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Imaginary Westlife
True Love Never Dies
Fan Fictions
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It was pouring down with rain and I was late for my job interview at this new, trendy café in London. My friend works there and says that she sees celebs all the time. I wanted to meet the man who made my life worth living for 3 years. Shane Steven Filan. The street was busy and I’d just been shopping. I was unaware of where I was going, when I bumped into someone. I felt myself falling backwards and I had a soft landing. I wondered why? “Ahhh!” Somebody said behind me. I suddenly realised that I was sat on someone. I quickly got up and turned around. There on the floor was Mark Feehily from Westlife. “Ohhh I’m so sorry!” I told him. I offered him my hand to help him up and he took it. I decided to play on the, ‘I don’t know who the hell you are?’ approach, as it would be easier. “I’m OK.” He said and walked off down the busy London high street. For some reason my hand still felt warm and I couldn’t stop smiling. I suddenly remembered: THE INTERVIEW and ran down to the café. I burst through the door and found my mate standing behind the counter. “You’re late.” She said. “In there.” She pointed to a door. ½ later… I walked out of the interviewing room. “How did it go?” My friend asked. I smiled. “I’ve got the job!” I said. “When do I start?” I asked impatiently. “NOW!” My friend said chucking me an apron. I had been working at the café for 2 months and I had only really seen Z list celebs, but I stayed with the job because I like it so much. One day while I was polishing the espresso machine, I saw a familiar face gleaming in the metal. I knew him from someone but I couldn’t work out where. Then I remembered his blue Nike baseball cap. I spun round. I saw my friend walking over fast. She was going to serve Mark from Westlife. I started to walk over to the toilets to hide myself from Mark. I was still embarrassed by what had happened 2 months ago. I pricked my ears and heard my friend asking Mark, “What can I do for you cutie?” I cringed at her obvious flirting. “Can I say you’ve got GORGEOUS eyes!” That was it. I couldn’t stop it. I burst out laughing. Mark turned around and came face to face with me. I felt my face burn, so I covered myself and turned around. “Can she serve me?” Mark’s voice asked. “ .” My friend shouted. “The lad wants you to serve him.” I turned around and took a deep breath. “What do you want?” I asked him. “I want you!” He said to me. “When you fell into me and I walked off it was the worst mistake of my life.” He said to me looking me directly in the eye. I suddenly knew that Shane wasn’t the right one for me; I felt that Mark was destined for me. Mark went and sat down and waited patiently in the café ‘till we closed. After he took me on a trip down the river Thames. He took my top the top balcony. The view was amazing. He put his arm around me. “Are you warm enough?” He asked. “Yeah I’m fine.” He lent over and kissed me.