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Imaginary Westlife
Queen of my Heart
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It was the day I’d been waiting for, for 6 whole months. Today dreams were made. Yes I was going to see Westlife in concert at The Point in Dublin. Me and my best mate had got tickets to go and see them in the flesh. My fave Westlifer was . He was absolutely gorge. We travelled down to Dublin. I looked at my watch and it read 5:00. “Only 1 hour ‘till the doors open.” I thought to myself. My mum and dad pulled up outside the theatre. “See ya later. Have a great time.” My mum said to me and my mate. We got out the car and waved them goodbye. “Ahhh I’m so excited.” I said. We waited outside the doors for about and hour and then they opened. We handed over our tickets and then sat down in our seats. We were first row on the floor, we couldn’t get any closer to the ‘lifers. The lights dimmed and then Westlife appeared on stage looking well fit! Throughout the first song I was in heaven. “ .” I kept screaming. “I luv ya.” When the lads sang Swear it again, stood directly in front of me and my mate. He looked me directly in the eye and winked. “I think someone’s after you!” My mate said. I laughed. “Yeah right. Like he’d ever wanna go out with me.” Nearing the end of the concert the finally began. The lads sat on 5 stools which were arranged on the stage so that , was in front of us. was next to him. They began to sing Queen of my heart. They began the chorus: “I’ll always look back as I walk away, This memory will last for eternity, And all of our tears will be lost in the rain, When I find my way back to your arms again, But until that day you know you are…” and turned and looked directly at me and pointed when he sang… “The Queen of my heart.” My stomach turned inside out. Was the a coincidence or did from Westlife just point at me. “Do you believe me now? I knew he liked you. He’s been eyeing you up all concert!” My mate said. As the last line was sung looked at me for the last time and then the stage was filled with smoke and the ‘lifers disappeared. Me and my mate made our way out of the arena. “That was amazing.” I said to my mate. “It was ace!” She said. We met my mum and dad outside in the car park. “Hiya!” My dad said. “How was it?” He asked. “Everything and more!” I told him. “We’ve booked into a hotel tonight. So we’d better be making our way down there.” My mum said. We all got into the car and drove down to the hotel. We went into the reception and got our room key. There was a figure stood at the pool table down at the bottom of the corridor but I couldn’t make out who it was. I was staring at the person when my mum broke my thoughts. “Come on we’ve gotta go up to the rooms. Me and your dad have got a room and on the floor above you two have got a room.” “Thanx mum!” I said to her. “We carried our luggage up to our rooms and me and my mate got into our room. We collapsed onto the beds. “Tonight my dreams came true. I couldn’t ask for anything more!” I told her. “What about meeting them?” She asked. “I dunno?” I said. She got a magazine out of her bag and we were flicking through it when we heard a door bang and loud footsteps next door. “What do think?” A voice asked on the other side of the wall. “It went OK tonight. I didn’t muck up.” Another voice said. “What up with you?” A different voice asked. Me and my mate were hooked listening to the conversation next door. Another voice began, “I’m annoyed ‘coz I saw a beautiful girl in the audience and I know that I’ll never meet her again.” “There’s plenty more fish in the sea.” A voice said. “YEAH MINIBAR!” A loud voice said. Me and my mate couldn’t control ourselves, we burst out laughing. “Hey up Bry someone’s listening next door.” A voice said. We quickly shut up. “Bry… beautiful girl in the audience… it went good tonight…” I thought to myself. Was I jumping to conclusions or was this a familiar group of guys next door? “IT’S WESTLIFE!” Me and my mate screamed in unison. We opened our door and ran to the door where the voices were coming from. We knocked. A few seconds later the door opened and there stood . “Hi could you hear us?” He asked. “Emmm yeah it was a bit hard not to.” I said. “Let them in!” A voice said from inside the room. He leaned against the door and let us in. I walked into the room to be staring at . He was lying on the bed wearing no top and a pair of jeans. “Hi!” He said to me. “Hiya.” I said. “Did you like the concert?” He asked. “Yeah it was great.” I told him. “How the hell did you know that she saw us?” asked. “Coz this is the lass I was telling you about.” continued turning back round to face me. “Sorry I kept staring at you tonight. But I couldn’t help it you’re so beautiful.” I blushed. “Pass us the sick bucket please!” said. “Stop your cruddy chat up lines . I can’t stand ‘em.” I sat down on the bed where was and he got up and sat next to me. He put his arm round me and said, “Soz I ain’t got a shirt on but it’s really hot in here!” “It’s OK I don’t mind.” I told him. Me and my mate talked to ‘lifers till the early morning. When it got to about 1am I said to . “We’d better be going.” “Please don’t go you can stay in here we’ve got three rooms.” “ We take the hint.” said and the other 4 lifers got up and left. had my mate trailing off his arm. She liked him so much. She turned round and waved at me before leaving the room. The room was left in silence. I was laid next to my dream man. “At last we’re in peace!” He said to me cheekily.

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