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When Shane Filan admitted last year he was dating Gillian Walsh fans were shocked. Not just because Shane became unavailable but also the fact that hed lied the fans, to the people that made him. Shane admitted that he'd known Gillian for over 10 years he has also admitted that hed been going out with her since 2001. Shane said Gillian insisted to keep their love under wraps. He claims he wanted to tell his fans but Gillian wanted to have a different kind of life. She just wanted to be Gillian from Sligo, not Shane from Westlifes girlfriend. Shane insists that Gillian is very shy and didnt want to be judged by other students at the college.

The Irish Tabloids had been trying to uncover the truth about Shanes love life for months and theyve often reached the wrong conclusion. Once publishing a (famous on many other Westlife unofficial sites) picture of Shane and his sister Mairead, saying in fact that she was Gillian. Shane relished the fact that they kept one step above the press. Last October when Shane confessed that hed been seeing Gillian for a year. The papers thought that Kian was dating Gillian because she used to come to our concerts, but they didnt know that she was his cousin. And Shane says "...and the fans didnt know were the ones who were dating. Ha ha ha !"

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