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Imaginary Westlife
Worst Nightmare
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"I love you darlin" said hugging me. "Are you going out later coz Im going for a girlie night out?" I asked him. "Yeah, Im just going down to the pub with , babe." said leaning over and kissing me. "I'll see you tonight, . I said to him." "I'll be thinking about ya till ya get back!" said to me. I hugged him and picked up my key. "See ya babe." I said to walking out of our apartment and made my way down to . I waited just outside the entrance for my friends. They finally arrived after about 15 mins and we all queued up to get into the club. Just as I went in I caught a glimpse of a familiar figure. I made my way over to the bar and got something to drink. I looked over again to where the familiar figure stood. Whoever the person was they were kissing a tall blonde haired girl. Then I heard a laugh. I turned around to be face to face with who was obviously drunk. "He he, youre not supposed to be here. s over there." He pointed to the kissing couple and walked off. " come back here now!" turned back around and walked towards me. "Yeah babe?" asked me. "What the hells going on?" I asked in desperation. My heart was beating extremely fast and I had a huge lump in my throat. I knew that the next sentence was going to say was gonna break my heart. "Well can't you guess. Hes told me to keep my gob shut, so I cant really say out to you. Its pretty obvious from where Im standing though. Im really sorry, I tried to stop him." said. Id heard enough of s petty cover up for so I stormed over to . He stopped and whispered to the girl he was hugging. She looked at me, smirked and walked away. "What on Earth do you think you are doing?" I said to him. People in the club began staring at me and wondering what was going on. "Nothing." He said to me leaning forward. I could smell the stench of alcohol from his breath, but I was raving. "Well, it didnt seem like nothing. You dont think Im that stupid, do you?" I asked him. I turned around to face everyone who were staring at us, they suddenly began dancing or quickly turned round and left. "I thought you loved me." I cried, tears rolling down my face and turned round and began making my way out to leave. I could just make out a faint voice saying, "But I do." I walked back to the apartment me and had bought together a year ago. I opened the door and collapsed in a flood of tears, My life was over. I didnt need to live anymore. My life had no meaning. The only man that I had ever cared about had just deceived me and utterly ruined my life. "Why the hell had he done it?" I asked myself. What had I done to deserve this? I walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a bottle of Vodka. I unscrewed the top off and took a swig. The taste burned my throat but the high feeling was worth it. I sat back down and thought about my life. "Could I live my life anymore?" I thought about this question and the answer to this was NO. I made my way up onto the roof of the apartment block. The fresh, cool air suddenly woke me up. I was going to end the pain and suffering had put me through. I wouldnt have feelings anymore. I sat on the edge of the building; it was extremely cold so I began rocking myself forwards and backwards. I waited until the road was clear so no one could see the destruction of my life. I stood up and looked down and closed my eyes. This was going to be the end. I put my left foot out, hovering over the road where my body would end. " ." A voice called behind me. I looked round and there stood . I could tell hed been crying. I began to turn around to see what he had to say for himself when I lost my footing and slipped backwards. I reached out my arms and grabbed onto the edge of the building. ran over and held out his hands. "Just grab my hand." He said to me. I was stretching out my arm trying to reach for his hand. I then grabbed his palm and felt a familiar touch. "Pull yourself up ." He said to me. I didnt know whether hed be able to hold me, but I trusted him. I pulled myself up and he held me in his arms. "Baby Im so sorry. I love you." He said as he pulled me closer to him. "Will you forgive me?" He asked. I pulled away from his grip. "I dont know . How do I know you wont do anything like this again?" I asked him. "I was stupid and totally regret the whole thing." said. "So will you forgive me?" He asked again. I stepped backwards not realising how close to the edge of the building I was. I felt myself falling, falling. "I forgive you!" I shouted. BANG! "NOOOOO!" screamed. He ran downstairs and outside to see s lifeless body lying on the floor. "Why?" shouted. "Just a measly affair resulted in this. My worst nightmare. The only girl I ever truly loved has vanished from my life, and will never return." picked up head and held it in his hands. He placed his head towards hers and tears began to flow. He kissed her lips but nobody kissed him back. If only he could erase the past. Everything would be right. This was the ending of a nightmare.