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Imaginary Westlife
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"I'm off now. See ya later!" I shouted to my boss. I walked quickly out of work and down to my house. I put the key into the door and unlocked it. "Hiya . We're going out tonight aren't we?" My best mate and flat mate said. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." I told her. I walked in to my bedroom and opened up my wardrobe. I glanced at all my clothes and picked out a top and trousers I'd bought the other weekend when I went shopping in Dublin. I quickly put it on and put my make-up on. When I was ready I opened the bedroom door and walked back into the kitchen. "Wow! You look great!" said to me. "You ready?" I asked. "Yep. Come on girl." We walked out of the apartment and headed off into town. In the main street square there was a gathering of lots of people. "Wonder what they're all waiting for?" I asked . "I don't think they're waiting for anyone they're watching something or someone!" She said to me. We continued walking into the gathering and I saw someone I recognised. "Hey! What are you watching?" I asked her. "Can't you see? There are Westlife!" She said to me. I looked over the crowd and saw 5 gorgeous looking men who couldnt be mistaken for anyone but Westlife. "Hello!" shouted down the microphone. "We need one special lady!" said and jumped straight over the barrier. "I wish he was coming to pick me. Hes such a hunk!" I said to , when I suddenly felt a tingle run straight through my body. I looked up and saw straight in front of my eyes, with a cheeky grin on his face. "You'll do!" He said and took my hand he walked with me through the crowd and just before he got onto the stage he whispered. "Don't be frightened up on stage. It's OK we're here." He pulled me up onto the stage and the other 4 'lifers greeted me. "Youve picked a fine girl out ." said. "I always do you should know that by now!" replied winking. They played a few songs with me on stage and fooled around as usual. "When you're looking like that!" They all sang and grabbed my hand. "Come on." He whispered and led me off stage. "Wait here until the shows over, darlin'." He said to me and rushed off back onto the stage. After singing the final song the crowd were going wild. Westlife quickly came off stage. "You coming ?" asked. "Em... yeah I'll be there in a minute." said. He turned away from the rest of the lads and headed straight for me. "You were great tonight." He said to me. "Did I make an impression?" I asked him. "Who on me or the audience?" He asked. "Both?" I asked. "Yep!" said grinning. He gently kissed me before taking my hand and leading me into his changing room...