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The lads from Westlife are so anxious to make it in the USA they've shelled out more than 500,000 on a new look. The bands record company spent the cash to change the boys' image and it has also re-shot their WOOO video. "Last time they tried their luck in the USA their suits didnt work," said a source close to the band. "This time theyre going for a more casual image." And Westlife are going to dress like 'N Sync to do it! "They'll wear baggy jeans and shirts and their clothes will be more colourful, kind of like 'N Sync vibe," the source revealed. "It's their own look and they've chosen all the clothes," said the source. Westlife are desperate to make it in the states. "This is the big one for them," said the source. Good luck lads!


[Taken from Sneak]