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Imaginary Westlife
Drama and Love in Sligo - Part 1
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Westlife fanfic: "Drama And Love In Sligo Part 1"
Written by: Janne Nyhus and Heidi Nilsen
Chapter 1
The sun was shining in the Irish town of Sligo during a hot day in June, and the two Norwegian friends Heidi and Janne were going to spend the next weeks of their holiday there. This was the town where Shane, Kian and Mark from their favourite band Westlife grew up. The girls walked along the road in the lovely city park, and then into the centre of Sligo. They had a really great time, and everything was fine until Janne suddenly collapsed in front of Heidi. Heidi got worried, and didn't know what to do. Luckily, they were not far from the hospital, and therefore, Heidi ran over there to get help. At that moment, she didn't have a clue what would happen afterwards. She went as fast as she could, because she knew it was very serious. A few minutes later, she was almost at the hospital. Then she got shocked, because Shane from Westlife was standing right in front of her! She found out that he was working there. For a while, Heidi just stood there glaring, but once she had cleared her mind, she begged him to come and help her friend, who was still unconscious. "You've got to help my friend! She collapsed all of a sudden! There she is," Heidi said before she showed him where her friend was. Shane reacted quickly, and ran to Janne. He gave her mouth-to-mouth to make her conscious. But after a couple of tries, he still hadn't made it. 
Therefore, he brought her to the hospital. At the hospital, he did everything he could. Then he went back to Heidi, to tell her about the situation: "She isn't conscious yet, but we're hoping the best. That's the only thing we can do right now. We don't know why she collapsed." After this, he talked a bit more to Heidi. She wanted to know why he was doing this job, and how long he'd been doing it so far. "I've been doing this for about a year now. I started to study right after the end of Westlife. I love this job, but I loved the band even more. It was really fantastic! he said and smiled to her. Heidi was smiling back, and she really couldn't believe that she finally got to meet one of her five greatest heroes. In the middle of their conversation, a female nurse interrupted them. "Janne is conscious now! Hurry up! she said. "Heidi, stay here. You may come and see her afterwards," Shane said before going. Heidi was relieved that her friend was awake again. When Shane came to see Janne, she was very confused and tired. She was so tired, that she couldn't figure out who was standing right beside her. Shane tried to tell her who he was, but it was useless. Janne was exhausted, and her condition was still very serious. A little later, Heidi turned up. She got scared when she saw all the equipment Janne was surrounded by, but she looked somewhere else. Then she began to explain her friend what had happened: "You're in hospital. Are you all right? I was so worried about you. Look, I know you're very tired at the moment. But can you guess which person who is responsible for you while you're here? He's standing right beside you," Heidi said while smiling secretively. "I don't know, but maybe you can tell me? Janne said. She whispered weakly, and had big trouble talking. "Shane from Westlife! He has been working here at the hospital for about a year. I got very surprised when I first found out about it, but he loves this job very much," Heidi explained. For a few minutes, Janne was absolutely quiet. Then she said: "What are you saying?! Shane?!?" She was so shocked. She spent several hours in the intensive section, but then they moved her to another section. Heidi was with her friend all the time, and they talked about different stuff.
Chapter 2
A few minutes later, Shane came in to see Janne. "Hi, Janne. How are you doing? I'm here to examine you. Heidi can stay if she like. he said while smiling. "What are you going to do? Janne said nervously. "It's not easy to say exactly, but we'll just wait and see," he replied. Heidi, who sat in a chair next to Janne's bed, took a magazine and started to read it. "Oh my God, he's going to TOUCH her! Wow! she thought while her eyes were rolling. "OK," Shane told Janne. "The first thing you have to do now is to take off your clothes." For a while, she just looked at him and got a bit embarrassed, but she didn't say anything. She had to do what she was told. A few seconds later, she felt something cold on her back. When she tried to 
say something, Shane prevented her immediately: "Don't speak now. Just breathe and be quiet, and it'll be over." After that, he had finished the first phase. The two friends looked at each other, and they still couldn't realise that Shane was now a doctor. "Oh dear, I can't believe he really touched me! It's far too good to be true," Janne thought for herself. 
Heidi sat with her friend all the time, and she found it very hard to believe that 
Shane was actually doing this job. "That's it for now. I'm leaving now, but I'll be back soon," she heard Shane telling Janne. When he had left the room, Janne exclaimed loudly: "I really can't believe this! He touched me!! It's so unbelievable. It's fantastic that I finally got to meet him!!!" "Yes, this is incredible. It's very unaccustomed to see him like this, isn't it?" Heidi asked while she was smiling hugely. Janne agreed, and before she managed to say more, Shane turned up again. "Here I am with someone who's going to give me assistance," he told Janne. She looked curious at him: 
"What are you going to do now?" "That'll be a few things, I guess," he replied. Just then, someone opened the door. Now, the girls got another shock, because Kian was standing there! "This can't be true! Can you believe he's doing the same job as Shane!! Heidi thought quietly. Both she and her friend were very happy, but they didn't say it. "OK. I guess it's unnecessary to introduce this guy to you, because you know that already, right? Shane asked while he was smiling. The girls replied quickly: "It's Kian. We know that. We've been huge fans of Westlife from the beginning, and so far, we've been to Ireland four times. Two in Dublin, and two in Sligo. I have to say it's very unaccustomed to see you doing this job," Heidi explained. "I enjoy this as well as Shane, but neither of us will ever forget the time when the band was going on. It was such a great time, thanks to all of you Westlife fans in the whole world," Kian replied. Both the girls looked excitedly at him and Shane.
Chapter 3
Now, Shane and Kian had to concentrate on helping Janne. Heidi continued to read her magazine, but there was a big smile on her mouth. She was so proud because she finally had met her dear Kian. Suddenly, she heard Janne say: "So, what's up next?" "We have to do different stuff. What do you say if we give you a needle in your arm? Shane asked. "Oh no! Please, not that! Janne thought for herself. She hated the thought of needles. "Do you really have to do that? she wanted to know. Shane said they had to, but added it would be over soon. "OK. Let's get it done, then," Janne said as she was shaking nervously. Heidi put the magazine back on the table, and came over to Janne's bed, to give her friend support. When Janne saw the needle, she thought: "Oh my God, I don't like this at all! " But as long as she knew it was absolutely necessary, she didn't protest against it. A few seconds later, Shane and Kian were finished. Now, they were about to leave the room. "We're off now, but are coming back later this evening. Promise me that you rest," Shane told Janne. "This is great! But it is still very unaccustomed, right? Heidi asked. Once again, Janne nodded in agreement, and she was blushing extremely. She looked down on the arm that Shane had just touched. It hurt a bit, but that didn't matter as long as it was Shane who had done the job. Again, Heidi spent all day with Janne, but in the evening, she left the chair and started walking to the door. "I have to go back to the hotel now, but I'll be back tomorrow. I'll see you then, and sleep well," she said. Then, Janne was left alone. Before leaving, Heidi said that she was going to tell Janne's parents what had happened. For a few minutes, 
Janne had the room for herself, and then Shane came back again. Now, Janne got another surprise, because he was not alone. He had brought Nicky - also a Westlifer. "No! This can't be true! This must be a dream!! she thought. "This is Nicky. He chose to do the same as me and Kian when the band was over. I was expecting you to be very surprised, heh-heh," he said merrily. "Yes, I'm really surprised by this. Did all three of you start to work here at the same time? she asked. Shane said yes, but added that he was the first one to study. The others came along after a while. When they had finished talking about that, Shane explained that Nicky was going to sit with her all night and watch over her, so that nothing serious happened. "See you tomorrow. Sleep well," Shane said. Then he left the responsibility to Nicky, and went home.
Chapter 4
That night, Janne had big trouble sleeping. It was two reasons: She was still in a very serious condition, and she was very confused. "Are you doing fine? Nicky asked. He looked very worried at her. "No, not quite. The pain is unbearable," Janne replied. Nicky decided to help her the best he could, and then it got a bit better. But he stayed with her all night anyway. When Janne woke up early the next morning, Shane came back. "Hi! How are you today? he asked while he pulled the curtains in the window. There were light green walls in the room, and they were decorated with different pictures. There was a picture of Westlife on Janne's desk next to her bed. Outside, the sun was shining, and the weather was lovely. Shane continued: "I spoke to Nicky before I came here to see you. He told me you had a painful night." Janne nodded. "Yes. But I'm not feeling any better today," she said, before adding: "Any plans for today?" "We'll see, but I'm afraid I have to 'bother' you again," he said while he was smiling. Janne looked at him and smiled back. She was happy. Not because of what had happened, but because she was in close contact with the big love of her life. She had been in love with him for a very long time. But she didn't dare to admit it yet. She wanted to wait for the right moment to come. Just before Shane was going to give Janne some more medical help, someone knocked at the door. It was Heidi. "Hi! I'm back to visit you again! she said with a merry smile on her mouth. She went straight to Janne and gave her a hug. Then she at down. "Are you OK today? Heidi said. Janne shook her hair, but Shane explained that everything would be fine. "I still don't know why you collapsed, but we'll probably know that very soon," he said. Janne and Heidi were relieved to hear that they finally were going get the answer. After a while, Shane said he had to examine Janne once again. He checked her carefully, and then he was on his way out. "I'll be back later," he said. Then he left the room. 
"I don't dare to tell him that I'm in love with him," Janne said laughing. "No, I can understand that. Take your time, and you'll make it eventually," Heidi said encouraging. Suddenly, Janne looked excitedly at her friend, and said: "Do you know who was sitting here with me all night?" Her friend said 'no', and then Janne began to explain: "You'll be very shocked! Nicky has been with me all night to watch over me. Can you imagine how shocked I was when I found out that he's working here, too. Isn't it great? Janne said happily. Heidi just sat there glaring for a few seconds, 'cause she couldn't believe this was actually true. "Nicky too?! You must be joking, right?! Heidi said. She was in shock. "No, I'm not joking. Just ask Shane if you like," Janne said, while she was humming her fave song 'Flying Without Wings'. Suddenly, Heidi finally realised that her friend was actually telling the truth. "This is crazy. Now we know what kind of job the three of them have, but what about Bryan and Mark? Heidi asked. Janne said she didn't know that yet, but added that Shane probably would tell them later.
Chapter 5
For a few minutes, the two friends were talking about different stuff. But then Janne suddenly became pale and descended in her bed. Heidi got very worried, and had to react immediately. "I'll call Shane! she said, and grabbed the alarm clock, which was placed on Janne's table. Right after the call, Shane came running into the room. Heidi immediately began to explain: 
"Everything happened so fast! We were talking to each other, and suddenly she became pale and quiet. Then she descended in her bed." She was very nervous. Shane tried to calm her down, before saying he was going to get Kian. "I'll be back very soon! he promised. In the meantime, Heidi sat with her friend, hoping that everything was going to be OK. When Shane and Kian came in to the room, Heidi was still very nervous. She took a magazine and tried to read it, while she was thinking: "Oh my God, I don't dare to think about what has happened to her! Please say she'll be OK!" Suddenly, she heard Shane say: "We have to take her back to the intensive section. Come on, we have to hurry!" Heidi hid the face in her hands, but she noticed that they moved her friend. "What's going on? she asked. "I'm sorry, Heidi, but there's no time to explain. We're in a hurry. I'll be back later to explain everything. Stay here," he said. For two hours, she waited for someone to come, and when Shane turned up, she left the chair. What is it? You look so serious! Say something! Please! she begged. Shane began to explain: "Sit down, Heidi. There's something I have to tell you. Janne's condition is very serious. She got a very strong reaction, and fell in coma just a few minutes ago. We still don't know why she collapsed, and neither why she's in coma now. We won't know that until she wakes up again, but that can take a long time. No one knows when she wakes up." Heidi was shocked. Everything went so fast. First, they had a nice walk in the city. Then 
Janne collapsed, and now she was in coma. The whole thing was so unreal. Shane placed his hand on her shoulder to give her support. Then he said: "You may go and see her now if you manage. But she can't hear you. He followed her all the way. Janne was not far away from her own room. She was surrounded by a lot of equipment. Heidi sat down next to the bed, and held Janne's hand. She was totally aware that Janne couldn't hear her, so she didn't say anything at all, she just sat there quiet.
Chapter 6
Heidi sat with her friend for several hours. Shane turned up very quickly. He looked very worried, and said: "You've been her for ages. You look absolutely exhausted. How do you feel?" Heidi looked at him, and replied: 
"Yes, I am really exhausted, and I don't feel well at all." "Oops, that doesn't sound good. I think I'd better examine you just for sure," he said. Heidi said it was OK with her, and then Shane brought her to another room. He talked to her for a couple of minutes, before he examined her carefully. "There's nothing else but an exhaustion. Look, I think you should take a walk. If anything happens to Janne, I'll let you know immediately. Give me the number to your mobile, and I'll call you, as soon as possible. OK? I'll stay with Janne all the time," he promised. At first, Heidi didn't want to leave, but she knew Shane was right. She gave him the number to her mobile, and then she went to the city. Shane watched over Janne all the time, and he was hoping that she would soon wake up. He was keeping a big secret. He kept looking at her all the time, while he held her hand. In the meantime, Heidi walked along the streets in Sligo, and she was very excited if Janne would ever become fully recovered again. Shane was still sitting with Janne at the hospital when he suddenly felt her hand moving. Slowly, she opened her eyes. The first she said was: "What happened? "Be quiet. It's very important that you don't speak now. You've been in coma. Heidi sat with you for several hours, but she went to town three hours ago. I'll give a call and tell her that you're conscious again," he said. "Good," Janne said with a weak voice. In the centre of Sligo, Heidi waited nervously for the call to come. Suddenly, the phone rang. "Hello? she said. "Hi! It's Shane. Hurry back to the hospital, Janne is awake! he said in a happy mood. "Is she? 
That's great! I'll be there very soon! she said. Then she ran fast back to the hospital.
Chapter 7
Ten minutes after Shane had given Heidi the good news, she arrived at the hospital. Then she went straight to Janne's room. "Hello, how are you feeling? I was really worried about you when you were in coma," she said. Janne replied back, with a very weak voice: "I think I feel better now. But I don't know what happened. I can't remember anything." Heidi turned to 
Shane, and looked very worried. Shane told her it was normal that Janne couldn't remember what happened before she fell in coma. "It'll take some time. But now we'll soon know why she collapsed," he added. After a while, Heidi decided to stay with her friend all day. "I'm glad you're here. I need your support," Janne said. Then Shane said: "We'll keep you in here till tomorrow, and then you'll be brought back to your room." Janne and Heidi talked to each other about so many different things, but after a couple of hours, Janne felt very exhausted. Therefore, Heidi decided to leave earlier than she had planned. "I'll see you tomorrow. You better take a rest now," she said. When Heidi had left, Shane sat with her all the time - included the evening. "Are you doing fine? he asked. "Yes, I feel fine as long as you're here with me," she replied. She gave him a huge smile, but still kept the secret to herself. The next day, Shane took her back to the other room. "It'll be great to get back to that room," she thought quietly. She liked her own room better than the room she had spent this night in. When they were half-way, Kian came running towards them. "What's going on? Has there happened anything? Shane asked. "Yes, it has. Heidi will soon arrive at the hospital. She was involved in an accident. I need your help when she arrives," Kian explained. "OK. I'll just take Janne back to her room first," Shane replied. Janne got nervous, and said: "I really hope there's nothing serious with her." Shane looked at her. "No, I'm sure it's not. But it's very important for you to take it easy," he said strictly. When Janne was brought safely back to her room, Shane left her. He promised to get back as soon as possible. A bit later, Heidi arrived. One of her legs was broken, and she also had some wounds. Apart from that, she was OK. Shane and Kian took her to a room down the corridor. "Heidi, is everything OK with you? they asked. "I think so, but it really, really hurts! she said. Shane and Kian quickly understood that they had to do something about it, and examined her carefully. "Heidi, you have to take off your clothes," Kian said. Heidi looked at him for a while, and blushed. But she had to do it. She managed to be quiet when Kian examined her. "This is very embarrassing," she thought. When he had finished that part, he got some help from Shane. "Now, we'll just give you an injection and sort out the rest," Shane said. "OK," Heidi said nervously. She wasn't to keen on getting needles, but it was necessary. Therefore, she remained calm. After a couple of hours, Heidi's leg was plastered. Then they sent her to Janne's room. Janne was in bed thinking about Shane when Heidi arrived. "Hi, how are you? Janne asked. "I'm fine, 
I think. But as you can see, my leg is broken. What about you? Heidi asked. Janne said she felt a bit better now, but she really wanted to know what had happened to Heidi. "I was hit by a car when I was on my way to visit you," Heidi replied. Shane and Kian made sure that both the girls were doing fine, and then they left. "Have you told Shane you're in love? Heidi asked. She was excited. Janne blushed, and gave her an answer: "No, but when he gets back, I will."
Chapter 8
In the middle of the day, Shane and Kian came back to see the girls. 
"Hope you're OK! they said. "Yes, we are. Especially now, and that's because you're here with us," Heidi and Janne said happily. A few seconds later, Janne became very impatient, and decided to tell Shane what she felt. 
"Shane, there's something I have to tell you. Please come closer," she begged. He accepted the invitation, and went over to the bed. Then he sat down beside her. Finally it was time to reveal everything: "Shane, I'm deeply in love with you. I have been so in love for a very long time. So far, it was only Heidi who knew about it. I didn't know when I was going to tell you this. But I felt this was the right moment," Janne explained carefully. Shane looked very surprised at her. "What are you saying? Do you really love me? he said while laughing. Then he added: "I sort of knew that already, because I've noticed how you've been reacting when I came to see you. Actually, I understood it when you woke up from coma." Janne kept looking at him. "God, he knew about it all the time," she thought quietly. Shane quickly interrupted her. "Janne, this was really great news. I'm so happy you told me about it. You see, I'm in love with you, too." Janne nearly got shocked when he revealed his feelings for her. She was so happy. It was unbelievable, but very true. "I must be dreaming! she thought to herself. A few seconds later, she noticed that Shane was leaning towards her. Suddenly, he gave her a big kiss on her mouth. Janne immediately repaid his kiss, and now she felt like being in heaven. Heidi was happy that her friend finally got to kiss the big love of her life. "I really hope that Kian will be back soon," she said to herself. While she was waiting for him, she saw how Shane and Janne kissed each other. After the second kiss, Shane said: "Oh, that was absolutely lovely. Well, it's time to examine you again." Janne said it was OK with her, and did exactly what she was told. After a couple of minutes, it was over. "It looks much better now. By the way, now we know what caused your collapse the other day. It was an extreme poisoning. And you fell in coma because of a strong relapse," Shane told Janne. Heidi heard everything, and both she and Janne were happy because they finally knew it. It was a big relief.
Chapter 9
When Shane had explained what caused Janne's collapse, someone suddenly knocked at the door. Then Bryan and Mark came in. The girls looked very surprised at each other, but Shane just kept smiling all the time. "Hi, guys! I'm so glad you were able to come here. Let me introduce you to Heidi and Janne, two Norwegian girls. They're spending their holiday in this city, but as you can see, both of them have had an accident. That's why they're here with us now," Shane explained. "Hello! Nice to meet you girls," Bry and 
Mark said. "Bry? Mark? I don't believe this! Heidi thought to herself while looking at both of them. "These guys are our assistants. So, now you know," Kian said. "Wow, I think it's amazing that all of you got the same jobs after the end of Westlife. And it's also amazing that you work in the same hospital. I'm really impressed! Heidi said. Her friend nodded in agreement. Suddenly, Kian looked at Heidi. She was pale, and he got very worried about her. "Heidi, do you feel well? I think you look a bit pale," he said. "I don't know... My wounds are aching," she replied. When Kian heard that, he got even more worried. Therefore, he decided to examine her immediately and give her help. After a while, she felt a bit better, but it still hurt. As the time passed away, Nicky came to join the others. Shane had given him a call. The girls and the guys were talking about everything: the band, the new job and the girls. Suddenly, Heidi and Janne got very eager, and said: "Can you sing a Westlife song for us? Please??" The guys looked at each other, and decided to make the wish come true. Heidi and Janne were very happy, and they really enjoyed it when the guys were singing "Flying Without Wings". When they had finished the singing, they got plenty of positive comments. "It was absolutely beautiful!!! the girls beamed. Shane, Kian and the other guys kept smiling to the girls. Well, I'm afraid we have to leave soon, to check on the other patients in this section. But before we go, I'll just make sure you're OK," Shane said to Janne. Then he examined her. "Wow, he's touching me again," Janne thought during the examination. When it was over, he confirmed that so far, everything was fine. Janne's condition was not any worse. A couple of seconds later, Shane and the other guys were on they way out. "Please let us know immediately if anything happens to you," they told the girls. When the two friends were left alone in the room, Janne said: "Despite the fact that both of us have an accident, something positive happened as well. Don't you agree?" Janne was smiling. Heidi totally agreed with her best friend: "Yes, it sure has. I'm really looking forward to tell Kian that I love him. I want to share my life with him. And I know you want to share your life with Shane," Heidi said. 
Janne looked at her friend, and she knew very well that Heidi was right. She was excited about how Kian would react when Heidi gave him her message. The two of them were left alone in the room all day, but Shane turned up again in the evening. Heidi looked disappointed. "Why is he coming alone? Where's Kian?!", she thought quietly. Shane looked quickly at her. He understood that something was going on, because he noticed that Heidi was blushing. "Tell me Heidi, you're waiting for Kian, right?", he asked while laughing. 
Heidi had to admit he was right. "Yes, I am. Do you have any idea where he might be at the moment? There's something important I have to tell him," Heidi explained. Shane replied that Kian was somewhere else in the division, but added: "Kian will be here very soon." "Great," Heidi said happily. She could hardly wait till he got back.
Chapter 10
Shane was now on his way to Janne's bed. He sat down, and kissed her for a long time. They were hugging each other, and they had a very romantic time together. Heidi kept looking at them. Suddenly, Kian finally showed up. "Hi! I'm so happy to see you again! I have to tell you something really important. Sit down next to me, please," she said. For a moment, Kian just stood there looking at Shane, but all he said, was: "Don't look at me, I have no idea what she's trying to tell you." Then, Kian turned to Janne. She was very secretive. "So, what do you want to tell me, then? You're blushing!", Kian told Heidi. She got embarrassed, and figured out that she had to tell him her secret as soon as possible. "Kian, I love you. I fell in love with you a long time ago. I never thought I'd meet you, but now I finally have. I'm so happy we met and got to know each other. I'm also very happy because you know my secret now," she said. At first, Kian just sat there looking at her, and then he said: "Are you in love with me? That's.... That's great news!!!" Heidi was surprised because Kian was so delighted. "Are you happy?", she asked. "Yes, I am very happy about this. You see, I love you, too!". He was smiling. Janne and Heidi looked at each other, and they were talking loudly while the other guys were still with them. "They really, really love us! This is absolutely great!!" Then, Kian leaned towards Heidi. He gave her a warm and lovely kiss. She placed her arm round him, and they both enjoyed every second of what they were doing. A bit later, Shane and Janne did exactly the same as their best friends. With that, the room was suddenly transformed into a real love pad.
Chapter 11
The girls were so happy because their sweethearts had told them exactly what they wanted to hear. It was absolutely brilliant. Because of this, both of them wanted to stay at the hospital a bit longer. Suddenly, Shane gave Janne another kiss. After that, he said: "Janne, I've got some very good news for you. You can leave the hospital soon. At the moment, it's impossible for me to say exactly when you can leave. But I'll make sure you get to know it as soon as possible." He kept smiling to her. For a while, Janne looked at him without saying anything. She was thinking very hard: "I don't want to leave the hospital. I want to be with my love." As the time went by, Kian gave Heidi the same message. She was hoping to stay a bit longer, to spend some more time with her new boyfriend. Suddenly, Shane exclaimed: "Janne, I love you truly and deeply. You're the best that have ever happened to me!". Kian and Heidi were saying the same things to each other. After a couple of hours, the guys had to go home, because their day at work was over. They promised to get back early the next morning. Both the guys told their girlfriends how much they loved them, and everyone was hoping that the night would pass by quickly. Early the next morning, Shane and Kian came back to wake up their girlfriends. "Hi! How are you today? We've really been missing you," they said. Heidi and Janne replied that they'd miss their boyfriends, too. Everyone was happy to see each other again. "Janne, you can leave tomorrow. But someone has to look after you and you'll also need a few check-ups, to prevent any more relapses," Shane said. Janne looked quickly at him. "Are you coming to visit me while I'm at the hotel? Heidi and I won't go back to Norway yet," Janne said. "Yeah, sure. I have to do that. I have to make sure you're OK, and also because I'm deeply in love with you, my sweetheart," Shane replied. Once again he was smiling to her. Janne was very happy to hear that. A few minutes later, Kian turned to Heidi. "Your damage seems to grow fine. You can leave the hospital at the same time as Janne, but I'll also come to visit you at the hotel." Heidi was relieved to hear that he was going to visit her. The four of them were together in the room all day, and Shane and Kian gave their girlfriends some help to prepare the discharge. They were talking a lot during the packing. "This is great!", the girls beamed to each other. While Kian and Shane were there, they kissed and hugged their girlfriends. Everything was really romantic. Suddenly, Kian said: "By the way, Heidi, your leg has to be plastered for the next two months." Heidi sighed when he told her that, but she knew it was absolutely necessary. Therefore, she didn't protest. Like the other days, this one went very fast, and then there was another night.
Chapter 12
The next day was the day when Heidi and Janne finally were allowed to leave the hospital. The guys promised to get the hotel as soon as their day at work was over. Heidi and Janne were very pleased because of that. A couple of hours after the girls had left the hospital, Kian and Shane came to visit. "Hi, sweethearts! We have an announcement to make. We're taking a holiday now, to go to Norway with you," Shane said happily. Kian looked very happy as well. The girls couldn't believe it. "What are you saying?!? That's fantastic news! Let's hurry up, then!". Heidi and Janne shouted with joy. When Shane and Kian had finished their packing, it was finally time to go. The girls could hardly wait till their parents met the guys. Kian and Shane were going to spend 3 weeks in that country, and the four of them were looking very forward to that. When they arrived at the airport in Norway, they were met by Heidi and Janne's parents. Janne was very eager, and began to explain immediately: "Mum, let me introduce you to my boyfriend, Shane. We met at the hospital in Sligo, and now we are a couple." For a few minutes, her mother just stood there. She was confused, but when Janne had told her everything, it was much easier to understand. Then, it was Heidi's turn to tell about the incredible holiday. She was just as proud as her best friend. "Mum, I've been waiting so long for this. I'm so happy!!", she said. Both the couples had a very romantic time. One day, the guys decided to prolong their stay with a couple of months. The girls were shocked, and jumped up and down because they were so happy. "Are you really serious? 
That's great!!", they screamed. After another couple of days, the big surprise came: The boys proposed. "Janne, will you marry me?", Shane asked excitedly. He was hoping for a 'yes', and he got it. "YES! I want to marry you!", Janne replied. Afterwards, Kian asked Heidi the same question. "Yes, I want to marry you!!", she said. One month later, the couples got married in the Norwegian capital Oslo. They had been talking about a double wedding for a long time, and were so satisfied because it went that way. Each couple had a lovely, big house. Later, they started talking about getting babies. "Of course we want babies with you," the girls beamed happily. Luckily, it went that way. Ten months later, Heidi and Kian became parents to a lovely girl. One month after that, Janne and Shane had twins - a boy and a girl. 
Everything ended very happily for both couples. "It's great that our special dream finally came true! Marriage and kids with each our Westlife heroes! This is amazing!", the girls beamed.


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