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Imaginary Westlife
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Westlife music forever

Westlife music should and will be around forever. Read our reviews of the new album and the gossip about up and coming releases from the Irish lads themselves. We love them and their music to bits.

World of our own

Track List:
1. Queen of my heart
2. Bop Bop Baby
3. I Cry
4. Uptown Girl
5. Why do I love you
6. I wanna grow old with you
7. When you're looking like that
8. Evergreen
9. World of our own
10. To be loved
11. Drive
12. If your heart's not in
13. When you come around
14. Don't say it's too late
15. Don't let me go
16. Walk away
17. Love crime
18. Imaginary Diva
19. Angel
Hidden track-Bad girls

New Single

Westlife are going to bring out Bop Bop Baby on May 20th. Be sure to buy it! And make it their 11th No.1!

World of Our Own Album

Go out and buy Westlife's new album "World of Our Own" in the shops now. It includes the No1 Single "Uptown Girl", "Queen of my heart" and "When you're looking like that." Psst there's also a hidden track on it!