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Imaginary Westlife
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"Morning post!" A heard a voice shout through the letter box and I wasn't hardly dressed. It was Monday morning and as usual I was in a rush because I slept in. "Em, hang on a moment I'll be there in a second." I shouted down to the postman who was waiting outside the door. I quickly searched through my wardrobe and just put any old thing on that might be half decent. I swiftly ran down the stairs and unlocked the door. "Sorry about that." I said to the postman. "Thats all right my love." He said cheerily. He handed me over three letters, the first two looked like bills but the last one had stamped on ticket master. "Something special I presume in that one." He said and walked off to the next house whistling to himself. I shut the door and went and sat in the lounge. I opened the first two letters and as I presumed they were bills, one for the electric and one for the water. Just before I opened the third and sat and thought deeply what it could be. Only one word kept creeping into my mind and that was, Westlife. This word and meaning was probably the only reason I was alive. Westlife were my life, especially, he was the only man for me. I carefully opened the letter being careful not to rip anything special that might be lurking inside it. I put my hand inside the envelope and pulled out the letter that was contained inside. I cautiously unfolded it and read what was written. Dear . We at Smash Hits are writing to congratulate you on winning our Meet Westlife competition. You with one friend will meet Westlife at Londons Earls Court along with 25 other competition winners. The meeting will commence on 15th October. We have enclosed the tickets through Ticket Master. Yours Sincerely, Karen Hugh, Smash Hits Editor. Tears began to form in my eyes; I couldn't believe just how lucky I was. I reached for my mobile in my pocket and pulled it out. I quickly dialled s number. "Hi?" She answered. "I can't believe it I've just won tickets for us two to go and meet Westlife..." I told her but I was cut off. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed. "I'M GONNA MEET WESTLIFE!!!!!!!!!" shouted. "Calm down love!" I said to her. "How can I be calm when I'm gonna fulfil my lifetime dream. I coming over to your house now." said. "Hang on. When are we going?" asked. "15th October." I said to her. "Thats tomorrow. You know?" told me. "You'd better come round then. Quick!" I said and hung up. (10 mins later). KNOCK KNOCK. "Let me in." I heard shout through the letter box. I sprinted to the door and opened it. "I honestly can't believe it." said to me in disbelief. "Well believe coz we're going tomorrow!" I said as she came in. "I brought my clothes round that I'm gonna wear tomorrow. Is it possible that I could sleep over." asked me. "'Course it is!" I said. I led her into the kitchen and we sat down at the breakfast table with two cups of strong coffee. "Are you sure Im not dreaming, I just truthfully can't believe it." said. "Wake up girl. Its happening and we'll be there this time tomorrow. There is one draw back though." I said. "Whats that?" asked. "There is 25 other people who are each taking one person so thats 50 other people." I told her. "I thought there must be a drawback. It was way too good to be true." said miserably. "Well anyway no point on looking on the bad side we're going to meet 'em!" I said. For the rest of the day we sat dreaming of Westlife, listening to their music and watching their videos. Tomorrow was the big day. BUZZZZZZZZ. The alarm went off. Last night I'd set the alarm I couldn't afford being late today. "Wake up!" I said cheerfully. "Morning." said back. I jumped out of bed and picked out my best outfit whilst got her clothes on she'd brought over last night. After we'd had our breakfast we sat down in the lounge and tried to calm ourselves down, we were so excited. "Wonder what theyll be like?" I asked . "I hope there aren't real prats that we don't like." She said. "Yeah, they might turn out to be someone we totally didn't think they were." I laughed. "Oh who cares I'm going to see the man of my dreams." said. "Who? ?" I asked. "Yeah. Who else?" She laughed. "And I suppose you're dying to see aren't you?" She asked. "Well let me think about that one... I've been longing to meet him since the day I knew who the hell he was. 'Course I can't wait to see him!" I told her. BEEP BEEP. "The taxi's here." I said. "Quick come on then we don't wanna miss it." said. "Calm down." I told her. "I can't!" She giggled. I locked the door and we walked over to the taxi. We got inside and sat down. "To Earls Court please." I said to the driver. "OK then." He said and began driving. "How long will it take us?" asked about 5 minutes into the journey. "About 10 minutes from here darling." After sitting in the taxi for another 10 minutes the taxi pulled up outside Earls Court Arena. Me and both got out and I paid the fare. The taxi left and we were stood alone outside Earls Court Arena. "What are we supposed to do now?" asked. "I dunno. Wait here.." I said but my voice trailed off as one of the doors leading inside swung open revealing a well built, middle aged man. "You here to meet Westlife?" He asked. "Yeah." Me and said in unison. "Can I see your tickets please?" He asked. I put my hand in my pocket and revealed the two tickets to the man. "OK then come this way." The man said. We followed the guy and he took us to this room with loads of chairs placed on one half and one the other half was 5 chairs lined up in a row. "If you grab a chair and sit dow the lads should be out within the next 15 minutes." He said. "Right thanks." I said to him. We walked over to the best seats, which were in the middle on the front row and waited for the room to fill with all the competition winners. After about another 10 minutes all the chairs were taken and all you could hear were the voices of different people. "I'm excited!" I told . "Me too! I cant wait to see them!" Suddenly the room filled with silence and a door marked PRIVATE opened and there in front of my eyes were Westlife. The room was filled with screams of there names all at once. The lads in turn began shaking hands with each person. It started off with who began walking down the line of fans and shook their hands. As he came closer and closer to me my heart began to race. Although wasn't my favourite, I still loved 'em all. got to me and put his hand out and put my hand into his and he shook it and winked. I was in heaven with Westlife! The next person to shakehands with everyone was , 's favourite. "It's ." I said to her and we both laughed madly. When he reached me he again shook my hand but this time grinned. When he shook 's hand his grin got bigger and she leant over and he kissed her on the cheek. "She has all the look with men!" I thought. As and separated he winked at her and gazed straight into her eyes before moving onto the next person. turned around to me and was totally hysterical. "I can't believe has just kissed me. Wow!" I laughed she was such a drama queen sometimes. I turned to see who was coming next in line. My heart skipped a beat. It was . "Do I look alright?" I asked . "You look fine!" She said. I turned to watch him coming up the line and he kept looking up at me and then he gave a small smile so I smiled back. My stomach suddenly got a funny feeling inside. I think I'd completely fallen for him. As he got closer the feeling got worse. Then before I knew it he was stood in front of me holding his hand out. I placed my fingers onto his and shook it he gently squeezed my hand unlike and . I could feel everyones eyes burning on me. Everyone was watching us in utter jealously. As squeezed my hand he smiled, but this smile was different from the smile he'd given to the other fans, this smile was from his heart. He leant over and kissed me on the cheek and then pulled away and gave me another award winning smile. He then walked on to shake s hand but continued to look at me. He looked deep, deep beyond my eyes; he looked into my heart. He then took one last glance and began walking further down the line of waiting fans. I now realised why I'd been born, to give love to this man. "Whoah. He's got some strong feeling for you!" said. "You reckon?" I asked still locked in my dreamworld. "No, I know!" She told me. and came down the line of screaming girls and shook hands with each one. When theyd finished greeting all of there fans they sat down on the 5 chairs. stood up and said, "Forget the chairs go and stack them up at the sides of the room and I'll go and get a CD player. We can have a party." He walked off through the door marked PRIVATE. We moved all the chairs and so did , , and . When all the chairs had been moved, I looked over to and he was gazing at me. waved his hand in front of s face and blinked his eyes and turned to and laughed. came back into the room holding a portable CD player and went and plugged it in. He pressed play and When Youre Looking Like That came on. "Time to party!" shouted. Everyone began dancing forgetting that they were with one of the most famous boybands in the world. Everyone was totally relaxed. As it began getting dark one of the security guards came in and brought a disco light. *** Meanwhile *** "Whats up with you ? You've been funny all day since we've been in here. are you listening?" asked. "Em yeah I'm listening it's just..." couldn't carry on he couldn't find the right words but instead continued staring at . "She's beautiful." thought to himself. "I wish she was mine." He thought. " , ." said. "As I was saying before you went off into a gaze. You're in love aren't you?" asked. "Yeah. No. I dunno. I don't know much at the moment! All I know is she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life." said pointing to . ***Meanwhile*** I looked over to and saw him pointing at me and was with him staring at me. I quickly turned around. "Just look as though you are talking to me if you get my drift." I said to . "OK." She said. " and are staring at me and I cant stand it. I so wanna be with him but I can't even go there. Are they still staring?" I asked. " is but he's been staring all day." She told me. "Hey they're playing some slow songs now." I said as We Are One came on. turned the music down and said, "Us 5 are now going to each pick a pretty girl to dance with for the last dance of the night." He turned the music back up and Bryan, Kian, Mark, Nicky and Shane separated. cam over to where me and were standing. "I pick you." said to . She took his hand and began dancing arm in arm with him. I looked for and he was just walking round the room in a daze and then he saw me. Our eyes met and it everlasting feeling of love. He walking over to me grinning. "Will you dance with me... ehm" He said. " ." I told him. "Right. Will you dance with me ?" He asked. I smiled. He took my hand and led me into the middle of the dance floor where the other 4 lifers were dancing with their chosen girls. I put my arms around his neck and he placed his arms around my back and pulled me into his embrace and held me tightly not letting me go, not for anyone. He smiled and I looked deep into his eyes beyond everything to the opening of his heart. He pulled away from the hug and brought his head towards mine and his lips touched mine. I closed my eyes, this was paradise. His tongue entered my mouth and gently touched my tongue; I touched his tongue back and brushed my hands through his hair. I opened my eyes and we finished our kiss. I smiled at him and he returned my smile. "You rock my world, ." He whispered in my ear. "And you rock mine ." I told him. We shared another passionate kiss. I was in love...