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Imaginary Westlife
Missing You
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I was sitting by my windowsill, watching, waiting. I'd been waiting for nearly an hour, but he never came. I was even starting to regret ever dumping him. Him meaning my ex . He was coming over to collect some of his stuff from my flat. I had got dressed especially and must have done my hair in ten different styles! Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw his BMW, the rain beating down against the blue metallic bodywork. got out and looked up at me. I smiled and he smiled back. We seemed to be staring at each other for ages. The rain ruined his hair, as it plastered on his head. We stared until suddenly and abruptly a girl got out of the car. The gaze was broken and the girl wrinkled her nose at me in disgust. Then they both hand in hand entered the building. I was regretting this. I heard his key rattle in the door and then and his girl entered the flat. " ?, come here!" He said. I wiped the tears from my face and made my way into the situation I didn't want to face. As I walked through the kitchen into the living room I saw staring at me longingly. I then glanced at his latest bird. Who did she think she was? I thought to myself. "This is Candice." said to me taking a tighter grip on her. "Can I get my stuff?" He asked. I glanced back at Candice, who threw me another dirty look. "Only if that townie faced freak gets out of my face" understood my every word. "Oh bye. I'll wait outside, I love you baby" She said. shut the door behind and pulled a face. Could I detect something wrong in their relationship? I giggled coyly. I then stopped, as I realised how stupid I must have seemed not laughing at anything in particular. Then yet again we stared at each other. I wanted to tell him how stupid I was (or he was to have an affair with Candice) and I'm sort and I want him back. But this wasn't like a fairytale. Nothing came out of my mouth. I just opened my mouth and closed it again. Good going I thought. 's face creased and burst out laughing. "You looked like a goldfish!" He laughed. Then an awkward silence. The suddenly an annoying noise started to beep. quickly got out his mobile, I decided to go into another room. Even though I was far away, I could still hear everything... "Hello?" asked. "How long are you going to take?" Candice's voice bellowed. Her voice was so annoying I banged my head loudly on the coffee table. It was very loud as quickly came to see what was the matter. "What was that?" He asked. I smiled sheepishly "Oh nothing!" I smiled. He smiled. I melted like goo under the influence of his heart warming smile. "I love you" I said then stopped. My god, what did I just say? dropped his sunglasses in shock. Silence. Then " ! !" Candice's voice echoed through the door and her wail ringed in my ear. "I'm bored! Give me the keys, I'll wait in the BM!" Without even looking at me, got his keys out of his pocket and poked them through the letter flap. Candice snatched them off him, like a hungry tiger. then turned to me. "I didn't know you still felt that way..." He said coming closer to me. Then suddenly a screech came from outside. I turned around quickly. " ! Candice has gone off with your BMW!" I knew how much he loved that thing. "Doesn't matter!" He shrugged. "But you love it!" I retorted. He smiled. "Not as much as you, I've missed you, Candice was just a one off and I still love you!" He leant over and gently kissed me. What happened next, Iíll leave to your imagination!