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29/10/02 Mr Exclusive...

WESTLIFE'S Kian Egan has splashed out 500,000 on a London bachelor pad.
And the Irish singer has dipped further into his millions by hiring interior designers to decorate the smart flat in Fulham, West London.
A source close to the 22-year-old star said: "Kian spends a lot of time in London and wants the place to be luxurious, with lots of candles everywhere, so he can feel really at home."
The singer, whose fortune is estimated at more than 3million, also owns properties in Ireland along with the rest of the band - Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Bryan McFadden and Nicky Byrne. But so far he is the only one to set down roots in the capital.
And by the sounds of it, single Kian, 22, is planning some candlelight seductions. Since splitting with dancer Jessica Forsman, he's already been linked with Pop Rivals finalist Sarah Harding. Look out ladies...


29/10/02 Smash Hits!

 Thanks very much to everyone who voted in the 2002 Smash Hits Awards...
Westlife picked up 5 gongs at the Pollwinners Party over the weekend, they were:

- Hall Of Fame Award
- Best Pop Band
- Best International Act
- Smash Hits Cover Of The Year
- Party Mentalist Of The Year (for Bryan's sterling efforts in this department...!)

29/10/02 Bingo Boy!

The Sunday People reports Westlife singer Mark Feehily loves going to bingo with his gran. "I used to play when I was younger and got quite good at it," he said. "It's easy to go at home in Sligo."
Meanwhile, they report bandmate Shane Filan is so obsessed with his Ferrari that he washes it for no reason. He said, "It's my dream car and I've worked hard for it."


5/10/02 Poker

WESTLIFE, whose new LP Unbreakable is out on November 11, got hooked on poker in LA.
Mark Feehily says: "I lost. My forfeit was to buy the whole bar a drink. It cost me $1,000!"
Wouldn't strip poker be cheaper?

<taken from the Sun>


5/10/02 Thanx

Westlife are thanking their fans by putting all their platinum members on the sleeve of their new Greatest Hits album.


5/10/02 30 million deal

Westlife have signed a new 30 mill. deal with BMG!


29/09/02 Belfast are added

Westlife ahve now added Belfastr to their Unbreakable tour on the 17th and 18th June 2003


22/09/02 Naughty Nix!

Nicky recently on a night out in London he tripped opver a table and cut his hane in the VIP room as he headed to the dancefloor with Georgina!


22/09/02 Vid!!!

Check out Westlife Unbreakable video!!!


15/09/02 Listen!

Wanna hear Westlife's new single then go to and click on Multimedia and go to songs. Then scroll down to find Unbreakable.


15/09/02 Unbreakable

The lads new single Unbreakable is being played by radios from September 16th and will be released into the charts on October 28th


15/09/02 US Charts

Westlife are now number 41 on the US charts!


15/09/02 The lads in LA!

The lads had a great time in LA by the sounds of things and Shane got  bit drunk too!


15/09/02 Additional tour dates

New tour dates have be added:

28th May - Birmingham NEC

4th June - Wembley Arena

2nd July - Newcastle Telewest Arena

19th July - Sheffield Arena


8/09/02 Smash Hits

Vote for the lads to win a Smash Hits award at


8/09/02 Additional date!

A new tour date has been added on wednesday 9th July at Glasgow SECC


8/09/02 Tour 2003

The brand new tour dates have been released:

May 27th - Birmingham NEC

June 3rd - Wembley arena

June 10th - Manchester evening news arena

July 1st - Newcastle Telewest arena

July 8th- Glasgow SECC

July 18th - Sheffield Arena



Put your name down for the CD Rom for the Greatest Hits album and your name will appear on the CD along with loads of other fans... Click here to get to


26/08/02 Greatest Hits

The album has been confirmed to be coming out on the 11th November.


26/08/02 WOOO American cover

Here is what the American cover for WOOO is gonna look like... Click here


07/08/02 American version...

Wanna see the American version of WOOO then check out this addy


07/08/02 America!

Westlife's World of our own was released this week to the radiio stations against Ashanti, Whitney Houston and Leann Rimes. Westlife got added to 40 pop stations. The 2nd highest only behind Leann Rimes who got 67 adds. Lets hope that they can break the States!


07/08/02 Christmas?

Rumours are flying round that Westlife are doing a Christmas tour. But other not so good romours are flying round that Westlife are set to have a Christmas split. Don't do it guys, please!


03/08/02 Baby Joy!!!

Kerry and Bryan are expecting another child. Click here for the full story


21/07/02 Mix up!

Shane is not getting married in October in fact his brother Liam is!


21/07/02 No worries

Bryan has reassured fans that Westlife will be staying together even though they are bringing a greatest hits album out


More News



Shanes true girlfriend is finally revealed read more. Click here...


Bop Bop Baby


Bop Bop Baby vid has been released. It's not 2 b missed! And neither is Mark's sexy goatee!




Westlife have made it to number 1 with World Of Our Own. They have now had 10 number 1's and they are the second band to reach it ever.



21/07/02 Mark hooked?
It's rumoured that Mark and Lauren are back together. Could this be true???
28/05/02 All over
It is rumoured that Kian has finished Jessica.
28/05/02 Denied
Mark is deniying rumoured that he is dating Cathy from Bellefire
It is rumoured that Pop Idol's runner up, Gareth Gates could be supporting Westlife on their 2002 "In The Round" tour at Manchester. Gareth is also rumoured to be a doing a duet on stage with the gorge 'lifers.

Brits Award judges and westlife fans all over are going beserk over some westlife votes. Over 1000 votes have been made for the lads for Best Pop Act from only 3 phones. One girl voted them 500 times on the same phone. One girl said that her and her friend rung up 14 times. "We just kept ringing putting the phone down and ringing over again to see how many times we could get through, coz we want westlife to win" The 1000 votes have been taken out of the final countup