotte says in disbelief. "Oh yes we can." The boys demand and turn back and run to their base. Charlotte is left stunned how dare they?????

When the boys get back they sit down watching the waves lap against the sand. "Lads, I was only joking!" Charlotte says. "The task is to eat these," Charlotte says dropping a small little round shaped box form the sky, just in front of the boys feet. Bryan picks it up and shakes it. "What is it?" He asks. "Maggots!" She replies. "Eurghhhh!!" They both say. Shane grabs the box off Bryan and carefully undoes the lid, to reveal 2 tiny maggots. Shane picks them both out and gives 1 to Bryan. "Right on a count of 3. 1...2...3." Bryan says and they both gulp them down as fast as they can. "I think Im gonna be sick." Shane says running into the trees. "Me too!" Bryan replies.

The island is left with feelings of relief. We didnt want our poor little Westlifers to die did we????


Please vote this time for who you want to WIN