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Imaginary Westlife
Tour 2002- World of our own
Fan Fictions
Fun & Stuff

The lights went out. 5 worlds were lifted to the top of the room and they spun round to reveal Mark, Kian, Bryan, Shane and Nicky. The worlds burst open and the lads went down to the stage. They were wearing long black leather coats with dark red slits in them very sexy indeed! Kian looked as gorge as eva and Mark looked well fit with his hair gelled forward, shame he didnt still have his goatee, well I couldnt get everything! Cue first song WORLD OF OUR OWN!!! Shane sang the first verse, looking gorge as usual! The dance routines were good and the lads moved about the stage so we got a glimpse of all of them!

Next was BOP BOP BABY. This was good poor Bryan though. His face was as long as a fiddle and you could tell that the lap dancer story had really got to him It had been revealed in the earlier paper the same day that we saw them. Bryan wasnt acting like his silly self. He was sticking to the routines and doing what he was told!

Shane then starts to talk saying, Hello Newcastle. You couldnt hear anything else he said though because of the screams!

The next song they sung was WHY DO I LOVE YOU? After the song the dancers jump around for a bit with chains dont ask!!!

The next song was BAD GIRLS. This is my fave song so throughout it I screamed my head off. Kian I luv ya! and other such stuff, so I cant actually remember what happened in this song!!!

They then disappear and a video of them is shown on the massive screens. It shows them getting fitted for suits and boy do they look hot! When we saw Nicky without his shirt on and all the lasses screamed. The lads then come up on the stage and it brings them above the normal stage and sing UPTOWN GIRL. They are wearing suits and look really fit.

Kian then decides to speak and thanks everyone for buying Uptown Girl!!! And he talks about the next song which theyre gonna sing which is a medley of SWEAR IT AGAIN/ WHAT MAKES A MAN.

They next sing IF I LET U GO. Bryan is still looking on the down side of life and I was hoping that he might perk up a bit.

Bryan then speaks and asks us to put our thumbs up if we like the stage and thumbs down if we dont. He then tells anyone who didnt like the stage to put their thumbs in their pockets and leave!

A grand piano appears from the middle of the stage and Kian goes and sits on it and starts to play ANGEL. Bryan dedicates this song to Molly. Whilst Bryans singing the camera zooms in on him and he is sat on the corner of the stage staring at the floor looking as though he is gonna break down into tears. The words that he sings are so true and describe how he is feeling. The lights dime and the stage moves back down and the lads disappear under the stage, but you see Nicky place his hand on Bryans shoulder for support.

The lads quick change into different coloured suits. Kians is purple, Shanes is red, Nickys is green, Bryans is dark blue and Marks is light blue. They sing IMAGINARY DIVA but we change the words to Imaginary Westlife!

Mark then comes and speaks some words of wisdom! Asking us if were enjoying the show (as if wed say no!) and then says good we can carry on then!

They then sing IF YOURE HEARTS NOT IN and disappear underneath the stage again.

Next is the best bit. The ROCK & ROLL MEDLEY!!! They firstly sing Jailhouse Rock. They dressed in denim with leather jackets hot! Shane and Kian jumped up and in an obvious arranged dance move, decided to belly bounce each other, they laughed and in return so did the many fans. Next they sung Build me up Buttercup- which Bryan took lead. Mark was thrown a singing hamster by a fan, it sung jailhouse rock. Nextly was Brown Eyed girl, again lead was taken by Mr McFadden. He changed the words to an appropriate my Geordie girl. The next song was gotta be starting something, which is by Shanes idol Micheal Jackson, which Mark took lead, and did a very impressive performance not unlike his hair! Bohemian Rhapsody ended the rock n roll medley. All the lads ran into the middle of the stage and clasped on top of each other. Bryan sang nothing really matters and Nicky sung the final high note well, Bryan lunged at Nicky as if to grab his * ahem * and they both started laughing as they fell to the awaiting floor, which went down. The westlife wonders decided it would be hilarious to stick their legs in the air, risking health regulations.

Westlife then sung QUEEN OF MY HEART and showed us a classy dance, which was 18th century style and proved the critics wrong with their They cannot dance comment. They wore Tudor style costume- looking very fine.

Nicky then spoke, and then they sang MY LOVE and Bryan showed his love for children by bringing a boy called Danny to the stage.

After they sung FLYING WITHOUT WINGS as an accapella. Shane then spoke, telling the eager audience his thank yous. Time flies by so quickly when your having fun, even more so when the entertainers were the 5 Irish Idols we all love. The Lads then disappear. The crowd scream with disappointment and wanted more. But the show aint over yet!

They come back on to the familiar stage wearing white suits and sing the album track I CRY. The lads looked their best all night. The loifer clan vanish once more, and come back attached to Little trapezes! They come on and sing WHEN YOURE LOOKING LIKE THAT. Kian spins on his a hundred mile an hour somersaulting on his (obviously as the poor lad doesnt get to sing!) Nicky spends his time wisely perfecting that pout. When Bryan falls down inot the audience, he hold his * ahem  * the girls scream ecstatically, wishing for that moment they could be his hand. When Kian came up from his acrobatic practise, he realised his trousers came undone, and his hair was a mess (what? Kian?). Fireworks go off lighting the whole of arena and the boys disappear for the last time for tonight.