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Imaginary Westlife
Drama and Love in Sligo - Part 2
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"Goodbye, sweetheart!" Shane said to his wife when leaving the house early in the morning to go to work. He and his wife moved to her native country a year ago. Their two children, the twins Cathy and Thomas, were now 1 year olds. Since moving to Norway, Shane had been working at the hospital nearby their home. Kian worked there as well. Kian, his wife Heidi and their daughter Mairead lived in the house next to Shane and his family. "Goodbye, darling! When will you be back?" Janne asked her husband while smiling. She was in the kitchen, and the twins were sitting in their chairs. Kian and I go together, because we start working at the same time today. "We'll be back in the afternoon. Have a great day, everyone!" Shane replied as he gave his family tons of winks. Then Kian and Shane went by Shanes car. Ever since the children were born, Heidi and Janne had been staying at home with them. But now, the three of them were old enough to stay with other people during the day. Heidi and Janne wanted to work. Today, Heidi and her daughter were going to visit Janne and the twins. They hadnt arrived when Janne suddenly got a phone call. "This is Janne," she said politely. "Hi! Its Nicky. Im at work, but I have a break at the moment. Bryan and Mark suggested that I could call you, because they couldnt do it themselves. How are you doing?" he asked happily and friendly. Janne was now in a very happy mood. "Hi!!! Its great to hear from you, Nicky! Were doing fine. Shane and Kian went to work not long ago, while I'm at home with the twins. Heidi and her daughter will be visiting us today. Besides, Heidi and I are thinking of getting us jobs soon. Weve been thinking about you all the time, so I think its great youre calling," Janne replied. "Yes, I understand. Weve had a lot to do recently, and thats why it took so long before we gave you a call. But now I finally found the time to do it. We hope you come down to visit us soon, that wouldve been really nice!" Nicky said. "Yeah, sure. But I guess well have to do it during a vacation or something, because the guys are sometimes working during the weekends as well as the week. Maybe you do that too?" Janne asked, still in a great mood. "Yes, we do. But you may contact us whenever you want to," he said while smiling, before being interrupted by a colleague. "Oh, Janne, I'm so sorry, but I have to go now. I need to take care of a young girl. But Mark and Bryan told me to give you loads of hugs. We promise to write you a letter as soon as possible!" Nicky said. "Thats OK. Loads of hugs from my family and the others to all of you down there. Catch you later, goodbye and thanks for calling," Janne said before quitting the conversation.



Half an hour after this phone call, Heidi and Mairead finally arrived. "Hi! Come on inside! Heidi, theres something I have to tell you. I got a phone call from Sligo a couple of minutes ago. Nicky rang from the hospital. He and the other guys are at work, but he was the only one that had a break at the time, so he thought he was going to give me a call. I was told to give you loads of hugs. Theyre all doing just fine, but they really miss us," Janne explained. "Hi! Wow, that was great! Yes, of course we miss them, too. But its not easy going to Sligo when our guys are working that much... Lets hope we can figure it out eventually, because it wouldve been great fun to see them again. So, where are the twins?" Heidi asked as she went inside with her daughter. "Theyre sitting in their chairs in the kitchen. Ill go and get them. Just go to the living room," Janne said smiling. The three children were overjoyed to keep each other in company. Heidi and Janne had a nice time too, talking about everything. "Erm... I think its time to get us a job soon; weve been staying at home with the children ever since the birth. What do you think? "Janne asked her best friend. "Of course. Im looking for work now, actually. Yesterday, I saw this advertisement in the newspaper. The guys section needs more people. Isnt it great?" Heidi beamed happily. Janne beamed too. "Yes, it sure is. Are you going to apply for the job, then? Yeah, you bet I will. What about you?" Janne sat thinking for a while, before replying: "Ive got plans to work in a kindergarten, because thats what I want to do. "The conversation between the two of them went on, and their children seemed to have a great time together. Meanwhile, it was a busy time at the hospital in Sligo.m Nicky! "Can you please come over here?" a woman asked. It was a colleague of his and the others. Ill be there. "So, whats this, then?" he asked when coming over. A

19-year-old girl was standing next to Nickys colleague. This girl tended to be really shy, especially when it was revealed that she had been a huge fan of Westlife." Im not biting," Nicky reassured as he shook her hand politely. Nickys colleague explained the problem. Then he looked quickly at the girl, before he started talking to her. "OK. Look, I know you think this is very embarrassing, but I have to do something for you. Come with me, please." The girl started blushing. Nicky smiled, before repeating that he just wanted to help her. Afterwards, the girl finally went with him. The female nurse let Nicky and the girl alone in the room. When Nickys colleague left, he said: "Youre not that shy now, are you? I promise to do my very best. Trust me, youre as safe as you can be." The girl looked down on the floor, before looking at him. Then she said: "No, Im not shy anymore. I know you just want to help me. By the way, my name is Catherine," she replied. Nicky kept smiling. I know. The female nurse told me. Then, Catherine suddenly got embarrassed again. Whats up now? Nicky looked at her. "Well, I have to examine you. Like I said before, I know you find this quite embarrassing, but I have no choice," he explained. Catherine blushed again." I know." At the same time, she kept thinking how unaccustomed this was to her. Half an hour later, he had finished the examination. "Youve got an infection, which means we have to keep you here for a few days. The female nurse will take you to your room," he said. Catherine looked at him again. "OK," she said. At the same time, Bryan and Mark were kept busy taking care of other people. No doubt they had a lot to do as well.



In Norway, Heidi and Janne still had a cosy time with their children. Lets try to figure out when we can go to visit the other guys in Sligo. "I am so excited about how theyre doing down there, "Heidi said. "Me too. But I guess they have just as much to do as Shane and Kian, "Janne replied. Cathy, Thomas and Mairead seemed to have a great time. They were all able to say a few words. "C...cute," Mairead grinned while looking at Thomas. Heidi and Janne started laughing too." I think shes trying to say that Thomas is cute, " Heidi said. While the five of them had great fun at home, Kian and Shane had a lot to do at the hospital. "Kian, I need your help, " Shane said. "Of course. Whats going on? " Kian asked. Shane pointed at two girls who suffered from damages caused by a big fall. "Oi, lets help them, " Kian replied as he and Shane went to the girls. The two girls were taken care of immediately, and despite the fact that both of them suffered, they were happy when realising that it was Shane and Kian who helped them. After about 1 hour of careful examinations, Shane finally concluded: "Girls, you have to stay here for a couple of days". The rest of the day wasnt that hectic for the two mates. But still, they had enough to do. Heidi and her daughter Mairead were still with Janne and the twins when Shane and Kian got home. "Come with me inside," Shane offered. Kian accepted the invitation, and want inside his best mates house. The twins beamed happily when seeing their dad. "Dada," Cathy managed to say. Thomas was overjoyed as well. Mairead was happy to see her dad Kian. "Did you have a nice day?" Shane asked his wife. "Yes, we have. Oh, I was told to give you loads of hugs from Nicky. He gave me a call from the hospital in Sligo just before Heidi and Mairead arrived. He and the other guys are doing just fine, but they have enough to do. During our conversation, he was interrupted by a nurse because he had to take care of a young girl. But he promised that they were going to write us a letter soon. They all miss us," Janne said. "That was great. Well see if we can go to visit them in a weekend, but I dont know that for sure yet," Shane replied happily as he and Kian sat down in the sofa next to their families. "Honey, I am so happy to have you back home. Did you have a nice day at work?" Janne asked. Shane smiled, before giving his wife a warm, lovely kiss on her mouth. "Yes. It was a bit hectic, but everything went just fine," he replied. Heidi, Mairead and Kian stayed with their friends a little longer. But they had to go back home late in the afternoon. "Mairead, are you coming?" Heidi stood watching her daughter sitting on the floor. Suddenly, Heidi got a worried expression in her face. "Whats the matter with her?" she asked. Shane and Kian looked at Heidi. "Maybe shes tired?" Heidi was a bit calmed down, because it seemed like her husband and his mate was right. When she had picked up Mairead from the floor, she left the house together with Kian. "Goodbye! See you tomorrow!" Kian said before leaving.



Back in their own home, Heidi placed Mairead on the sofa. She was going to get something, but stopped walking all of a sudden. "Kian.... look at her... Shes very pale!" Heidi got nervous. Kian reacted immediately when he noticed that his daughter was pale and had rash all over her face. "Shes ill. Hang on, theres something I need to fix. Stay here with Mairead," he replied before running to the entrance. As the little family in Norway had an uncomfortable time, Bryan and Mark had a lot to do in Sligo. Nicky had left the hospital for a little while, and the other guys were kept busy. "I better go and see how the children are doing," Bryan said. "OK," Mark replied. Then Bryan went to the children. They seemed to appreciate his arrival. "Hello, kids! Are you OK?," he asked while looking at them. He reassured himself that the kids were fine. They nodded, and then Bryan felt it was safe to leave them for a while. A little later, Nicky came back to the hospital. Mark had already gone to Catherines room to keep her in company. "Hi! Do you have much work to do?," he asked. "Yes, I have. By the way, Mark went to talk to Catherine, Bryan explained. Thats good. I'll go and see her later tonight before going home. Shes my responsibility in the first place, but I think its good that you stay with her too," Nicky replied, before he had to work. The situation in the home of Heidis family was not good at all. Mairead was ill, and someone had to do something for her as soon as possible. Kian came back to the living room after a few minutes.  He had collected some stuff, and given Shane a call. "Shane will be here any minute now. I think its best to let him take care of our daughter. We stay here all the time," Kian explained. Heidi nodded in agreement. "Yes, thats fine with me. I really hope she'll be OK soon." Shane arrived at their house five minutes later. "I came as quickly as possible. What happened?" he asked. "When we left you, I placed Mairead on the sofa. I thought she was tired after playing with your children for several hours. But then she became pale, and then we had to do something," Heidi said nervously. "I see. You did the right thing. Kian and I will do our best to help her, but he told me its best to let me take care of her, because shes his daughter too. I promise to do my best. Let me do my job, and I promise you that she will be fine," Shane reassured. Heidi nodded, still very nervous.  "Honey, listen. I'll give Janne a call to ask her and the twins if they can come over to our house. Do you want me to do that?" Kian asked. "Yes, I'd really love you to do that." He went to call Janne, and Shane was busy examining Mairead. A little later, he said: "We have to take her to the hospital immediately."



Heidi was shocked to hear what Shane said, and she was very upset. Kian went to comfort her the best he could. "Everything will be just fine. I know Shane can help her," Kian said as he embraced his nervous wife. Janne turned up at the house about five minutes later. "The twins are staying with the neighbour. They stay there as long as necessary. Whats going on?" she asked. "When we arrived back home after spending the day with you, Mairead suddenly fell ill," Heidi explained. She didnt manage to say much more. "We have to take Mairead to the hospital now. Go with us," Shane told Janne. Then they all went with the ill child. "Everything will be fine, Heidi. Trust me," Shane said while stroking her on the shoulder. The situation was temporarily unsure, but they had to find out why Mairead suddenly fell ill. "I love you, Heidi. I'll stay with you all the time. Mairead is in good care," Kian said as they drove. They arrived at the hospital not long after. Shane went quickly inside with Mairead in his arms. Heidi got even more nervous. "What are you going to do?" she asked. Janne looked at her, and told her to sit down. "Shes going to be just fine," she reassured her best friend. Heidi had been told that a few times since her daughter fell ill. "I have to check her condition. But I know for sure that Mairead is not coming home today," Shane replied. Heidi didnt say anything at all. Instead, she placed the hands before her mouth, and then she and Janne went to the corridor to wait. Kian stayed with Shane and the little girl. Nicky, Bryan and Mark had a much easier time in Sligo. As Nicky came walking into Catherines room, he found Mark still sitting there with her. "Hi! How are you doing, Catherine?" Nicky asked. "Well, I dont feel any good, actually, she replied while looking at the two guys, who used to be two of five Westlifers. I see. We better do something about that, then. By the way, do you know why I am here now?" Nicky asked. To start with, Catherine was a bit confused. "No?," she said. "There are two reasons. Firstly, I want to keep you in company for a little while to cheer you up. The second reason is this thing. Can you see it?" Catherine looked quickly at Mark, then at Nicky. "Yes, I do," she said a little unsure. Nicky held the thing in his hand. It was an inject. Catherine suddenly got a scared look in her face. "Whats wrong?" Mark asked. He had noticed her scared expression, but Nicky hadnt seen it yet. He was too busy preparing the next thing to do. "I hate stuff like that," Catherine whispered in Marks ear. Mark tried to calm her down immediately. "Theres nothing to worry about. I might stay here with you while Nicky give you the injection. Do you want me to stay?," he asked friendly. Catherine was quiet for a few seconds. "Yes, I really want you to stay. Please hold my hand," she replied afterwards. Mark did exactly what he was told, and then Nicky was allowed to do his job. It wasnt supposed to take long, but Mark already started humming one of the Westlife songs. Catherines mood got better because of what he did. Bryan was incidentally nearby. He had finished a conversation with the parents of a little child. "Hello, Catherine! I was nearby, and heard Mark humming. How do you feel?" Catherine suddenly managed to smile. "To be honest with you, I dont feel that well. But I think its great to have you here with me. Ouch!," she said afterwards. She hated getting the injection. "There you go. I am finished. I promise not to do that anymore today," Nicky concluded. He was smiling. Catherine knew very well that she had to stay at the hospital for a while, but she was very happy that she didnt need more injections that day.



It was hectic times at the hospital in Norway. Two hours had passed since Shane brought the ill girl to the acute section. "Oh my God, it must happen something soon!!!!" Heidi said, still nervous. Janne did everything she could to comfort her best friend. They had been best friends for so many years. "I am sure Mairead will be well soon. I know that Shane does everything he can," Janne replied. Heidi nodded. "Yes, I know that too. But its not funny not to know anything." The two of them still sat talking when Shane finally turned up. Heidi left the chair immediately. "Whats going on?" she wanted to know. "Heidi, sit down, please. Your daughter is not in danger. But like I said shes not coming home today. Actually, shes not coming home for a while yet. She has a strong sort of chicken pox, and she can catch other people. So we need to isolate her. Have any of you had it before?" Shane asked as he was looking at his wife Janne and Maireads parents. "Yes. We had chicken pox as kids," Heidi and Janne replied. They were both still upset because of the situation. "Me too," Kian added. "Good. Theres no chance of getting it once again, then. But all of you need to protect yourselves. I need to protect myself as well," Shane explained. Heidi was relieved that Jannes husband managed to find out what was wrong with the little girl. But now, she was totally exhausted. "Heidi, would you like to take a walk, or do something else nearby the hospital? Theres no need to sit here, the time doesnt pass faster then," Janne said. Heidi sat thinking for a few seconds. "Yes, Id like to take a walk. I want to hear how the guys in Sligo are doing, so we can give them a call." Janne got a huge smile on her mouth. "Good. Then you come with me while the others are taking care of your daughter." Shane and Kian sat with the little girl, and Heidi and Janne left the hospital. In Sligo, Nicky was still staying with Catherine. Bryan and Mark had left long time ago because they had to look after other people. "Theres a few things to be done before I go," Nicky told her. "Like what?" she asked while smiling. She was used to the guys new job now, but she was absent now and then. Nicky looked at her for a little while. She sat in her bed, and he was standing next to her. Before Nicky even managed to give her an answer, shed already figured out what he wanted to say. She understood what he wanted her to do. "Oh, I get it. You want me to take my clothes off, dont you?" Nicky kept smiling. "Yes, exactly." Catherine started blushing. She was still blushing when he examined her. Mark and Bryan were in the corridor by chance, when a colleague asked Bryan to come over to her. "Its a phone call from your friends in Norway," she said. Bryan grabbed the phone immediately. "Hi, youre speaking to Bryan." "Oh, hi Heidi! How are you?" "Hi! Actually, things couldve been better than they are at the moment," she replied. Bryan wondered what she meant by saying that. "What are you talking about? Has anything happened?" "Yes. My daughter has got the strongest sort of chicken pox. I brought Mairead to visit Janne and her twins earlier today, whilst the guys were working. When they got back home, it was quite late in the afternoon. Therefore, Mairead, Kian and I had to go home to our place. But Mairead suddenly became pale, and had rash all over her face," Heidi explained. "Oh my God! What happened afterwards, then?" Bryan was shocked. "We decided to let Shane take care of her, and he told us that we had to take her to the hospital as soon as possible. When we arrived, Janne and me had to wait in the corridor for a few hours, before Shane came back to tell us why my daughter fell ill. Shes isolated because shes able to catch other people. Shes not coming home for a few days," Heidi continued. "Oh my God. I really hope shell be well soon. I'll inform the other guys about it. Mark is standing nearby, and Nicky is talking to a teenager girl in her room right now. But I promise to let them now. Please give Janne and the other guys hugs from all of us. Hugs to you too, of course. We hope that Mairead will get better soon!" Bryan said. "I'll tell them. I have to go back to the hospital now. Goodbye," Heidi said before she hung up. Then she and Janne went back to the others. They met Kian in the corridor. "Relax, honey. Her condition is stable. Shell be fine, I promise," Kian told Heidi as he put his arms around her neck. "Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. We have been told to give loads of hugs from the guys in Sligo. I just had a conversation with Bryan," Heidi explained. "Oh, that was nice. Now lets go back to our daughter. Shane is sitting with her." The four of them sat with Mairead for a while. At the same time, Nicky was still in Catherines room at the hospital in Sligo. "There you go. Now you need to get a nice sleep during the night, and I'll be back tomorrow morning to see how youre doing. Sleep well," he said to her. Catherine was blushing and smiling. Then she decided to reveal her secret, "Nicky, wait. I love you."



Nicky turned immediately. He was a bit confused. "Excuse me, what did you just say?" he asked while going back to the teenage girl. "I love you," she repeated. "But, Catherine.... Are you really being serious about this?" She looked at him. "Yes, I am." Nicky didnt know what to say. "It wasnt expected at all. I really appreciate that you seem to like me, Catherine. But you do understand that I need to think carefully through this? There are so many reasons why. I really hope you understand that." She kept smiling. "Oh yes, I do. Dont worry. I didnt expect you to react any different than you did now. But I didnt want to keep it a secret, because I think its best to be honest about things like that. Thats why I told you the truth," she explained. Nicky looked at her again. "Good. Thanks anyway. But now I think its time for you to get some sleep. It'll be a hard and long day tomorrow. You remember that, dont you?" "Yes, I do," she said while thinking about the operation she was going through the next day. "See you tomorrow morning, then. Goodbye," Nicky said before leaving her room. He met Bryan and Mark in the corridor. "Catherine is now asleep. Im going home now, but will be back tomorrow morning. What about you?" he asked. "Im finished in about 1 hour, and then Im going home as well," Bryan replied. "Me too" Mark said. Nicky and his mates stood talking for a few minutes, before he headed back home. Then Bryan went to see how the children were doing. When Nicky got home, he couldnt stop thinking about his friends in Norway. He was very worried about Mairead, but decided not to call them that late in the evening. The situation for the two families in Norway was still the same. Heidi and Janne were still at the hospital with Kian. Shane was there too, of course, because he was responsible for taking care of the ill girl. "Heidi, youve spent so many hours here now, and its getting quite late. Are you sure you dont want to go home and get some sleep?" "I'll go with you," Janne offered. Her best friend hesitated. "No. I want to stay with my daughter. But theres nothing you can do for her now. The guys will look after her." Heidi looked at Kian, Shane and Janne for a long time. She was very unsure about doing what she was told. She eventually made a decision. "Ok. I'll go home. But promise to let me know if something happens! And give us a call when youre going home!" she told the two guys. "Yes, of course we will. Dont worry. Now go with Janne. Goodbye, sweetheart," Kian said as he kissed his dear wife. Then she and Janne left the hospital. They decided to stay at Heidis house. When the two friends finally arrived the house, Heidi fell asleep immediately. She was totally exhausted. Janne gave the neighbour a call to tell her that the twins had to stay there longer. While Janne sat reading a book, the phone suddenly rang. "This is Heidis and Kians phone. Youre speaking to Janne," she said politely. "Hei! Its Kian here. I just wanted to hear how youre doing. Me and Shane are still staying with my daughter," he said. His voice was still a bit shaky. "Hi there! Were doing just fine. Heidi is asleep. Hows Mairead?" "Shes stable for now. We just have to see how it goes. Shane and I will be sitting with her for another hour, and then we go home. Give Heidi a hug from me if she wakes up before we get back. Shane told me to say hi. I have to go back now. Goodbye," Kian said. Then he hung up, and went back to Shane and his little girl. "Did you speak to anyone?" Shane asked when his mate turned up. "Yes. I spoke to Janne, and she told me to greet you. Heidi is asleep, because shes very exhausted," Kian replied before he sat down. "I can understand that. But everything will be OK, we both know that," Shane replied from where he was sitting. Half an hour later, they noticed that something suddenly happened. Mairead seemed to be restless. Shane touched her. "I thought so. Shes very hot. Someone has to look after her during the night," he said. The time passed away, and Shane and Kian had to go back home to their loved ones. A new colleague was asked to take care of the girl. Then Shane and Kian went home. Heidi and Janne were not the only ones who worried. Catherine was lying at the hospital in Sligo, and dreaded for the next morning. "Nicky.... Please come back as soon as possible!" she said weakly to herself. She was so in love with him, and couldnt stand the thought of him not being there with her. A little later, she finally fell asleep. Nicky was now at home. He rested after a tough day at work, and had a nice time all evening. Mark and his fiancée Yvonne did also spend the night at home. She had met his friends many times, and because of that, she knew them all very well. She wanted to be informed about the situation in Norway. When you speak to them again, please tell them I think of them all the time, Yvonne asked her boyfriend, before giving him a lovely kiss. Bryan had someone waiting for him at home as well. He and his girlfriend Louise had been together for 6 months, and they were planning to get married. When Kian and Shane arrived back home, they immediately went to Kians house where Kian and Heidi lived with their daughter. A new colleague of ours is taking care of Mairead all night. "I'll look after her tomorrow," Shane told his wife before kissing her. Heidi was still asleep, but you could tell that she was very exhausted. "I hope she gets enough sleep," Kian told while looking nicely at his wife. Not long after, Janne and Shane went back to their own house. They were ready to get some well-earned sleep after what had happened. The twins were going to stay with the neighbour till the day after.



The next morning, Shane went to Kians house. They were going to the hospital together. Janne and Heidi planned to arrive a bit later in the day. When they arrived at work, they walked straight to Maireads room. Their new colleague was still sitting with the little girl. "Did she have a good night?" Shane asked. "No, and shes still very ill. I sat here all night," the colleague replied. "Thank you so much for looking after her. Kian, I think we need to keep your daughter at the hospital for a while," Shane concluded. Kian nodded in agreement. Then their colleague left the room to do other stuff. Heidi and Janne arrived at the hospital about two hours later. Of course, Heidi was still stamped by the situation. "Im sure your daughter will get well soon. Please remember that me and Shane will be there for you and Kian whenever you need us," Janne said comforting her best friend. They walked straight to the little girls room. When they were almost at the door to the room, they got another shock. A male person was standing a few metres ahead of them, and the girls both seemed to know him. But they didnt say anything, because they were still unsure about him. Therefore, they just went straight to Maireads room. "Hello, sweetheart," Janne said when she saw her husband. He kept smiling to her, but had to sit with the ill girl. "Hi, Janne and Heidi! It was great that you could be here," he replied. A new colleague of ours has been taking care of Mairead through the night. "Would you like to meet him?" Shane asked. Heidi and Janne looked at each other in excitement. "Yes, of course we want to meet him," they said. Shane left the room and closed the door behind him. The door had to be closed because of Mairead. A few minutes later, he returned with the new colleague. Heidi and

Janne got yet another shock. "KENNETH?! Is that really you?!" He was shocked himself. "Janne? Heidi? What are you doing here? Do you know those guys, and what about that little girl?" Shane and Kian looked at each other, then at their wives. "Do you know each other?!" "Yes, we do. We attended the same upper secondary school. Heidi and Kenneth were in the same class for a year, actually," Janne said. Kenneth sat down. "And how do you know the guys, then?" he wanted to know. "I am actually married to Shane. Weve got to kids together twins. We met in Sligo a year ago," Janne replied. "I am married to Kian. The girl in that bed is actually our daughter," Heidi said as she looked at her former schoolmate. "Wow. I dont know what to say. But how about you? I presume that you were surprised to find me here?" Kenneth asked while smiling. "You bet we were, we thought you were doing something different, but this..." Heidi said. The chat between them went on, and they were also looking after Mairead. In Sligo, Catherine was awake when someone suddenly opened the door to her room. "Its me Nicky. May I come in?" he asked. Catherine beamed. "Yeah, sure. Is it just you? I am alone right now, but Bryan will be here soon. You know what will happen today, dont you?" She glanced nervously at Nicky when Bryan suddenly turned up. "Yes, I do," she said weakly. Mark was still at home at this time. He wasnt due to start working until later that day. Therefore, he wanted to give his friends in Norway a call. Come on, answer the phone! He couldnt stop thinking about the little girl, who was still ill. After all, that was why he decided to call. After trying three times, he gave up. They might be inside, he thought to himself. Shane and the other still sat talking together when Mairead suddenly reacted strongly. "Oh, my God! Whats going on?" Heidi suddenly got nervous again. "Take it easy, she will be fine," Janne and Kenneth said, trying to calm down their friend. Shane left his chair, and tried to figure out why the little girl reacted so strongly. Kenneth looked at Heidi. "Look, I know this is hard for you, but theres nothing you can do about this. Shane takes care of her." Heidi calmed down, and Janne brought her to the corridor to talk. Meanwhile, Shane, Kian and Kenneth stayed with Mairead. "Your daughter will be fine, Kian. But I have to check her condition and give her an injection. Can you please tell Heidi, so she knows what were doing?" Shane asked. "OK. I'll let her know straight away," Kian replied before leaving the room. Heidi beamed when she saw her husband coming towards her, but she was still worried about her daughter. "How is our little girl doing?" she wanted to know. "Shane is examining her at the moment. But then we need to give her an injection. Its your decision whether you want to stay with her, or if you and Janne want to do something else. But theres nothing you can do for our little girl right now, honey," Kian explained before giving his wife a lovely kiss. Janne decided to take her best friend outside for a walk. They both needed it. While the situation for the little girl in Norway was still difficult, Catherine dreaded for the operation. "It will be fine, you can make it," Nicky and Bryan told the frightened girl. "I wanna grow old with you, I wanna die lying in your arms," Catherine sang while she was still in her room. "You know what, honey? We have to make you fall asleep," Nicky said while looking at Catherine. "Hm? I love you," she replied. Bryan looked at both Catherine and his mate in disbelief. "What? Did you know that from before, Nicky?" "Oh yes, I did. But I told her to think carefully through the whole thing. OK, Catherine, its time to get some sleep again. I know what you think about injections, but I really have to do it," Nicky said as he looked at her.



"Do you really have to do it? OK, then. But then I want Bryan to stay with us as well," the girl begged. Bryan decided to make her wish come true, because she needed to be completely calmed down. When that was done, she was prepared for the thing that she had been dreading for. Mark arrived at work at the same time. It was really quiet at the time, so he decided to give his friends in Norway another phone call. Heidi and Janne had gone for a walk outside, and their mobiles were turned on, in case someone sent them text messages or gave them a call. And that did happen. "Hi, this is Heidi. Who am I speaking to?"" Hi! Its Mark. I just arrived at work. Its really quiet here at the moment, so I wanted to give you a call to hear how youre doing, especially your daughter," he said politely. "Hi, Mark!! Well, shes a bit worse now, but Shanes got everything under control. Theres something I have to tell you. Me and Janne were shocked when we arrived at the hospital this morning. You see, a former schoolmate of ours has now started working with Kian and Shane. His name is Kenneth, and he sat with my daughter all night to look after her," Heidi replied. "Wow, it was great to hear about your former schoolmate. But we want you to know that were all very worried about Mairead. We keep thinking about you all the time, and we really hope shell get well soon. Bryan and Nicky are really busy right now, and Ill go to find out how the children are doing. Please say hi to the others from me. Remember that were hoping for the best about Mairead. I have to go now. Goodbye, and take care," he said. "Thank you for calling. Give the guys lots of hugs from us. Goodbye,"

Heidi replied. Then the conversation was over. Mark immediately went to see how the children were doing. When he was on his way to them, he met his two mates and Catherine. She was about to fell asleep. "I was told to give you lots of hugs and greetings from Heidi and the other guys. I just had a talk to her on the phone. Her daughter is not any better, but the situation is under control. And how are things going here, then?" Mark asked while looking at the sleepy girl. "Tired... " she sighed. "Good luck," "Heidi?" he said. She didnt give response. "Probably a sign of exhaustion. We have to do something for her quickly," Shane concluded. He saw everything from where he was sitting. "I can take care of her. What do you say, Kian? Is that OK, or would you like to do it yourself?" Kenneth asked. He looked at both his colleagues, then at Janne. "I wouldve done it myself, especially because Im married to her. But I think its better that you or Shane does it. And because hes already taking care of my daughter, youre the only one to do something. So yes, Kenneth, its OK with me." Janne was now blushing. Kenneth in this job?! That was the last thing I thought he would be doing! she thought to herself. She sat there thinking about it for a little while, before reality suddenly hit her. "Janne, would you like to come with me? I think Heidi needs you. The others have to stay here with her daughter," Kenneth said. "Im coming with you," Janne replied. She followed Kenneth, who had now placed Heidi in a bed. She was still not awake. Janne had two persons to worry about: Heidi and Mairead. Kenneth closed the door behind him, to avoid noise from outside the room. "I really have to do something for her. You might have to go home by yourself today, Janne," he said as he looked at her. She sat there while her mate checked her best friend carefully. Everything went well in Sligo. Catherine was deeply asleep, which meant that Nicky and Bryan were able to do their job. The operation was finished about two hours later. Catherine was moved to a place where someone could look after her all the time Nicky got a nurse to sit with her, but he promised that he was coming in to see her now and then. Nicky was sitting with the teenage girl when she finally woke up. "Nicky? Is that you? Everything is so foggy. Where am I? I cant remember what I have been doing for the last couple of hours..." Catherine mumbled before closing her eyes again. "Its OK, honey. You did very well, the operation was done in two hours," Nicky said to her as he stroke her cheek to show that he cared about her. "Oh, I see. Thank you," Catherine said happily as she opened her eyes. She was really happy to have Nicky beside her.



"You have to rest now, and will stay at the hospital for a couple of days," Nicky continued. Catherine looked quickly at him. "OK. Thats fine with me. You are so nice to me, as are the other guys. Whats going to happen for the rest of this day, then?" she asked. Her voice was very weak. "Thanks for liking us. Yes, it will happen more things today, but not now. Ill be back in a few hours, and then Im going to do something," he said while smiling to her. "But now I have to go. Make sure you get to rest well." Catherine nodded. "Yes, I will. See you." Nicky closed the door, and the girl fall asleep again. Nicky met up with Bryan outside the room. "Shes asleep now, but she wanted me to tell you and Mark what she thinks of us," Nicky smiled. "Thats nice to hear," Bryan replied. Then he and his mate went to work more. In Norway, Janne commuted between the two rooms at the hospital. She wanted to stay with her best friend, but also with the little girl. "Im done. Now we have to let her rest. Shell be fine, but you have to go home by yourself today, Janne," Kenneth said as he looked at his friend. Janne nodded. "Yes, I am totally aware of that. What will you do to Heidi meanwhile, then?" " Like I said, we have to let her sleep. Then we have to see what to do in the continuation. She doesnt know that Im here with her. When she wakes up eventually, shell ask what happened to her," Kenneth explained. A little later, both he and Janne went back to the other guys. "Shes asleep in the room next door. How are things going here then," Kenneth asked. "Mairead needs supervision all the time. But we think shell be fine," Shane replied. He and the others sat thinking for about half an hour. Then they suddenly heard sounds from the other room. "It looks like Heidi is awake now. Kian, would you like to come with me?" Kenneth asked. "Yes, I will," Kian, said. He was excited about his wifes reactions to the happenings. Shane told a nurse to look after the little girl, and went with the rest of the guys to visit Heidi. When they arrived in her room, she was very confused. She had just woke up, and didnt know anything at all. "Where.... Where am I?," she asked. "You fainted when your daughter got worse. You need to spend much time here now. We want you to stay at the hospital for one or two days," Shane said. He knew that very well, because Kenneth had told him earlier. "Oh, I see. So, whos taking care of me, then?," she asked weakly. "I will. If you want me to or not," Kenneth smiled. "Oh my God!" Heidi thought to herself while blushing. Janne had to leave the hospital half an hour later, to pick up her kids. They couldnt stay at the hospital with her, so she had to spend some time with them at home. As the hours passed away, Shane decided to do something more with Mairead, because her situation was still very difficult. "Kian, tell Kenneth that Ill come over to him afterwards to help him.

I just have to finish with Mairead first. Your daughter is stable at the moment," Shane explained. Kian nodded. "Yes, Ill tell him. I think your kids are happy to have their mother at home now," he said. Shane smiled. "Yes, I think they are, too. But Janne said shes coming back later today to see how it goes." Half an hour later, Kenneth was assisted by Shane. Kian went to be with his daughter in the room next door.



"Heidi, Kian is with your daughter now. Shanes here to help me,"

Kenneth explained. What are you going to do with me, then?, she asked carefully. "We have to make sure that you are OK. Well stay with you for a while," Shane replied. "OK," Heidi said. She was very tired, but trusted her former schoolmate Kenneth and Jannes husband Shane. She let them do their job. Kian came in to the room every now and then. Nicky and the other guys in Sligo had a lot to do as well. It was very quiet for a few minutes, but suddenly something happened. "PLEASE HELP ME!!! " "Oh my God, Donna, what happened?" Bryan asked. I was just going to get something from my bag. When I tried to walk, I suddenly fell down on the floor," the girl explained. "You should be careful when walking, because your leg needs to rest. Did you get hurt?" Nicky asked. "Yes, I am hurt. Look at this," she said sadly. She really scared. "We have to do something about this," Nicky told Bryan. They lifted the girl back in her bed, and promised that everything would be fine eventually. In Norway, Kenneth and Shane were still with Heidi. "Are you ready?" she heard Shane say all of a sudden. She was so foggy that she didnt notice that much. "Huh? What?" she said in a low voice while looking at the two guys. "I am going to check your condition. But before I do that, Id like to ask you something. I know you still hate getting injections, but do you mind me doing it?" " I really have to," Shane explained. Heidi sighed. "OK, then." She reached out her arm, and turned away. Kenneth was standing next to her, but Heidi thought it was so embarrassing to look at him. She'd rather look at the white walls. "There you go. You did well, didnt you?" Shane said after the injection had been given. Then he started examining her carefully. Janne turned up at the hospital two hours later. She had had a great time with the twins at home, but the neighbour was told that Janne wanted to go back to the hospital because Heidi and her little daughter were having quite a difficult time. The neighbour offered to look after the twins for as long as necessary. "Hello, sweetheart!" Shane beamed when he saw his wife entering Heidis room. "Hello, my love! The twins were so happy to spend some time with me, but they did say papa a lot. Theyll stay with the neighbour as long as they have to. How are things going here, then?" Janne asked. The twins were sweet who said that. "Well, Heidi will be fine. She has to stay here till tomorrow. Her daughter is still ill, but everything is under control," Shane explained. Heidi was very happy to see her best friend again. She asked Janne to stay with her for a while, because she needed her as well. Shane and Kenneth had to check how Mairead was doing, so they left Heidis room a little later. "Kian! Heidi and Janne are talking together in the room next door. Shes fine, but I think she wants you to be there," Shane said as he smiled. He didnt have to tell his mate that Heidi had to stay there till the day after, because he already knew that. "I'll go to her straight away," Kian said. Then he left his daughters room. Kenneth had gone too, because he had to take care of other people. The hope about Mairead getting well, was now stronger than ever. Things went really well in Sligo too, despite the fact that there were some hectic periods. Bryan and Nicky had spent much time with the hurt Donna, and theyd also plastered her. "I'll come back later, OK?" Bryan asked while looking at her. "OK. Thank you for helping me," she said friendly. Then she tried to take it easy. Nicky and Bryan left her room, and then went each to their own. "I have to go and see how Catherine is doing," Nicky explained. When he was on his way to her, he met Mark. He was very busy, even though it was not that hectic for him as the other guys. He had heard Donnas desperate scream, and wanted to ask Nicky how she was doing at the time. "Shes fine now. Shes getting some rest," Nicky replied. A little later, Mark had enough to do, and Nicky was able to go to Catherines room. He knocked on the door, because he didnt know whether she was asleep or not. He didnt want to walk straight into her room without knocking. "Its Nicky. May I come in?" Catherines face lit up. "Of course you can!" Nicky went inside, and found her sitting in her bed reading a book. "Are you doing fine?" he wanted to know. "Well, I think so," the teenage girl replied shyly. "Youre not here just to talk, are you?" she added while looking quickly at her biggest love of her life. "Thats right. I didnt come her just to talk. Im going to do a few things as well. Are you ready for that?" he asked as he came closer to her. Catherine nodded. "Yes, I am ready." Nicky was now able to do his job. Catherine was calm and quiet all the time, but sometimes she got so embarrassed, that she didnt dare to look at him. "Now, theres only one thing left, before Im done. OK?" he asked smiling as he looked at her. "Yeah, thats fine with me," Catherine said. She was still embarrassed, and therefore didnt ask him what he was going to do now. She kept reading her book. Nicky smiled. "Catherine, whats the matter? How come?" she asked. "Youre reading the book. I just said I have to do one more thing before I live you, but then you have to move your book a bit," he laughed. "Oi, of course I will. What do you want me to do?" Catherine was excited. She wanted to ask him if he had been thinking about what she told him earlier, but chose not to ask him about it just then. Nicky was still smiling. Take off your clothes.



As Nicky examined Catherine, Bryan and Mark still had a lot to do with other children and teenagers. "Mark, can you please go and find out how Donna is doing? Im worried about her because of her accident," Bryan explained. Mark went to Donna straight away. In Norway, the situation was a bit different now. Shane had just left Heidis room when Kenneth met him in the corridor. "Mairead gets better and better as time passes away. "She isnt that hot anymore," Kenneth said. Shane immediately went to Maireads room. Kenneth followed him. "You are right. She looks much better now, but I think we should keep her in here for a while," Shane said after checking Maireads situation carefully. In Heidis room, the chat between her and Janne went on for ages. Kian was there, too. "Thanks for being here with me. How are the twins?" Heidi asked her best friend. "Youre welcome, Heidi. The twins are doing just fine. Theyre still staying with the neighbour, but I will go and get them when I leave the hospital later today," Janne said. Heidi suddenly looked at her husband. "Kian, how is our daughter doing? I am still worried about her." "I do understand that, because I am worried as well. But you have to remember that you just fainted, and you need to take it easy. Listen, I'll go to her room right now and have a word with the other guys. OK?" he said. Heidi nodded, and Kian left the room. When Kian entered his daughters room, he found the other guys making the situation a bit more comfortable for her. "Heidi asked me how Mairead is doing," he said. "Shes a bit better now, but we still have to keep her in here," Shane said. Kian seemed relieved. He, his wife and their friends thought all the time that Mairead was going to get well as soon as possible, but he was relieved that it finally seemed to work out. "Good. I'll go and give Heidi the news afterwards. Id like to spend some time with our daughter first," he said. Not long after, Shane left to do a mission. He had to give the guys in Sligo a call to find out how they were doing, and he was also told to tell about the situation in Norway. A nurse at the guys section in Sligo answered the phone. "This is Sligo General Hospital. Youre speaking to Lynn. May I help you?" a friendly female voice asked. "Oh, hi Lynn! Its been a long time, hasnt it? It must be at least a year since we last met each other. This is Shane. Id like to speak to Nicky, or one of the other guys," he said politely. "Hello! Nicky is busy at the moment, but I'll go and get Bryan for you. Hang on," she replied. Shane waited patiently. "Hi, Shane! Its Bryan," he said. "Hi! I found some time to call you. We just wanted to say that Mairead is gradually getting better, but Heidi has had an accident as well. She fainted early this morning, and now we have to keep her at the hospital till tomorrow. But apart from that, were all doing just fine. How about you?" Shane asked. "Im glad to hear about Maireads development. But it wasnt funny to hear about what had happened to Heidi, of course. Well, theres pretty much for us to do. Nicky and Mark are kept busy, and I was the only one free to answer the phone. Me, Nicky and Mark all have time off the next weekend. We really want to come and visit you then. But that might be a problem because of Heidis and Kians daughter?" Bryan asked. "It wouldve been nice of you to visit us, Im sure that everyone would appreciate that. But I'll tell the others about it, and give you a call when I have spoken to them. OK?" "OK. Lets do it that way, then. Look, I have to go back now to see if anyone needs any help. Thank you so much for calling, and please give everyone hugs from all of us down here. Goodbye," Bryan said. Shane told him to give loads of hugs to the other guys too, and then they finished the conversation. Bryan immediately went to Catherines room, because he knew that Nicky was still there with her. "Hi, Catherine, how are you doing?" he asked. She was smiling. "Im fine," she replied politely. "Good. Nicky, I need to speak to you for a moment." Bryan told his mate to go with him. "No problem. I was done here anyway. Catherine, remember to take it easy. Please let us now straight away if anything happens. OK? See you later," Nicky said before leaving her room. Nicky and Bryan went to a room where they could talk without being disturbed. "I just spoke to Shane on the phone. Mairead is getting better now, but Heidi fainted and has to stay at the hospital till tomorrow. I told him about our plans to visit them the next weekend, but he was going to discuss it with the others first, because of the situation," Bryan explained. "Good," Nicky said. He was happy that Mairead gradually got better, but he was worried about Heidi at the same time. She and her husband had been through a tough time because of their daughter. Nicky and Bryan met Mark a little later. "Hi! I had to take care of a boy for a couple of hours, but hopefully hes doing well now. How about you?" he asked. Nicky and Bryan told him about the phone call, and added that they would soon be able to know if they could go to Norway as planned. As the guys in Sligo stood chatting to each other, Kenneth, Kian and Shane sat with the ill girl in Norway. Heidi was still very exhausted, and fell asleep pretty quickly. "Thank you for taking care of my daughter. Heidi and I are really happy about that," Kian said gratefully to his two mates and colleagues. "That was the least we could do. We had to do something for her," Shane replied while smiling. He was looking after the little girl all the time, and she was still stable one hour later. The hours passed away, and Janne turned up in Maireads room after a while. "My dear Shane, I think its time for me to go home to pick up the twins now. They really need me to be there. When will you be home?" she wanted to know. "Yeah, thats OK. You can go home now. My day here is finished in about one hour. Kian, you look quite exhausted. Would you like to stay here with your family, or go with Janne?" Shane asked. Kian sat thinking about it for a few minutes, before he decided that he wanted to stay. Then Janne left the hospital. The guys day at work was finished a few hours later. But before they went back home, they had to find out how Heidi was doing. Kenneth carefully opened the door to her room. He found her sleeping in the bed. "Shes just fine. Lets get the nurse to look after her and her daughter," he said. When that was done, the three mates were finally ready to go home. In Sligo, Nicky had already left the hospital. He quit early this day, but Bryan and Mark were still there. Lets go and check the children and teenagers before we leave, they told each other.



Donna was the first one to receive a visit from the two guys. She had big trouble sleeping. Therefore, she lied in her bed reading a book, despite the fact that she was a bit tired."We thought you were asleep?" Bryan seemed to be surprised. "I cant," she replied weakly. She was pale, and couldnt do much but reading the book. Bryan looked at her. "Is that because of your fall, or is it something else?" he asked friendly. "Both because of the fall and what I came here for. Its really aching," she explained. "Youre a bit pale, do you know that?" Mark asked while looking at her. Donna nodded to confirm that he was right. "Yes. I had a look in the mirror a few minutes ago, and got worried. Whats going on?" she said. Her voice was nervous. Mark and Bryan did everything they could to calm her. Donna had hurt her foot in a cruel accident, and her fall at the hospital made her situation and the pain even worse. "Lets find out whats going on," Bryan said while preparing to help the girl. A little later, she felt a bit better, and the two guys could continue visit other people in the section. Catherine was the next one to receive a visit. Meanwhile, Janne and the others in Norway were now asleep. They were all really tired after everything that had happened. Heidi and Mairead were taken care of at the hospital. The next morning, Heidi woke up before her husband and his mates arrived at work. She gradually felt better after fainting the day before, she had to take it easy anyway. When Kian and the others eventually turned up, they found Heidi in her bed looking around. It was quite obvious that she sat there waiting for them. "Hello, my love. How are you doing today?" Kian asked as he went straight to his wife. Then he gave her a lovely kiss. "I feel better already, and I am really happy to see you again, honey. Wheres Janne?" she wanted to know. "She'll be her later. The twins need her at home," Shane explained while smiling. Then he added, "later today well be able to find out if you can go home. I know we said that yesterday, but lets wait and see." A little later, Kenneth and Shane went to the little girl, while Kian stayed with his wife to keep her in company. When Shane and his colleague entered the little girls room, they had to find out how shed been doing through the night. The nurse had written a note for them. Shes been asleep all night, and has not been warm, it said. Shane was very satisfied with that. But to be completely sure, he decided to check it himself. A few minutes later, he told Kenneth, "shes not warm anymore. And the chicken poxes are about to go away. Its been a long time now, and I see it as safe to send her back home. But somebody has to look after her at home, too." Kenneth was very pleased too. "Good. I'll tell Heidi straight away," he replied. Heidi and Kian were overjoyed when their mate gave them the good news. "Thats great! Do you know for sure if she can go home today?" Heidi asked as she sighed relieved. "We have to see how shes doing through the day, but both me and Shane are pretty sure that she can go home today. Shes been here for a while now, and shes not warm anymore," Kenneth explained. Heidi and Kian gave each other loads of hugs to celebrate the good news. A few hours later, Janne came to visit them. She had brought the twins with her. They could stay at the hospital with her as long as they were protected. With that, the situation in Norway was now much, much better. Besides, it happened a lot in Sligo as well. "Catherine? Ive got some really good news for you." Nicky was standing in the door. "Really? Please come closer, and tell me all about it, then!" She got more and more excited. What did he want to tell her? "You can go home tomorrow. Besides, Ive been thinking about what you told me the other day. He kept looking at her, and tried to figure out how to tell her. It just had to be right, no matter what it was. Well, Ive concluded that the age different between us is not that big in reality. It cannot prevent us from having a relationship. Do you love me?" he asked. To start with, Catherine was shocked. She didnt say anything for a few minutes. But then she suddenly exclaimed "yes, I really do. Do you love me, too?" "Of course I do. But while youre staying at the hospital, there has to be another relationship between you and me. Im sure you understand," he said. Catherine nodded. But she was very happy that Nicky had told her what she wanted to hear. However, Donnas situation was not good at all. Bryan went to have a chat with her while Nicky stayed with Catherine. When Bryan entered Donnas room, he said, "Im afraid that Ive got some bad news for you. Your accident led to more damage, as you already know. But that damage forces us to do another operation. I know you dont like it, but thats the only option weve got. We just want you to be fine," Bryan explained while trying to encourage her the best he could. Meanwhile, in Norway, Heidi was really happy to have Janne and the twins with her at the hospital. But she suddenly realised that Janne wanted to know where Shane was. "Hes with my daughter. You can go to see him if you want to, its fine with me," Heidi smiled. Janne let the twins stay with Heidi, before going to the other room. Shane beamed when he saw his wife again. "Hello, sweetheart. How are you? Did you bring the twins with you to the hospital?" he asked. "Oh yes, I did. They are staying with Heidi in the room next door. Is Mairead OK?" Shane nodded. "Yes, she is. She might be allowed to go home later today." Janne sat in the room with her husband and Kenneth. But after a while, she and the others went back to Heidis room. The twins were overjoyed when they saw their dad coming into the room. "Dada," Thomas mumbled before grinning. "Before you go home, Heidi, theres something we have to do... " His former schoolmate immediately interrupted him. "What?" she wanted to know. "Guess three times," Shane said. Of course, Heidi understood everything. "OK. But I want Janne to stay here as well," Heidi said. Shane fulfilled her wish, and went to the room next door to get his wife. He returned with his wife not long after. Then he could do his job, but before that, he had to make sure that someone stayed with Mairead. Kian went to be with his daughter. Heidi was told to be quiet during the examination. But she stared at her best friend many times, "Janne?" was all she had to say. For some reason, Heidis best friend quickly understood what she was told to do. Therefore, she sang Evergreen and Dont Say Its Too Late. Kenneth was smiling. Shane was standing with his back in front of Janne, so she couldnt see that he was smiling too. Shane finished the examination fifteen minutes later. The only thing left, was to discharge Heidi from the hospital. When that was done, she was allowed to go and see her daughter. Kian and the others went with her. At the hospital in Sligo, Bryan took plenty of time to talk to Donna. "She was very upset. When will it happen?" she asked nervously. She knew that there was no other choice, but still, she was not happy about the situation at the time.



"We have to do it within two hours. We cant wait too long. Youre not supposed to suffer through this. I promise you that everything will be fine. Just take it easy," Bryan said while trying to comfort her. Mark had a day off, so he didnt turn up at the hospital. He brought his dear Yvonne to visit his family. A couple of hours later, Heidi and Kian were finally given the message they had been waiting for, "Mairead can go home today. Ive been thinking about it, and my conclusion is that its ok, because you can look after her there," Shane told Kian. Great!! Kian beamed happily. Heidi was very happy, too. But their daughter couldnt go home yet; they had to wait for a while. Kenneth was happy for his friends, and said: Its great that your daughter seems to be well again. Shane had to do some formalities to let Heidi and Kian take their daughter home. When that was done, he had a chat with his wife. "Janne, I quit working in 1 hour. Then we can take the twins with us back home and have a great time." He beamed. "Yes, lets do that," Janne replied happily. They left the hospital one hour later. Heidi and her family went with them. They were all looking forward to get back home. Donna was now having her operation done at the hospital in Sligo. Bryan and some other guys did everything they could to help her. The operation was finished about two hours later. Luckily, it was successful. Catherine was doing fine. She and Nicky met several times in her room, and her last night at the hospital turned out to be very special for both of them. "Nicky, will you marry me?" she asked while sitting in her bed. Nicky didnt seem to be prepared for the question, although both of them had declared their love for each other. "YES!" he said a little later. After all, Catherine was in her last year as a teenager. The couple got engaged, but so far, they hadnt decided when to get married. In Norway, it still happened a lot. Both Heidis and Jannes families experienced many events. When Shane, Janne and the twins had gone to sleep after an evening with plenty of cosy stuff, Janne discovered something totally unexpected. While her husband was asleep, she moved gently to the bathroom. She had had a feeling for a long time. It told her that something was about to happen. Still, she was very unsure. A little later, her acceptance was finally confirmed, she was pregnant again. Because Shane was deeply asleep after long, tough days at work, Janne decided not to tell him until the next morning. Heidi, Kian and their daughter were also deeply asleep this night. They didnt have a clue what Janne was going to tell them. When Janne woke up the next morning, she suddenly became eager. She shook her husband carefully, saying, "Shane, theres something I have to tell you. I found out about it this night, and I have suspected it for a while now. Luckily, it was confirmed. I am pregnant!" For a few seconds, Shane just lied there without saying anything. But then he hugged his wife with tears of joy. He was happy that he and his wife were having another baby. Heidi and Kian woke up a little later, but Mairead had to get loads of sleep, especially now. Kian looked after her all the time. The phone rang while Heidi was standing in the kitchen. Heidi was shocked to hear Jannes happy voice that early in the morning." Whats going on? Did you just win a prize or something???"she asked. "Heidi!! Im pregnant!!! I found out about it by chance this night!!! Me and Shane are so happy," Janne exclaimed. Of course, her friend was very happy to hear about the good news. She told Kian to come to her immediately. "Janne and Shane are expecting another baby," she told him. Kian was smiling, and told his wife to congratulate. Catherine was happy too. Today, she was finally allowed to leave the hospital and go home to her parents and her siblings. She told Nicky that her parents knew all about the engagement. That way, there was no doubt about their relationship. "I'll come to visit you later tonight. See you then, and remember that I love you so much," Nicky said before kissing Catherine. They were still in her room. Then he followed her outside to the car that was waiting for her. The months passed by, and a lot of things happened. Jannes stomach got bigger and bigger, and she really enjoyed being pregnant again. She loved being a mother. Mairead spent a lot of time with the twins, and was doing just fine. However, the biggest event took place in Ireland, Nickys and Catherines wedding. Catherine was now 20 years old. Family, friends and relatives were there to take place in the wedding. "I ask you, Catherine Drummond. Do you want Nicky Byrne, standing next to you, to be your husband? Do you promise to love him till death parts you?" the priest asked. "Yes," the beautiful bride said happily. Shane and Kian were there with their wifes and their children. Bryan had brought Louise with him, while Mark came hand in hand with his lovely Yvonne. "I ask you, Nicky Byrne. Do you want Catherine Drummond, standing next to you, to be your wife? Do you promise to love her till death parts you?" the priest continued. Nicky was smiling proudly. "YES!!" The tears of joy were many. Family, friends and other people cried happily. The bridal couple was also crying happily. "I love you," Catherine, an overjoyed Nicky exclaimed.