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Why would Bryan want anyone else? - Kerry
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FORMER Atomic Kitten Kerry McFadden has broken her silence over allegations that her husband had drunken sex with a lapdancer on his stag night.

When the shattering claims surfaced in April the star rushed home from filming in America to confront Westlife singer Bryan McFadden.

Kerry says: "You wouldnt be human if it didnt hurt when you read something like that in a Sunday newspaper but I know Bryan would never look at another woman.

"Yeah, he did go to a lapdancing bar but for Gods sake I used to be a lapdancer. I think she was out to get anybody famous that night.

"But I know for a fact they did not have sex. It is a pack of lies. I know he loves me and me only.

"He would never look at anyone else. We knew stories like this would get in the papers.

"I just think the lapdancer is sick. It could have wrecked our marriage if I had believed it but I dont."

And jokingly clasping her FF boobs, she adds: "Why would he want to go anywhere else?"

Kerry, 21, is besotted with her husband of seven months and she is now expecting their second baby.

She got together with Bryan, 22, at a music awards bash when she was still in Atomic Kitten and he proposed just three weeks later.

She says: "I knew straight away he was the man I wanted to be with.

"Hes caring, romantic, funny. Well be watching TV at home and hell just get up, put one of our favourite Dr Hook songs on and pull me up to dance.


"One night he took me out as a surprise and we stayed in a hotel afterwards. The next morning he had to leave for work but later there was a knock at the door.

"It was a dozen red roses with a card saying Morning Sweetheart. The following morning the same thing happened.

"We speak all the time on the phone when we're apart and if I forget to say I love him hell phone me straight back and say, 'Did you forget to say something?'

"He makes me feel so so special. He is a diamond. I love him so much he is my knight in shining armour.

"He took me away from the life I led and said, 'Youre going to have me here from now on. Trust me, I'll look after you.'

"He really meant it. No one had ever said that to me before.

"Besides that, Bryan has got a fantastic body... hence the second baby."

Throughout her fame with Atomic Kitten and early romance with Bryan, Kerry was living with her mum in Warrington, Cheshire.

Home was a cramped council flat on a rough estate regularly patrolled by police.

It was only when she became pregnant with their daughter Molly that she agreed to move to Bryans three-storey 1.2million house in Wicklow in the Irish Republic.

To many it would be a dream come true. But not to Kerry.

"It was a great novelty at first but in the end I hated it," she confesses.

"It was just too big. It took me an hour to get to the conservatory."

As a result the couple bought two penthouse apartments in Dublin and knocked them into one.

But she is now ready to go back into a house and they are preparing to move again into a six-bed pad in the city with a garden for their kids.

Molly was born last August and in May this year Kerry unexpectedly became pregnant again.

But just five weeks gone, she was rushed to hospital fearing there were problems.

She says: "I was heartbroken and so was Bryan. I was absolutely petrified but when they gave me a scan they found it was a cyst.

"They operated immediately and removed it but they warned me that alone could make me lose the baby.

"I had to have loads of blood tests afterwards before they could give me the all-clear.

"I was in hospital for a week."

Throughout her stay, doting Bryan insisted on sleeping on a makeshift bed on the floor next to her.

Shortly after her wedding to Bryan in January doctors had discovered another cyst the size of a football on her ovaries.

It was removed by surgeons but she was warned the cyst may recur.

Kerry and Bryan are convinced the latest baby was conceived during a stay in Londons posh Conrad Hotel the same place as Molly.

Both long to have more. She says: Bryan jokes that its going to be hard trying to get a baby as beautiful as Molly.

"She is absolutely stunning. She has the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen. Every bit of her takes after Bryan she looks nothing like me.

"She is so busy, on the go all the time. She is so active she doesnt sleep in the day or at night. She only went to bed at 5am this morning.

"Its really tiring but we take it in turns. Bryans great he does the night shifts and the nappies."

And Kerry cant wait for her next birth. First time around she even slept through most of her 12-hour labour after having an epidural.

" loved every minute of the birth,"she insists. "They actually woke me up to tell me it was time to push. I whispered, 'Ssh, dont tell anyone. Just let me go back to sleep.'

"Bryan was there holding my hand throughout and saying, 'Dont worry, youre going to be a mum in a minute'."

A few days later romantic Bryan text-messaged Kerry with a poem he had written.

It read: That Friday night arrived an angel from my wife/Her daddys face, her mothers heart/A heart of gold to warm the place/I loved her mum so much before, but now I love her even more.

Kerry, who is 22 next month, bucked a trend by settling down young. She quit Atomic Kitten when she was pregnant with Molly but does not reckon she has missed out on a thing.

She says: "I grew up so quickly with Atomic Kitten. Ive done everything, seen everything, been around the world. This way I get longer to see my kids grow up.

I want to be a young mum with them. And in 50 years time I can say, 'Ive been married all this time to Bryan which I think is really sweet.

"Weve got all this time together. Were going to be together forever.

"All I ever wanted was a family and a nice house with a garden and Ive got it."

She has no plans to go back into music and instead is concentrating on her TV career.

This week she is co-hosting nightly episodes of ITV1s Britains Sexiest with former EastEnders star Michael Greco.

The show is looking for the nations sexiest male and female firefighters, medics, teachers, air crew, fitness instructors and builders.

Every evening viewers vote for their favourite, then a live final on Sunday will find the Sexiest Man and Sexiest Woman in Britain.

Kerry says: "Theres so many people out there doing ordinary jobs who are absolutely stunning yet they dont get noticed.

"This show is going to bring them out. Some of the blokes are really good looking I dont know how Im going to control myself."

She was also surrounded by gorgeous people on her last show, ITV1s raunchy late-night dating series Elimidate.

It was dogged by criticism, with disappointing ratings and accusations of fixing.

Contestant Donovan Russell failed to win the heart of a woman "picker" and claimed producers told them what to say and made their choices for them.

But Kerry says: "He had one of the biggest egos ever. The girl didnt pick him because he was plain boring.

"She just wasnt interested in him. He just didnt want to look a t** in front of his mates at home.

"What he said was a load of lies. It was sour grapes."


When Kerry finishes Britains Sexiest, she will be hosting Eurostar, the Irish version of Pop Idol, right up until the next baby is due in February.

She says: "Being pregnant is not a disability, look at Davina McCall she was running around on Big Brother.

"This career will not last forever and neither will Bryans.


"Ive got to milk it while I can so I can send my kids to a good school, buy them nice clothes, take them on good holidays and let them live in a nice house."

Britains Sexiest goes out all week on ITV1 at 10.30pm.


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