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Imaginary Westlife
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I was walking through the fields of Sligo, Ireland, my home country. "Im never gonna say goodbye, coz I never wanna see you cry, I swore to you my love would remain and I swear it all over again." I sang out into the silence. My fave band of all time was Westlife and just thinking about them sent me into dream world. I carried on walking and came to a stream and listened to the gentle running water, the sound of it made me feel at ease. I sat down on a nearby rock and thought how lucky I was to live in such a beautiful country. I heard soft footsteps coming from behind me. I turned around to find a medium height, blonde haired man walking towards me. He stared strangely at me and then spoke. "Hi my names . Youve a beautiful voice, I couldnt help but hear you back there. So you like Westlife do you?" This guy knew me practically better than I did. I was quite intimidated by his I know everything about you, approach so I decided to get away from this situation as quickly as possible. "Well nice knowing you, gotta run!" I said and got up from the rock I was sitting on. "Thats a pity. I'll see you again some time, no doubt." He said grinning evilly. I walked swiftly past him and back through the many fields that lead to my house. I opened the gate onto my driveway and walked toward the door. I put my hand inside my pocket and pulled out my house key. I turned it in the lock and was just about to walk into the house when a voice shouted. "Alright ?" I turned to look over my fence to see where the voice was coming from and I instantly knew it as my next-door neighbours, Mark Feehily. Wed grown up together in Sligo and he had now returned from his hectic schedule in the oh so famous boyband, Westlife. So many girls thought he was absolutely gorgeous and would love to get the chance to speak to him, but to me he was just normal old Mark Feehily, the lad next door. "Hiya Mark. Im fine. How long are you home for till youre jetting off with Westlife again?" I asked him. "Only 1 week." He said. "I'll come round some time this week and we can catch up. See ya later babe!" I said to him. "See ya!" He said. I walked into my house and chucked my bag down at the bottom of the stairs. I checked the clock on the wall and it read 7:30pm so I grabbed a chocolate bar to eat from the kitchen and sat down on the sofa. I switched the TV on and listened to my fave TV channel, MTV. I was completely relaxed on the chair listening to Westlife, when I felt a sudden uneasiness. I felt someone or something was watching me. I looked up at the window and saw staring straight back at me. "Oh my God." I thought to myself. I casually stood up as though I hadnt seen him and walked into the kitchen shutting the door behind my. What the hell am I gonna do? I thought to myself. Only one name came to mind. MARK! I ran to the phone and dialled his number. RING RING, RING RING. "Come on, Mark." I thought to myself. "Hello?" Mark answered. "Hiya, its me." I said. I was just about to carry on with the conversation when I looked through the kitchen window into the garden and saw again holding a knife. He pointed to me and then mimed cutting his neck. "AHHH!" I screamed. " what the hell is happening? You OK?" Mark asked. I was so frightened I stood rigid to the spot. "Mark. Theres a maniac in my back garden whos trying to kill me!" I screamed down the phone. The phone suddenly went dead. I hoped Mark was coming to save me for this raving lunatic. I stood still in the kitchen. was still staring through the window with a sickly grin on his face. He walked towards the patio doors in the kitchen and swung back his hand and smashed it straight through the window. I couldnt believe what hed just done. I turned to run but was stopped by his command. "You arent going anywhere babe!" He said. He pulled out a chair and put his hand around my waist and pushed my down onto the chair. "Stay sat there like a good girl." He said continuing. "We dont want to have to get nasty now do we?" I stayed quiet because I didnt want to risk my life. I heard the back gate slam shut. Mark had come to save me. I thought. I saw Marks face through the kitchen door and then it swung open. "OH MY GOD!" Mark gasped. pressed the knife on my neck and said. "Come any closer and I'll stab her Romeo boy." Mark just looked stunned at , not beliving what his eyes were letting him see. Mark had one hand behind his back and I wondered why, until all was revealed when he pulled out a baseball bat and ran at and smacked him as hard as he could round the head. fell instantly to the floor, leaving me safe from harm. I burst into tears. " ." Mark said continuing. "Dont cry babe, he aint worth half as much as you are." "Thank you so much for saving my life Mark. What can I ever do to repay you?" I asked looking into his eyes. I suddenly got a tingling sensation nothing that I'd ever felt before by looking at him. I suddenly understood why half of the teenage girl population thought he was gorgeous. I was sooo stupid why hadnt I ever realised this before? Now he could have any lass in the whole world. I should have loved him whilst I had a decent chance of being his girl. "Emmm... well there is one thing you could do to repay me, but its kinda embarrassing." Mark said beginning to blush. "Go on don't be shy with me Mark. You know you can tell me anything." I said. "Well I've kinda felt this way about you for a long time but I havent ever dare tell you. You can refuse this you know..." I couldnt be bothered to listen to the rest of what he had to say. I stood up and hugged him tightly. "Is that what you wanted?" I asked him. "Not quite." He said and then leant over and kissed me. I smiled at him. "I think I love you. But I havent ever been ever to tell you in case our friendship was broken." Mark told me. "Don't worry babe I fell the same about you." I said gently kissing him.