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Imaginary Westlife
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Take a look at the latest updates we've made to the site...

9th December 2002
Updated QOTM
New Poll
30th November 2002 - Soz guys I've been sooo busy. I'll try to update more...
Updated news
Brand new fanfic!
3rd November 2002
Brand new SOTM
2nd November 2002
Updated Poll
Updated QOTM
Brand new Song Survivor!
6th October 2002
Brand new Big Brother in the Bop Bop Baby Castle!!!
5th October 2002
Updated news
Added my affiliate
New poll
29th September 2002
Updated news
22nd September 2002
Updated Survivor
Got a winner in Big Bro
Updated news
15th September 2002
Updated news
8th September 2002
Updated news
Added 1 banner link
2nd September 2002
1st September 2002 - A little time later...
Won another award!
1st September 2002
Updated the QOTM
Added a brand new poll
Got a new SOTM
29th August 2002
Added 1 kian pic
Added a brand new flowchart in the quizzes section
28th August 2002
Updated the news flash
Added 2 Nicky pics
Added 1 Shane pic
27th August 2002
Updated news flash
Brand new Wallpapers - added a Bryan one!
26th August 2002
Won another award
Updated the news flash
Updated news
21st August 2002
Added 1 banner link
Added 5 text links
19th August 2002
Won another award for the site from Bop Bop Bryan!
18th August 2002
Added 1 text link
Added 1 clique
17th August 2002
Updated both continuous stories - check 'em out!
11th August 2002
Added 1 group pic
Added a brand new page. My fave site of the month!
10th August 2002
Added 1 Kian pic
Added 2 Bryan pics
Won another award from Devoted to Westlife!
Added some comments about the site to the site questionnaire page
9th August 2002
Added a brand new group interactive story - longer than usual!
Updated Survivor
7th August 2002
1 new Bryan pic added!
Changed the quote of the week to quote of the month coz I can't be bothered to update it every week coz I keep forgetting! But I have changed it!
Also the links to the profiles weren't working so I've made it so that they are correctly working!
Updated news
6th August 2002
New Monthly Poll! Soz it's a bit late been sooooo busy!
4th August 2002
Updated the news flash - home page
Updated news
Added a brand new group Interactive story - More on the way soon...
Added 1 text link
30th July 2002
Added 3 Kerry and Bryan pics
28th July 2002
Updated the news flash
Added 2 Kian pics
27th July 2002
Added 2 Bryan pics
Added 2 Kian pics
More pics coming soon...
In another site fight - Please vote for me
21st July 2002 - A little later...
Brand new fanfic. Part 3 of the Drama and Love in Sligo series - Sorry to Janne and Heidi for not putting it up earlier!
21st July 2002
Added a site questionnaire - Please sign it!
Added a cliques page
Updated news
20th July 2002
Updated Big Bro - Get voting but this time remeber it's who you want to win not who you want to be evicted!
19th July 2002 - Soz I haven't updated for ages!
Added a Nicky quiz
Done stuff to homepage
14th July 2002
Check out our new tagboard on the homepage!
13th July 2002
Added (at last!) a brand new Shane Interactive story!
12th July 2002
Added a guestmap - Please sign it!
11th July 2002
Updated news
Added a link
Marry your fave 'lifer - NEW!
10th July 2002
Updated the homepage a bit. Added a few little animations!
Added a brand new fanfic! Drama and Love in Sligo - Part II!
7th July 2002
Added this months poll, sorry it's a bit late!
5th July 2002
Added News flash
Won another award
3rd July 2002
Soz we haven't updated for a bit but the homepage bust, but it is now back working. It might seem a bit plain at the moment but it will be fully back up and running by the weekend!
30th June 2002
Brand new check out your love match with your fave 'lifer!
29th June 2002
Added a link
28th June 2002
Updated news
A brand new group fanfic
27th June 2002
Added a brand new Kian interactive story
Updated Survivor
Added 3 new Links
26th June 2002
Won another award
Updated news
24th June 2002
Added 2 links
23rd June 2002
Won 2 more awards
Changed a Mark Interactive Story coz it wasn't working correctly!
20th June 2002
Won another award
Added a board game!
17th June 2002
Updated news
16th June 2002
15th June 2002
Added a brand new Mark Interactive Story
Added a brand new cartoon
14th June 2002
Added a brand new group Interactive Story
13th June 2002
11th June 2002
Brand New quiz...
10th June 2002
9th June 2002
Changed the News Flash - Boozed up Bryan, What love style has your fave 'lifer got? and Soccer Six
7th June 2002
Big Bro Part III is now on!
You can now win our award for your site if we think it's good enough!
We've won another award!
4th June 2002
Won our first award from Moments With Westlife!
Added Our Awards page
3rd June 2002
2nd June 2002
Added Fun Pics. Take a look!
We're now in another Site Fight. Please vote.
1st June 2002
Added a few Tour Pics
Added Mark's Girlfriend Pic to Interviews
31st May 2002
Updated News Flash
Updated News
30th May 2002 A little time later...
Sorry for putting that the Mark Interactive Story was on when it wasn't. I didn't realise! But it's back on now!
Added a few tour pics but more will be coming...
30th May 2002
Added a Shane quiz
29th May 2002
Deleted Active Stories - Sorry but nobody took any interest!
28th May 2002- A little time later...
28th May 2002 - Happy Birthday Mark!!!
27th May 2002
Added a banner link
26th May 2002
Added a brand new Kian interactive story
We're now in a new site fight - Ultimate Top Sites - Vote here!
Added one of our own banners
25th May 2002
Survivor is back
24th May 2002
Added 3 banner links
23rd May 2002
22nd May 2002
Changed the News Flash
Added a brand new quiz!
21st May 2002
Added another news "bulletin"
Added a pic to each main page thingy
Updated News
20th May 2002
Message board now back on!
19th May 2002
Completely changed the layout- but don't worry! Everything is still there (besides Survivor, coz someone deleted it...But it wil be back on next week! The same person also deleted the message board, so there will be a new one coming up soon!)
18th May 2002
17th May 2002
16th May 2002
Brand New - Survivor!!!
Updated News
15th May 2002
Added 1 group photo
Added 1 text link
14th May 2002
Added a Nicky pics page - At last!
13th May 2002
Added a tour review
Updated news
12th May 2002

Added 1 Nicky interactive story

Added a Nicky fan fic

Changed the News Flash

8th May 2002
7th May 2002
Added this months poll
4th May 2002
2nd May 2002
Added a link
1st May 2002
Updated the news
27th April 2002
25th April 2002
Added 4 new links
24th April 2002
21st April 2002
Added 1 link
Added Contact Us page
14th April 2002
Added a Guestbook
13th April 2002
11th April 2002
Changed the profiles page
10th April 2002
Changed links page
You can now add your own link online
6th April 2002
Added a poll
Added 2 fan fics
Added a lyric