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What turns Nicky on? Where would he take you on a date? And why did he run across the stage wearing only his boxers? Find out in his most intimate interview ever...

What do you look for in a girl?
"I like nice legs, high heels and a touch of class. At the same time, a girl that dresses in tracksuit pants and a baggy top at home ca be very sexy"
Has Bryan and Kerry's wedding put you in the mood for marriage yourself?
"I've always been in the mood! But when it happens to one of your best mates, the joy you feel is overwhelming. And of course, there's always the big cheque from Hello! magazine. That helps." 
Describe your dream wedding
I want a fairytae Irish wedding, maybe in a castle. The papers have said I'm due to get married in June, but that's not true. We'll be releasing the new single, doing a tour and heading back to America. There's no time for a wedding, let alone a two week honeymoon!
Are you the new Posh and Becks?
No! Georgina's dad is famous and, with the situation I'm in, we do get a bit of attention. Posh and Becks have a well publicised life-we still have some privacy.
What are the most important things in a relationship?
Love, trust and a sense of fun. The 'spark' is important, especially when you've been with someone for a long time coz things can get boring and you start taking things for granted. Just ringing someone can feel like a habit
Are you a good date?
Yes, but I always make a fool of myself when I'm in restaurants. I ask stupid questions like "Excuse me sir, where is this fish from?" Usually I get a kick from under the table, but I just like winding up the waiters.
What's your idea of a romantic evening?
I'm a big fan of going out to dinner. I love it! I'd pick my date up and take her out to a nice restaurant where we could chat and maybe share a bottle of wine. Then I'd take her back to my place or hers.
Have you ever had an argument over a girl?
When I was 13, we used to hang around in a big group. I remember telling one of the lads that I was thinking of asking one of the girls out. He went "Nah, wouldn't think she'd be interested. Next day I found out he was secretly going out with her!
Do you like a girl to be forward?
Yeah, I don't mind a girl being forward. It's a real turn on!
Who are you closet to in the band?
I hit it off with Shane right from the start, but as time went by, I got to know the rest of the band. It's like a special bond. We're like 5 best friends and brothers! I love them and hate them all equally!
Which other pop bands do you listen to at home?
I don't really buy music by bands that are around now coz I look up to the people older than us. But Blue are extremly good. If you come back was a great song!
What gets you teary?
I don't often cry, but I did after the September 11 disaster. When I heard about the phone calls from people in the building, it really got to me.
Are you good around the house?
No! I've got a new house and keeping it clean is killing me! My 12 yr old brother came over and he spread some muck on the floor, by mistake I was like "Argg! be careful!" My mum said "What are you talking about? You've been doing it in my house for 20 years!"
What's the most outrageous thing you've ever done?
Our hairdresser Ben, dared me to run on stage in my boxers for 50 when we were in Sweden. I did it, he still hasn't paid me!