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Imaginary Westlife
Secret Stalker
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I was in a band called Trade and we were world famous. We were household names. One day I walked into the shopping centre and I had just finished my shopping spree in Gucci and was planning on going home when, “ .” Someone shouted from behind me. I turned round to see a man who was body builder built and looked pretty tough. “You’re even more gorge in real life babe.” The bloke said. “Mine name’s by the way.” He said. I blushed at his flirting even though I’d heard it so many times from fans before. “Please can I have your autograph?” asked. He handed me over a book with pictures of me all of it. “God this man is obsessed with me.” I thought to myself. I signed the book and handed it back over to him. “Wow you’re writings really neat.” said. He put his hand around my waist and held me tightly. I started to feel uncomfortable. “Well emmm I’d better be going.” I said. I wanted to get away from this maniac as quickly as possible. I tried to escape his grip but was way too strong and his arm just tightened. My heart started to beat quicker and I was getting quite anxious. His arm lengthened around my waist and he put his hand inside my pocket. I felt a sudden sharp pain against my leg. I opened my mouth to scream for help but he quickly clamped his hand over it. “Don’t you dare!” He said to me in a whisper. One of my old next-door neighbours walked past me. “You OK?” She said to me. I felt a prick against my leg once again. “I’m…” The prick got stronger, “…fine.” I said. She said bye and continued past us. Why couldn’t anyone see the torture I was going through. “You don’t want to say anything you’ll regret. Do ya babe?” I gulped. I could see the news reporter coming closer to me and this maniac. The reporter pulled out her mic and said to me. “Is this your new man .” “Yes I am.” replied before I could say anything. I just smiled and the withstood the pain this over obsessed man was putting me through. The main doors of the shopping centre opened and in walked Westlife. I knew the lads well because Trade had previously been on tour with them. I really liked but there was no way he’d ever wanna be with me. “ .” shouted. They all ran over to me except who just stood and stared at . He then hit himself and reluctantly walked over to where the other ‘lifers were stood. “Eh up! Got a new man ?” asked. “Yeah I am little ‘lifer boy.” said. looked at the floor and tears began to fill his eyes. I tried to catch his glance. “How’s Trade?” asked. “Fine.” I replied. looked up and I smiled at him, he smiled back forcefully. I wanted to tell him that wasn’t my man and how much pain I was going through. “We’d better be going.” said. He still had his hand around my waist and he led me away from the lads. I turned around to look at and looked at him longily and mimed out the word “HELP!” understood exactly what I was telling and ran instantly over to me and . saw ‘s hand inside my pocket. put his hand inside my pocket where had his hand and pulled out a knife that had been pressing against my leg. “You are a full maniac. What the hell do you think you’re doing to ? Get off her.” said. “Sorry mate but she’s mine!” said. lent back and knocked out. I ran straight to and burst out crying. “Calm down babe.” said. “I love you.” He said. “I love you too.” I told him. He hugged me tightly. “It’s OK you’re safe now.” kissing me.