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WESTLIFEs BRYAN McFADDEN showed off his new 100,000 Ferrari to Bizarre yesterday but not before giving it a wash and polish.

The proud singer has only had the yellow 360 Spider Modena convertible a few days and explained: "Theres mud on it already."

Bryan, who wore a matching yellow T-shirt, added: "Ive wanted one since I was a kid. Why yellow? It just jumped out at me in the showrooms.

NICKY BYRNE bought a red one and KIAN EGAN has a silver one so I had to buy this colour."

Bryans wife, KERRY KATONA, is expecting their second child in January.

The couple, who live in Dublin, have a baby girl, Molly.

So how will you fit the family in the new motor, Bryan?
<Taken from The Sun>