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Imaginary Westlife
Drama and Love in Sligo - Part 3
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            What a great day, Catherine beamed from where she was sitting outside the beautiful house she and her husband owned in Sligo. It was a lovely day, and the married couple had a great time together.

 They married two months earlier. Thats right, my love, Nicky replied happily, before giving her a well-earned kiss.

Nicky was still working at the hospital, while Catherine was a student at the university. He was due to start late today, and Catherine had a day off.

The nice idyll faded away after one hour, because Nickys bleeper went off. He looked at his wife. I am sorry dear, but they need me at the hospital. I have to go right now. Then I will stay there all day long as usual, and then I come back, Nicky said as he left his chair.

            Catherine was smiling, because she understood everything. Its alright. Ill just stay here and have a nice time. See you later, honey. I love you, she said. Then Nicky went.

There were a lot of things going on in Norway. Janne was seven and half a month pregnant by now, and because of that, she had decided not to start working until after the baby had become older.

Jannes husband Shane was kept busy every day at the hospital. Kian and Kenneth were still colleagues of his. The twins Cathy and Thomas Janne and Shanes children attended a kindergarten.

Mairead, the daughter of Heidi and Kian, attended the same kindergarten as her friends. Heidi had been working for a month by now. She worked as a childrens nurse. Shane, Kian and Kenneth worked at the same section as her.

Today, Heidi was enjoying a day off work and stayed at home. Shane was on his way upstairs to his section at the hospital when a nurse suddenly came walking towards him. I need to talk to you right now, she said. He started listening to what the nurse had to tell him. It sounded really important, and he wanted to find out what was going on.

A woman arrived to our section just before you came back upstairs. Shes in the middle of her twenties, and needs help immediately. I promised to find someone to help her. Come on, Ill show you where she is, the nurse explained.

The nurse brought Shane to the room where the young woman was. The nurse decided to let Shane enter the room by himself, and then she left.

Shane opened the door, and smiled at the shy, young woman. She was shocked to reveal who the male person actually was.

Hello, my name is Shane, he said friendly. I know. I recognised you straight away. I presume that the nurse told you about me, the woman said, whose name was Celine. Yes, she did. Thats what Im here for, he replied.

Celine told him why she had come to the hospital. She sat in a chair and kept giving him looks. Shane was looking at her as well. I see. Theres only one thing to do, then. I will have to examine you, he replied. Celine was now blushing, but she didnt say anything at all. She had to do exactly what she was told.

 At this time, Nicky finally arrived the hospital in Sligo. Bryan was there to meet him immediately. I am so glad you managed to be here very quickly. There are two teenagers that need our help. They were involved in a car accident about three blocks away from the hospital. None of them have damages that will cause death, but the situation is still very serious for them, Bryan explained.

He brought Nicky to the room where the teenagers laid in each their bed. Nicky was very serious and worried when he looked at the teenagers, a boy and a girl. It was very obvious that they needed medical help immediately.

Do you remember what happened?, he asked the young girl. She didnt reply by words, and didnt give him any other signs as a reply either. Nicky looked at his mate. It looks like she suffers from a concussion of the brain. Lets find out, shall we?, he said.

He and Bryan faced quite a tough job. Nicky took care of the girl, while Bryan took care of the boy. They examined the boy and the girl for more than one hour.

Do we know who their parents are?, Nicky asked. Yes, we do. I found a card in the girls bag, and the parents names are on it. The boy and the girl are siblings. I gave the parents a call not long ago, and they are on their way to the hospital right about now, Bryan replied. It later turned out that the siblings were on their way to a party when the accident happened.



            Mark was about to fulfil his holiday this day. He and his girlfriend

Yvonne had been spending a whole week together on the Irish coast, but the holiday now came to and end and they were going back to work.

            In Norway, Janne was in her house when the phone suddenly rang.

            Hi, youre speaking to Janne, she said while smiling.

            This is Heidi. Are you OK? Listen, Ive got a day off work and was wondering if you would want me to come over and be with you?

            Janne was still smiling. Id love you to do that. Its quite silent here now because the children are in the kindergarten. Why dont you come straight away?

            The conversation came to an end, and Heidi went to her best friend immediately. They spent the day doing something nice together.

            At the hospital, Shane had finished his examination of Celine for now.

You know what? You will have to stay here overnight. Its necessary, he told her.

            The young woman accepted it, and was told what to do now. She was also told that someone would take care of her for the next few minutes.

            Later today, I will come and see how you are doing, he said, before going to get the nurse that had spoken to Celine when she arrived at the hospital.

            Shane met Kian in the corridor.

            Hi. Do you have a lot of work to do? Im on my way to get one of the nurses, Shane said.

            Kian was smiling. Yes, there are plenty of things to do, but everything is fine so far. I better go and see the children. See you soon.

            Shane nodded, and went further.

            Back at the hospital in Sligo, it was very hectic. The two siblings were still in the acute section when their parents finally arrived. Bryan explained the situation to them.

            Weve examined them both, and our conclusion is that none of them remember anything at all from the accident they were involved in. Besides, theyve got broken legs and other damages. They do not have damages that will cause death, but they will have to stay in hospital for a while.

            The parents nodded. They were allowed to stay with their children for a while, although it was quite difficult achieving contact.

            A little later, the siblings were taken to the intensive care section.

They were kept under observation all the time.

            Nicky had been telling the parents that he was going to come back later to see how everything was. The parents were grateful for everything that was done for their children.

            Then Nicky left for a while to check other patients. Bryan had left as well.

            Nickys wife Catherine was still in their house, making decorations in the living room. She and her husband were going to have an inauguration party a few days later, seeing as they had just moved there.

            While decorating the living room, she was interrupted by the phone.

            You are now speaking to Catherine Byrne. To who am I talking?, she asked friendly.

            Hello, this is Heidi. It was nice to attend yours and Nickys wedding. It was a great wedding, thats for sure. Listen, I was wondering if Nicky is at home?

            Hi, Heidi. Thanks for telling me, it was a great joy having all of you as our guests. I am so sorry, but Nicky is not at home. He had to go to the hospital earlier than scheduled, and will be back this afternoon. May I give him any message from you?

            Heidi asked Catherine to say that she had given him a call. She was also asked to tell him that Heidi was going to give him another call later.

With that, the conversation was over.

            Janne was sitting in the sofa and could feel the baby being active. It kept kicking and boxing inside her stomach, but it didnt matter that much. The big event was due to take place soon, and because of that, Janne had to take it easy. Luckily, Heidi spent much time with her best friend.

            Kian was on his way to the childrens section when he met Kenneth by pure chance.

            Hello, Kenneth. Would you like to come with me to check on the children?,

Kian asked. Kenneth said yes, and then he and Kian went together.

            One of the children, a six-year-old girl, was overjoyed when she saw

Kian coming. She kept smiling, laughing and saying Ki, Ki. But she was standing erected in her bed, and almost lost her balance because of it.

            Oh, take it easy, little girl. We dont want you to get hurt, do we?,

Kian said. Kenneth laid the girl back in bed.

            Kian and Kenneth were staying with the children for a while, to see how things were. Kian went over to a very little girl, and suddenly became very worried about her. The little girl was lying in her bed, pale and without possibilities of doing anything at all.

            Kenneth, I think we have a problem here. Look at this girl, Kian said. He decided to check the girls condition immediately.



            Take it easy, my little friend. You will be just fine. I just want to see whats the matter with you. The little girl was crying when Kian examined her. She hated the thought of him doing this to her. Kenneth stayed there to cheer her up the very best he could.

            Meanwhile, Shane went to take care of other patients in his section.

He wasnt due to come back to Celine until a few hours later.

            A little later, he decided to give Janne a phone call. He wanted to be absolutely sure that she was OK. She was highly pregnant, and he wanted her to be OK.

            Hello, this is Janne, she said.

            Hi, my dear angel. How are you?, he asked.

            Janne put a huge smile on her face when she heard the voice of her husband.

            I am fine, but the baby is very active at the moment. Heidi came to visit me and we are having a great time together. When will you be back home?

            Shane told her that he was to leave the hospital in the afternoon. He also told her how much he loved her. They were both looking forward to see each other again.

            But I have to go now, theres a lot of things to be done. See you later. I love you, he added.

            It was still pretty hectic at the hospital in Sligo. In the middle of all this, Mark suddenly turned up. He and Yvonne were on their way back home from their vacation, and he had decided to see how things were at the hospital.

            Hi, how are things in here at the moment?, he asked when he met

Bryan at the main entrance by pure chance.

            Everythings fine, but I have to go back soon. Two teenagers, who are siblings, were involved in a car accident and they arrived not long ago. How was your vacation?, Bryan asked.

            Mark was smiling happily. Oh yes. It was a perfect love vacation. The weather was beautiful every day, and thank God for that. We did so much during the week and we really enjoyed ourselves. Listen, I cant sty much longer, because Yvonne is waiting for me in the car. But Ill be back at work tomorrow, so Ill see you then, Mark said.

            Its OK. Give her greetings from us, and see you soon. Goodbye for now,

Bryan replied.

            With that, Mark left and Bryan went back to work.

            While Bryan was on his way back to his section, a nurse came running towards him in a hurry.

            You have to come with me right now. The teenage girl is really suffering. Her condition has changed dramatically, she said.

            Bryan asked her if Nicky was there as well, and the answer was yes.

Then he ran to the girl in a hurry.

            When he entered the intensive care section where the siblings were, he could see the girl lying in real pains.

            This is not good at all. We have to do something for her right now.

Where are her parents? Bryan was really worried about the situation.

            Theyre outside the hospital, but has given us their mobile number.

Ill get the nurse to give them a call immediately, Nicky replied. The girls situation had now changed from stable to very dramatic in a short space of time, and something had to be done for her really quickly.

            Things were a lot easier in Norway. Heidi and Janne had just started knitting clothes for the baby and they still had a great time. They sat talking about how it would be when the baby finally arrived.

            It will be great. The twins do understand that something is going to happen soon, and Shane and I have been telling them about it. They are smiling and it seems like they are very happy about it, Janne said.

            Heidi gave her best friend a smile. She was going to stay with her every time it was required, because the situation made support and help necessary.

            The hours passed away, and it was time to pick up the children in the kindergarten. Heidi offered to pick up the twins as well. Janne was supposed to take it easy.

            Thank you so much for your help, Heidi, Janne said gratefully.

            Its my pleasure. Ill be back soon. See you, she said, before going to pick up the children.

            Shane was still at the hospital, and he kept the promise hed given Celine earlier that day. He went back to her room straight away. She sat in her bed reading a magazine when he turned up.

            Hi. Are you OK?, he asked friendly as he walked over to her bed.

            Just a little, she said without being shy.

            OK. I am here to talk to you and to do another examination. Are you ready for that?, he wanted to know.

            Yes, Celine replied quickly.

            With that, Shane was allowed to start.



            Kian was still taking care of the little girl. He worried about her a lot.

            Whats going on?, Kenneth asked.

            She is suffering from a bacterium disease, Kian concluded.

            Kenneth got worried immediately. Then we will have to keep her under observation all the time, he replied. Kian nodded. The little girl was suffering and had big trouble.

            We should let her be in another room, a smaller one, where she can be taken care of all the time. Besides, we have to isolate her from the rest of the children. Ill take care of that, Kian said before leaving. Kenneth stayed in the room to cheer up the little girl.

            The situation was still very dramatic for the teenage girl at the hospital in Sligo. Her parents had just came back to the hospital, and they were very upset because of all the events.

            If it continues like this, we will have to consider an operation. We constantly look after her, Nicky explained to the parents. The girls brother was not suffering that badly, but he had to be taken care of as well.

            A little later, the girls situation suddenly became stable. Right now, it seems like she will be fine. But we have to pay attention anyway, seeing as the situation can change quite quickly, Nicky explained to his mate. Bryan nodded in agreement. After this, Bryan and Nicky went to check on other patients in their section.

            Mark and Yvonne had finally arrived back home. They thought it was great to be back, despite the fact that their vacation had been successful.

            It was a perfect vacation, no doubt about it. But tomorrow we have to go back to work, Mark said while smiling at his dear girlfriend.

            Yes. I am sure there are a lot of things to be done there at the moment, she replied smiling. Yvonne was a teacher in a childrens school. She was very popular with the pupils.

            At the Norwegian hospital, Shane was now in the middle of his examination of Celine.

            Theres only one thing left before I have finished. The last thing I have to do, is giving you an injection, he explained. Celine gave him a vague smile as a reply to what he said.

            Its OK with me. I dont mind. Just do what you have to do, she said bravely.

            Shane prepared the injection, and Celine turned away. She couldnt stand the thought of looking at the needle.

            Reach out your arm, and I promise itll be done in a few seconds. I really promise, Shane said in a try to calm her down. He noticed how unsure she was being, but knew very well that she was not that afraid of what he had to do.

            He gave her the injection, and she made a few grimaces to signalise that she could feel the needle quite well. But she didnt say anything. She had to deal with these things.

            There you go. Im done. But now I really need to talk to you about something important. You will stay at the hospital for a few days, because you are suffering from a strong pneumonia, Shane explained.

            Celine looked at him. Is it serious?

            No. But you need to stay here just in case. Youll be fine, he reassured her.

            The young woman smiled at him, but he had to leave her after a little while to continue working.

            Not long after this, Kian re-entered the room where the little, ill girl was.

            We will move her to another room now. She will be taken care of all the time, he told Kenneth.

            Good, Kenneth replied. He took the little girl in his arms and brought her to the other room. When they got into that room, he put her in the bed. A nurse entered the room immediately.

            Ill come back to check on her later. Call me if something happens,

Kian invited.

            It was full activity at Jannes and Shanes house. The twins had a great time with Mairead, while Heidi and her pregnant friend sat in the sofa talking.

            The baby is still very active. I am so excited about this, Janne said. She put a smile on her face.

            Of course you are. Who is taking care of you at the hospital during your pregnancy?, Heidi asked.

            Janne looked at her best friend. She knew that Heidi didnt know about it yet. Kenneth is the one to take care of me during this. Shane cant do that, and Kians responsibility is with the children.

            Heidi was smiling. Yes, I know. Listen to me. Im going to the kitchen to make us a nice meal, and we can have a great time. You just sit here while I take care of everything, she told her best friend.

            Catherine had now finished decorating the house in Sligo. She wanted the time to pass away quickly, and started reading her school book. Just then, the phone suddenly rang.

            This is Catherine, whos there?

            Hi, my love. How are you? I gave you a call to tell you that I will be back home when Im finished. Its really hectic here at the moment, but Ill be home as scheduled, a smiling Nicky told his wife.

            Hello, Nicky. Its fine. Im doing great, I sit reading my school book. I love you. Greet Bryan from me, OK? See you soon, Catherine replied.

            As the conversation ended, Nicky went back to Bryan. A few hours had passed by now, and it was time to find out how the siblings were doing. A nurse looked after them all the time, and the situation was stable for both the siblings, for now.

            Nicky and his mate went to the intensive care section to talk to the nurse.

            Their parents have left the hospital to take a break. They will be back later. Everything is under control and the situation has not changed, the nurse explained.

            The guys were looking at each other. Good. But I still need to check her condition anyway, Nicky said as he gave the girl a look.

            While Nicky was kept busy examining the girl, Bryan went over to have a few words with the boy. A conversation with him was possible, because his situation was much better.

            You will be fine, dont worry. Ill be right back, Bryan said. He left the room to sort something out.

            Nicky remained to examine the girl. She was very weak, but could feel that he was there.

            Take it easy, Monica. Everything will be OK, he said in a try to calm her down. She didnt move, she just stayed in bed. The nurse asked Nicky if there was something he needed.

            Yes, I do. Monica is stable for now, but the situation is difficult. She needs an operation right now. Can you tell her parents to come back to the hospital as soon as possible?, he asked.

            The nurse ran out of the room to give the parents a call. She had to tell them what was going to happen.

            They turned up at the hospital a little later, and Nicky was given the mission to tell the parents about the operation. But he reassured them that their daughter was not going to die.

The hours passed away, and the two mates faced a tough job giving Monica a better life after the dramatic accident. Luckily, they succeeded. The operation lasted for four hours.

            Mark and Yvonne were still at home, and they quickly decided to visit

Catherine. They knew that she was all by herself.

            Catherine beamed when her friends arrived. Hello! Its great of you to pay me a visit. How was your vacation?

            Mark was smiling. It was great. We went to the hospital before heading home, to see if your dear Nicky was there. We didnt see him, but Bryan was there and we had a nice, little chat. He was very busy, he explained.

            I see. It seems like Bryan was the one asking Nicky to come to the hospital in a hurry. Nicky was due to start later, but his bleeper went off at an early stage because of a serious accident. But he will be home at the normal time, Catherine replied. She and her friends sat talking together for a long time, and they really enjoyed themselves.



            Back at the Norwegian hospital, the situation had calmed down for now. The little girl that Kian and Kenneth had to take care of, was now sleeping in her room. Someone watched over her constantly, and Kian decided to check on her after a while.

            Is she OK?, he wanted to know.

            Its still the same as it used to be earlier. She is still pale, the nurse said.

            Kian kept looking at the little girl, whose name was Natalie. He realised that he had to check her condition once again, because the situation was difficult.

            Shane was now having a well-earned break. Hed worked really hard for the past few hours. He sat thinking about a big surprise that he wanted to give his wife, their children and their friends. He knew that they would be very happy about it. It wasnt the right moment to reveal it now, though. It was still too early. He had to wait for the right moment to come.

            While he sat thinking about this, Kenneth suddenly turned up. He wanted to talk about Janne.

            Is she fine?, he asked.

            Shane looked at him. Yes, she is very happy to be pregnant again, and we are both looking forward to the big event.

            Kenneth was happy for his friends. Im glad to hear.

            But, Shane said. His smile suddenly faded away. There is one thing that keeps bothering her. She hasnt felt quite well lately. I keep telling her that its normal, but the baby has been very active recently. Its way too early, Janne has only been pregnant for seven and a half month.

            Yes, you are right. Its quite normal. But I think you should tell her to come to the hospital, to let me help. I presume that you tell me this because you want me to help, dont you?

            Yes, exactly.  I want her and the baby to be fine. Listen, Ill soon finish my duty for today, and when I get back home, Ill make sure she gets to know what you just told me, Shane replied. He was grateful that his mate and colleague offered his help.

            The activity was still on a high note at Jannes house. The children were playing with each other, and Janne was sitting in the sofa. Heidi was just about to re-enter the living room, when Janne suddenly felt that something was wrong. Heidi was carrying a dish, and she placed it on the table immediately. She went straight to the sofa where her friend was sitting.

            Whats the matter? Are you alright?, she asked in a worried voice.

            I dont know. Please call Shane right now. I know he will be home soon, but I think I have to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Ask him if

Kenneth is there, he is the one responsible for me during the pregnancy,

Janne said. She wasnt having a great time at the moment.

            Heidi gave the hospital a call. She was panicking.

            When someone at the guys section finally answered the phone, Heidi asked if she could have a word with Shane. She didnt have time to wait. After all, it was Shanes wife that suffered.

            This is Shane, whos calling?, he asked friendly.

            Its me. Janne is sitting in the sofa and it seems like shes going into labour already!! Its way too early for that! Wheres Kenneth? I think we should go to the hospital right now, Heidi said. Her voice sounded very nervous. The children didnt take much notice of the events, but they did understand that something was happening.

            What?! It cant be possible, shes only 7½ month pregnant! You HAVE to get Janne to the hospital immediately. Kenneth is with me now. Get someone to look after the children and bring Janne here now. Hurry!, Shane begged. He was very worried about his wife.

            When the conversation was over, he looked at Kenneth. Theyre on their way now. It seems like Jannes going into labour!

            I see. Ill take good care of her, you know I will do that, Kenneth reassured his colleague and friend.

            Janne and Heidi arrived at the hospital about half an hour later. Heidi had driven her friend all the way, and despite the fact that she was very nervous, she had to stay calm for the sake of Janne and Shane. It was really important.

            Kenneth ran towards Janne in a hurry. Ill do my very best. I have to check if shes really giving birth now, or if the alarm is false, he said.

            Heidi remained in the corridor, while Kenneth had asked Shane to come with him. Kian was still with the little, ill girl, so he didnt have a clue what was going on at the time.

            Everything went fine at the hospital in Sligo. Monica was asleep after the operation, which had given her a better life. The only thing she would feel after the accident, was weak legs. Apart from that, she was very lucky.

Nicky and Bryan had done a fantastic job to help her.

            We are very relieved that the operation was successful. Thank you so much for your help, Monicas parents said gratefully. Their son wasnt as hurt as his sister, but he couldnt go home yet.

            Its our duty to help people when they fell ill or get hurt. And when it comes to Tom, he will be just fine, Nicky said.

            After the two mates had spoken to the teenage parents, they left the room.

They had to do more work. Nicky was going home in one hour, while Bryan had three more hours of work before hed finished. After that, he was free to go home to his dear Louise.

            The time passed away, and when Nicky had been to see the teenage girl, he finally went home. Mark and his fiancée were still visiting Catherine.

            Catherine couldnt help but beam when she saw Nickys car in the drive. She and her guests were sitting outside the house, so they could easily see him straight away.

            Nicky, my dear love. Its great to finally have you back home. Did you have a lot of work to do?

            Yes, I did. But everything is under control, and Bryan takes care of it.

Well, Id like to hear what Marks and Yvonnes vacation was like. Come on, tell me, he said while smiling.

            The four of them sat outside the house, talking about the vacation.

They were laughing and having a wonderful time.

            Bryan had everything under control at the hospital. Monica and her brother were taken care of by a nurse, while he was helping other patients. He was very happy that Monica and Tom were OK for now. After all, theyd been involved in a serious accident. But they were in good hands at the hospital.

            A little later, Bryan was nearly ready to leave work. But when he was on his way to get the bag and go home, a nurse suddenly wanted to have a word with him.

            Dr. McFadden, Ive got something to tell you. Your girlfriend Louise has got very good news for you. She gave the hospital a call and wanted to tell me immediately, because she could hardly wait till you got home. Hurry up, because its a very pleasant piece of news she wants to give you. She is looking very forward to tell you about it, the nurse said.

            Bryan put a smile on his face, and thanked the nurse for giving him the message. He took his bag and left the hospital. He was very excited about what Louise wanted to tell him.

            In Norway, Kenneth was working really hard to find out why Jannes baby had caused pains all of a sudden.

            Like I said earlier, I find this very strange. But it seems to me like the alarm was false for now. But that is pretty serious, especially because

of the pains it causes. But the baby will be born at the right time.

Everything is fine, and you can take it easy, he told Janne and Shane after a little while.

            The married couple smiled at each other. I am so happy that you are

OK, my dear Janne, Shane told his wife as he kissed her gently. She nodded back and returned the kiss.

            Meanwhile, Heidi sat waiting nervously in the corridor. She was waiting for news about her best friend. She left the chair when she saw Shane coming out of the room.

            Shes doing just fine. The alarm was false. But Kenneth and I agreed that we should keep Janne at the hospital overnight, because she seems to be very stressed out. Its very normal being stressed out during a pregnancy, you know that very well yourself. But I promise, shes fine. You may go and talk to her if youve got time, Shane said.

            Heidi was relieved. Id like to talk to her. Are you coming with me?

            Yes, of course I am. Shes my wife, you know, Shane said as he smiled at his friend.



            They went together to Jannes room. She was very happy that her friend was still there.

            Luckily, I will be fine, as will the baby. But they told me that I

have to stay here overnight just in case, Janne said.

            Yes, Shane told me about it. But its just a routine, you know.

Listen, I can take care of your children afterwards. They can stay with Kian, me and Mairead tonight. Its alright, Heidi said.

            Janne managed to smile. Thank you, Heidi. I really appreciate that.

            While Shane was with her wife that was expecting their third child, he was told to go back to Celine as soon as possible.

            I am sorry, honey. But theres a young woman who needs me. Her condition is not good, he explained.

            Janne understood what he was saying, and let her husband leave. He hurried to Celine. She was pale and didnt manage to do anything at the time.

            How do you feel?, he asked her. He was very worried.

            I feel so slack, was all she managed to say. Her voice was very weak, but Shane could understand every word she said.

            Shane realised that there was only thing to do.

            I have to examine you again, and then Ill give you something to make you feel a bit better. You will be well, I promise, he told her. Then he started.

            Just breathe and youll be fine, he said after a few minutes. He noticed that Celine was looking down at the featherbed as he examined her.

            Her face was extremely pale, and she wasnt healthy at all. She was hoping that Shane could do something to help her quickly.

            A few minutes later, Shane concluded that her condition was a bit worse. He reassured her that she was not suffering from a death disease. She needed supervision and much sleep. He was going to look after her as often as possible.

            Thank you, dr. Filan. She was interrupted immediately.

            Oh please, call me Shane, he said while laughing.

            Shane, theres something I want to ask you. I will be very pleased if you want to do it for me. Do you have time to stay here for a while? I want you to perform a song for me. Please sing I Lay My Love On You, it was one of my favourite songs by Westlife, and it still is.

            Shane put a smile on his face. He felt really flattered by what the young woman was telling him. Ok, Ill do it, although Bryan and Mark sang it, too. Ill do it for you. But then you have to promise to get some sleep afterwards. Its very important, he said.

            Its OK, Celine replied. She laid down in her bed while Shane performed the song for her. Her mood got better because of that.

            The friends in Sligo had a great time. They were still outside the house talking to each other, when Nicky was sent a text message on his mobile. The message said: Hi! Can you please bring Catherine, Mark and Yvonne with you and come to our house right now? Louise and Ive got something to tell you. Its very important.

            Nicky became curious, and gave the others an excited look.

            We have to visit Louise and Bryan right now. Theyve got great news to share with us, and I would like to find out what they are, he said.

            The others became curious as well.

            Come on, lets go and find out, Catherine said.

            They arrived at Louise and Bryans house about ten minutes later.

They were smiling and were very happy.

            So, what do you want to tell us then? Yvonne couldnt wait to hear about it.

            Weve just got a great piece of news from Norway. We received an

e-mail telling us that Janne and Shane are expecting their third child. Shes 7½ month pregnant by now. They wanted to keep it a big secret, and I dont know why. Maybe they wanted to give us a surprise, Louise beamed.

            Everyone was smiling and looking at each other. Thats great news!!!

I noticed that Jannes stomach was quite big and round in my wedding, but

I wasnt too sure, Nicky said. He was very happy over the news.

            We have to celebrate this event. I want to give them a call to congratulate them, he continued.

            With that, the friends started celebrating. They tried to give their friends several calls, but failed. Janne and Shane were at the hospital. But the friends in Sligo continued the celebration anyway. They agreed to call Janne later.

            Heidi had left the Norwegian hospital to take care of and spend time with her own daughter and the twins. All the children needed someone to be with, but they were not grown enough to understand what had happened.

            Mama, my mama? Cathy said in a worried voice.

            Take it easy, dear. Your mother will be back home tomorrow, was all

Heidi wanted to tell her. The little girl stopped asking for her mother, and continued playing. Heidi was sitting in the living room with Cathy, Mairead and Thomas to give them company.

            Shane had now made Celines wish come true.

            It was a pleasure performing for you. But now you need some sleep, and only that. I will be back later. Sleep well, and remember to let us know if anything happens, or if you want something, Shane told her.

            Yes, I will. Thank you, dr. Filan I mean Shane.. She was smiling shyly.

            He gave her a smile in return before leaving the room. He closed the door behind her, and Celine finally fell asleep.



            At this time, Shane went back to his dear wife. He was supposed to go home, but he decided to be with her for a while. He stayed with her for the whole evening, while Heidi and her husband were going to look after the twins till the day after.

            The celebration in Sligo continued in the evening, but around midnight, they all had to get some sleep. Mark was going back to work the next morning, and he had to feel fit.

            The next morning, Mark went to the hospital along with his two colleagues and friends. They went to their section immediately. The first thing

Bryan had to do, was to check on Monica and Tom.

            How are you?, he asked the girl. He wanted to cheer her up, and put a smile on his face.

            I am.fine but I feel so tired, Monica managed to say.

            Bryan nodded. I know you are tired. Try to take it easy. You will be well soon, I promise. I will be back later.

            Tom was still asleep. It was early in the morning, and he didnt suffer from the same pains that kept his sister awake most of the time.

            Meanwhile, Nicky was in his office. He had to sort something out, and stayed there for a while. By pure chance, he noticed hed received an e-mail from Heidi in Norway. The e-mail read:

            Dear Nicky. Youre probably at the hospital when reading this. Were all doing just fine, but a little scary event sent Janne to hospital yesterday.

She will be fine, it was false alarm and the baby will arrive on time. We miss you all an awful lot, and are hoping to see you again soon. Kian is kept very busy at the moment, as is Shane. But like I said, were all doing great. The twins and my daughter get along great. Theyre getting bigger and bigger as the time passes away. I am sorry, but I have to end now, because

Im looking after the twins at the moment.  Janne will return from the hospital today. Give everyone loads of greetings from all of us. See you soon, and take care. Love, Heidi.

            Nicky put a smile on his face when reading the e-mail, but he got worried about Janne. Luckily, he knew it was false alarm.

            A little later on, Nicky left his office and went to work. In the corridor, he met Mark, who was really busy.

            I received an e-mail from Heidi, and was told to greet everyone from her and the rest of the gang in Norway. Theyre doing just fine. But whats going on, you look really busy?, Nicky asked.

            Yes, I am very busy. A little child is suffering and needs my help. I have to find out what has happened. See you later, Mark said, before rushing off.

            A few minutes later, he met two very upset parents. Their daughter was lying in their arms, and Mark was told that she needed help immediately.

            Come with me, please. Ill help her the very best I can, he replied.

            He brought the parents and their daughter to a room, and he wanted to know what had happened to the little girl.

            Mark realised that he had to check the girls condition straight away.

The girls mother was very upset, but she was calmed down.

            The situation had improved a lot in Norway. Janne was allowed to leave the hospital and go back home to the twins. Shane had to stay at the hospital because he was on duty, but Heidi had reassured him that she was going to take care of Janne the very best she could. Heidi was due to start late at work today, which made it possible for her to look after her friend before going. Mairead and the twins were in the kindergarten by now, which meant that Heidi and Janne were left alone.

            I am so happy that youre OK. Listen to me. I have to go to work in a couple of hours, but do you manage to be on your own after what has happened to you?, Heidi asked.

            Janne nodded carefully. Yes, I am fine now. And I know Shane will be home in the afternoon anyway. Dont worry, Ill be just fine.

            The two friends talked to each other for a while, and were taking it easy.

            At the hospital, Kenneth walked past Natalies room by coincidence, and he decided to find out how she was doing. Her condition was still the same, and the nurses watched over her constantly.

            Kian was busy somewhere else at the time, but he got to talk to Kenneth after a little while.

            Hows Natalie?, he asked.

            Shes fine, her condition has not aggravated. But shes still very slack,

Kenneth replied.

            Kian was still very worried. I see. But thats quite normal anyway. Ill come back later to check on her.

            A little later, he and Kenneth went to work more. Both of them had an awful lot to do this day.

            Shane went to visit Celine. She beamed strongly when she saw him coming, despite the fact that she was very weak because of her illness.

            Hi, she said when he entered her room.

            Hello, Celine. Do you still feel weak?, he wanted to know. It was important, because he had to know if there was anything else he could do to help the young woman becoming healthy again.

            She nodded immediately. Yes, I do. She wore a scared expression in her face when saying that, but Shane reassured her that everything would be fine soon.

            But you have to stay at the hospital for a few more days. Ill be back in two hours to do something for you. In the meantime, you have to rest, he said.



            Mark faced a tough job at the hospital in Sligo. The little baby girl was suffering, and her parents were still very scared and nervous.

       When Mark had finished examining the girl, he looked very seriously at her parents.

       Shes suffering from serious breathing problems, and should stay at the hospital for a while.

       The girls mother was strongly stamped by her daughters illness, and started crying. Her husband and Mark tried to comfort her.

      Dont worry, everything will be OK. Ill get a nurse to watch over Jackie. Shell be healthy again. But its very important for her to stay here at the moment, he explained.

      At the same time, Nicky decided to visit Monica and her brother again. The teenage girl slowly came back to reality after the tough operation, and everyone was very happy about that.

      You should be aware of one thing, though. You wont be able to walk on your own for a long time from now on. The accident has not made you paralysed, but you have to spend time in a wheel chair for a long time.

But I promise, in a few months, you will be able to walk just like before.

Your legs are too weak right now, Nicky said.

        Monica was relieved to hear that the situation was a bit better by now. What he told her, was not fun, but it was better than being paralysed for the rest of the life, she thought. And she was right about that.

      Catherine was now at the university in Sligo. She was studying really hard to become a teacher. It was her dream occupation, and Yvonne had given her much inspiration.

      After a couple hours filled with tough studying, Catherine finally went back home. She was going to read her books, and wait for Nicky to arrive back from the hospital. He wasnt due to quit as late today as earlier that week.

            Louise was at home, and she had big plans for the future. She was so in love with Bryan that she wanted to share the rest of her life with him. They had been talking about getting married for a long time, but they didnt have the time back then. Louise wanted to change that. It had to happen in a very special way. Therefore, she started planning everything carefully.

            The hours passed away, and in Norway, it was time for Heidi to go to work. Janne remained lonely, but she was told to give her best friend a call if necessary.

            Ill pick up the children when Ive finished working. Have a nice day, Heidi said before leaving.

            At the hospital, she met Shane. He asked her if his wife was all right.

            Yes. Shes at home resting. I told her to contact me if she needed to, Heidi replied. Shane was very grateful because he and his wife got so much help and support from their friends. When the conversation finally came to an end, Shane and Heidi went each to their own. Shane had to take care of several patients during the day, but everything went fine.

            The day passed away quickly in Sligo and Norway. Everyone had an awful lot to do, and the afternoon arrived pretty quickly.

            Around 4pm it was time for Kian and Shane to go back home. Heidi was going home as well, and went to pick up the children in the kindergarten.

            Bryan, Mark and Nicky were also ready to go home at this time. They all had a very busy day at the hospital in Sligo, and were ready to have a nice, lovely evening with their loved ones at home.

            Mark got a nurse to watch over Jackie, who was still suffering from breathing problems. The situation was very serious, but was not going to cause death.

            The months passed away quickly, and Janne was only one week from giving birth to her third child. She was very excited about the forthcoming event.

            Kenneth was taking care of his friend in a very good way, and made sure that the baby was fine. Luckily, it was that way, too. No one knew if the baby was a boy or a girl; Janne and Shane didnt want to know that beforehand. But they have decided a girls name, and a boys name.

            Shane and his friends had a lot to do at the Norwegian hospital. The times were pretty tough, and one day, he had to take care of a guy in his twenties. The guy had fallen down from a ladder when painting his house.

            Big events were happening in Sligo as well. Monica and Tom, the two siblings that were badly hurt in the car accidents a couple of months earlier, were finally allowed to leave the hospital. Monica had to leave it in a wheel chair. Both she, her brother and their parents were very grateful for all the help theyd got during the difficult time.

            Were here to help, you know. Take care, both of you, Nicky and

Bryan said as the siblings left the hospital.

            When the two mates came back home that day, they had no idea what was going to happen. Louise was going to reveal a big surprise.

            When Bryan entered his house, he couldnt find Louise. She was nowhere to be seen at the time. The house was dark, and he didnt understand what was going on. Louise, are you here? Im back home!, he said.

            He didnt get a reply, and went to sit down in the living room. And then, all of a sudden, he got a huge surprise.

            Louise was standing there, right in front of him. She went down on the floor and knelt.

            Bryan, will you marry me?, she asked.



             Bryan was crying tears of joy. Yes, I want to marry you. I love you, he replied as he embraced the girl that was now his fiancée.  With that, the wedding was about to be planned.

            Mark and the rest of their friends had no clue about this event just yet. They were kept busy at work and with the studies, and Janne was giving birth soon.

            The happy couple revealed the news to Nicky and the others after a few hours. Then they started partying to celebrate the event. A little later on, they decided to e-mail their friends in Norway, to let them know about this as well.

            Heidi was very happy when reading the e-mail. She went to tell Janne about it straight away.

            Oh my God, are they getting married? Thats great news! Janne beamed. The happiness got bigger because of that.

            The two friends hardly managed to wait till their loved ones finally got home from work. They had to tell them about it as soon as possible.

            Luckily, the time passed away quickly, and when Shane and Kian came home, they were given the good news immediately. The guys beamed of happiness when they got to know about it.

            Thats really amazing, it was about time it happened, they said happily.

            With that, it was time to celebrate in Norway as well. Later in the evening, they gave Bryan and Louise a call to congratulate.

            The next day, they had put the celebration aside, because everyone was going to the university and at work. But everyone was looking really forward to the wedding, which was due to take place two months later. At that time, no one knew that the wedding was going to be really, really special.

            A week later, Janne woke up in the morning, suffering from big pains.

She realised that the baby was about to arrive.

            Come on, we have to go to the hospital right now, Shane said. He was having a day off today, but accompanied his wife to the hospital. Hed given Kenneth a call beforehand to tell him that the baby was about to arrive.

Heidi and Kian also got this message.

            Janne was pale, exhausted and nervous when she and Shane arrived at the hospital. Their friends had driven by their own car all the way.

            Take it easy Janne, we will make this together. Soon, we have a baby here, Shane said as he smiled at his wife.

            Kenneth brought Janne to the delivery room, and her dear husband Shane was allowed to stay there with her. They faced an exciting time together.

The twins were taken care of by someone else, seeing as they couldnt be at the hospital with their parents at the time.

            Before the birth was due to start, Kenneth had to check on Jannes condition. He concluded that everything was fine, and the birth could start.

            The birth was difficult, and it lasted for three hours. The baby was well and healthy.

            Kenneth and the midwife gave the happy mother a huge smile.

Congratulations. Its my pleasure to say that you and Shane are now the proud parents of a daughter, Kenneth said. He let Janne have her daughter in her arms. Shane was crying tears of joy.

            Welcome to the world, Georgina Filan, the happy parents beamed.

            Heidi and Kian were sitting in the corridor outside the delivery room when they were given the happy piece of news about Georgina. They were allowed to give their friends in Sligo a call.

            It was pretty hectic at the hospital in Sligo when the phone suddenly rang.

            Dr. Byrne, its a phone call for you. Its your friend Heidi in

Norway, a nurse said.

            Nicky answered the phone and was cheering when he heard about the newborn baby.

            Say hi to them from us and give them our warmest greetings. We are so happy that everything went just fine, Nicky said.

            When the conversation was over, he went to find his colleagues and friends.

They had to know about this straight away. By coincidence, he met Mark, who was on his way out from a room.

            Why are you smiling like that? Mark asked curiously.

            Heidi just gave me a call to say that Janne just gave birth to a lovely girl. Her name is Georgina, Nicky said.

            His mate put a smile on his face. I am so happy to hear that. I cant wait to see the baby.

            After this little conversation, they both had to go each to their own.

Mark was on his way to work more when someone suddenly came towards him.

            Dr. Feehily, hurry up. The little girl needs you more than ever, a nurse said. Mark started running to her room, and kept thinking about her parents.



            As soon as he entered Jackies room, he did everything he could. It was a tough and difficult job, because the girl was still not out of danger yet. But after a few hours, he finally succeeded. The situation went from critical to stable.

            You may stay with your daughter if you like. I will be back later,

Mark said, before leaving the room to do more work.

            At the Norwegian hospital, Heidi and Kian were finally allowed to see the newborn baby. They were very happy, and couldnt wait to see the baby.

            The couple beamed when seeing the baby. Oh my God, she is beautiful!

            This is Georgina, Janne said happily from where she was lying in her hospital bed. Heidi gave her a huge smile in return.

            Hello, little friend, Heidi said in a calm, but happy voice. She and

Kian were allowed to stay with Janne and her baby for a while, before they

had to leave the room. Janne was exhausted, so she needed to get some well-earned sleep.

            Shane followed his friends out in the corridor. I am so happy, and I cant wait to let the twins meet their sister, he said.

            Heidi knew who was looking after the twins, and offered to pick them up. Shane smiled happily. Kian remained at the hospital with his mate, while Heidi went to pick up the children. Mairead were spending time with the twins.

            When Heidi finally entered the house where the twins and her own daughter were staying, she told the woman what had happened. She added that she really wanted to bring the three children with her to the hospital. The woman smiled happily, and told Heidi to greet the happy parents and wish them the best of luck.

            Heidi arrived at the hospital a few minutes later, this time joined by the three children. The twins were very happy when seeing their father.

Hello, my dear children! I have a surprise for you, he said happily.

            Heidi, Kian and their daughter sat in the corridor while Shane brought his children to let them meet their little sister.

            Baby?, the twins said joyfully. Their parents told them about the event, and the twins cheered an awful lot.

            The time passed away, and Heidi brought her daughter home in the middle of the day to spend some time with her. Heidi was due to go to work in the evening, and wanted to spend as much time with her daughter as possible before leaving.

            Gina, the little girl giggled. Shed heard the name of the little baby, but it was too difficult for her to pronounce. Therefore, she kept nicknaming the baby Gina for a while.

            Thats right, darling. The twins got a sister this morning, Heidi said smiling as she was having a cosy time with her daughter. Her husband

Kian was still at work, but when he came back, she had to go to the hospital straight away.

            Kian came back home a few hours later.

            Hello, my love. Janne is doing just fine. Ill stay here with Mairead while youre at work. See you when you get back, and remember that I love you, Kian said as he gave Heidi a kiss on her mouth. Their daughter was laughing and smiling when she saw what her parents were doing.

       I love you, too. See you later, Heidi replied.

            Heidi went to the hospital, and was going to take care of the newborn children, as well as the older children. Natalie was the first one

Heidi paid a visit. Natalie was asleep, and Heidi was one of the nurses responsible for her. Heidi had to see if the condition was stable, and it was.

            Later on, she went to take care of other babies and children. After that, she was going to visit the newborn baby Georgina and her mother.

            Hello there! Are you and your daughter OK? Heidi asked smiling as she walked into the room where her friend and the baby were.

            Yes, we are. She is so beautiful!, a happy Janne replied. Heidi nodded in agreement, and made sure that both the mother and the baby really was fine.

            I cant stay too long, because I have to take care of someone else.

But Ill come back later tonight. See you then, Heidi said. She closed the door behind her and continued working.

            Shane was now at home, and the twins were staying with him. While having a great time with the twins, he sat thinking about the surprise he was going to give his wife and their friends. Now that Georgina was born, it was the right time to reveal the surprise.

            Kian and his daughter were having a great time as well. One hour later, he suddenly got a message telling him to go to the hospital straight away. He got Shane to look after his daughter, and left. Something serious had happened, and Kian had to go.He arrived at the hospital very quickly, and was met by a nurse and a young girl.

            Im glad you could be here, dr. Egan. This girl got hurt on stairs in a house. Can you help her?, the nurse asked.

            Kian nodded, and brought the young girl to a room to give her medical help.

She wasn too keen on talking, but thats only because she knew who Kian was.

            You have to tell me what happened. That way, I can help you. I promise I wont do anything to hurt you, he reassured her.

            A few minutes later, the girl had enough courage to talk.

            My name is Sally. Some friends of mine were throwing a party, which I attended. I fell down the stairs all of a sudden, and got hurt. I have a friend, whose mother drove me to the hospital, she said. Her voice was shaking.

            Kian comforted her and promised to do his very best to make her healthy again. She was very grateful because he wanted to help her.

            Do you know what?, Kian said after having examined the girl for half an hour. You cant go home for a while yet. Your damage is too serious for you to stay home at the moment, but you will be fine. Where are your parents?

            Sally told him that her parents were on their way, and Kian promised to stay with her until they arrived. He had to talk to them.



            The situation was calm for everyone in Norway. When Heidi finally came back home in the middle of the night, she looked forward to spend time with her daughter. She had been told that her husband Kian had to go to the hospital, and would be home later.

        Heidi picked up her daughter at Shanes house, and had a few words with him. Shed noticed that hed been very secretive lately.

            Whats going on?, she asked curiously.

            Shane smiled cunningly. I cant tell you that yet, because its going to be a big surprise. But everyone will love it, was all he wanted to say at the time.

            A little later on, Heidi and Mairead went back to their house. They needed to get some sleep. They were exhausted after a long day that saw a great event happening.

            The next morning, it was really hectic both in Sligo and in Norway.

Mark was sitting in his office at the hospital in Sligo when he suddenly got

a great idea. He was engaged to Yvonne, and their mate Bryan was going to marry Louise soon. Mark thought to himself: Why not arrange a double wedding?

            Mark went to find Bryan, to tell him what he had been thinking about.

They met in the corridor.

            When Mark had revealed his idea, Bryans face suddenly lit up.

            Yes, of course we can arrange a double wedding. Louise and I are getting married within less than two months, and it would be great if you two got married at the same time and same place, he beamed happily.

            The two of them could hardly wait to tell their loved ones about this.

It was absolutely great.

            Nicky was due to start late at work today, so he spent some time at home with his dear wife. They were having great fun together.

            Its quite tough at the university, but I think its exciting anyway,

Catherine said while smiling at her husband. She had to do a few more years at the university before she could start working as a teacher. But still, she was very satisfied with her choice of career.

            It was a great activity at the Norwegian hospital. The first thing

Shane did when he arrived, was to pay his wife and their newborn baby a visit.

When he entered the room, Kenneth was there too.

            Hello, my dear. I am so happy to see you again, Janne beamed. The baby was lying in Jannes arms, and Kenneth made sure that both of them were fine.

            Ill leave you alone. Ive been here for quite a while, and I need to check on other patients. But I see you later, Kenneth told Shane. Then he left the family alone.

            Heidi was at work as well. She made sure that Natalie got what she needed, and that the situation was under control. The little girl was awake when Heidi turned up in her room.

            Its OK, honey. Youre as safe as you can be at the hospital, she comforted the little, scared baby.

            The happiness was complete in Jannes room. All of a sudden, Shane had to reveal the secret hed been keeping for so long. He just had to tell his wife about it right now.

            Listen.. Ive been thinking about something that I know you and the others will be very happy about. Ive been thinking that after weve been to the wedding in Ireland, well move back to Sligo and live there. I know very well how much you and Heidi enjoy being there, Shane said as he put a smile on his face.

            Janne was now crying tears of joy. Are you really being serious about this? Great, thats wonderful! Then you and Kian can start working with the other guys, she said smiling.

            Shane looked at her. Yes, and I am really looking forward to that.

But dont say anything to the others yet, its too early.



            Janne promised to keep the secret to herself for now.

            When Heidi left Natalies room, she met her dear husband by coincidence.

Hi, my love. I paid Natalie a visit. Shes lying in her bed, but seems to be very upset and scared. The condition is stable, she said.

            Hello, sweetheart. Im glad you did, Ill go and see her in a while, he replied.

            The time passed very quickly, and Janne and Georgina were allowed to leave the hospital a few days later. The twins beamed happily because their little sister was finally going to spend time with them.

            The family was very happy, and Shane and Janne prepared to tell their friends about the plans theyd made.

            Two months later, the two families went to Sligo to attend the wedding. A little earlier, they got to know that Mark and Yvonne would get married at the same time and same place. They thought it was a great idea to arrange a double wedding.

            The wedding was an unforgettable memory for everyone, and the two newly wed couples beamed. Shane made a speech to the newly weds at the wedding reception. In the middle of his speech, he suddenly revealed the secret hed been keeping for so long.

            This is a day of joy and happiness. Were here to celebrate that two couples very close friends of ours got married. We wish them the best of luck. Besides, Id like to reveal that Ill be moving back to Sligo with my wife and our children soon. Heidi, Kian and their daughter will do the same, he said happily.

            Their friends, who were already living in Sligo, got very surprised.

But they were also very happy about it.

            Does this mean that you are coming back to the hospital to work with us? Bryan asked.

            Yes, thats right. And were looking very forward to it, Shane replied.

            Everyone was having a great time, and things couldnt be better. It was a great day.

            As time passed away, it was finally time for the two families to move to Ireland. The children were very excited about going to Ireland, their fathers native country.

            Heidi and her best friend couldnt wait to move to Ireland for good.

Theyd been waiting for this for a long time, and now it was finally going to happen. Moving abroad meant that there were loads of things to do and take care of. Nicky, Bryan, Mark and their wives were there to help. Janne and her husband were happy to show Georgina to their friends.

            Shes really beautiful, Yvonne said while smiling. She gave her husband a look.

            I know what youre thinking, love, he said while smiling and laughing.

Mark and Yvonne were going to have children later, but not now.

            The two families that had moved down to Ireland now lived in each their house, next to each other. The three other guys and their wives lived not far away. They all had a great time, and enjoyed life.

            After a little while, Heidi finally got herself a job at the hospital in

Sligo, but she didnt work at the same section as the five guys. Louise and

Catherine were kept busy with studies, and Yvonne continued working as a teacher at the primary school.

            The atmosphere with the five families in the Irish town was idyllic, and a few months later, it had grown strongly. Nicky and the rest of the guys were at work when Louise suddenly rang to say what she had found out.

            I need to talk to Bryan right now! she begged. Her voice was very eager.

            Nicky couldnt understand anything, but went to see if he could find his mate.

            When Bryan finally answered the phone, he got very curious. What did his wife want to tell him that quickly? It seemed to be very important.

            Bryan, Ive got great news for you. Im pregnant, were going to be parents! she exclaimed.

            With that, the happiness was completed to him and his wife. They were going to have a baby, at last.