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Imaginary Westlife
It usually only happens in dreams...
Fan Fictions
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"Hurry up !" I shouted to my best friend. She always took so long to get ready. Everything had to be completely perfect. I got up from my sofa and looked in the mirror and smiled. "How could he resist me in this?" I thought to myself. I was wearing a pair of tight black trousers and a gorge low cut top. I picked up my guitar that was in the corner of the room and began playing along to Westlife's More Than Words. I couldnt believe that I was going to be on the front row to the 5 men that ruled my dreams... Westlife! suddenly popped her head round the door. "I'm ready." She said giggling.I dropped my guitar and ran down the stairs as fast as I could. We both ran out of the house screaming, "Westlife! Westlife!" We walked down to the arena in the town and took our seats. After what seemed like forever the support acts finally finished and the stage went completely black and silence filled the room. My stomach churned, I was so excited. The room suddenly filled with light and I heard Shanes voice sing, "She's a five foot ten..." And suddenly everyone in the arena screamed with delight and Westlife were revealed from the wings. Me and sang madly to all of the songs. Until as the finale More Than Words came on, my all time fave. Kian sat down on the front of the stage directly in front of me and and began playing away. My heart skipped a beat. I loved him so much. I reached out my hand to try and touch him and totally unexpectedly he grabbed my hand and pulled me up onto the stage with him and the rest of Westlife. I turned round to and she was grinning madly along with me. Kian placed his arm round me and held me tightly. "What's your name darlin'?" Kian asked me. " ." I replied to him and he smiled sweetly. "I love your guitar." I said to him, and before I knew he had taken the strap from round his head and placed the guitar round me. I started to play along to More Than Words as I had done so many times before in my bedroom. This time it was special though. This timeI was playing Kians guitar with Westlife. Shane smiled at me and looked quite impressed. "You know this well!" He joked. Kian then began singing along to the song and persuaded me to. I looked into the audience which was filled with jealous faces, all glaring at me, wishing theyu were me. Tonight wasn't their special night, it was mine! Me and Kian finished the song as a duet and the rest of Westlife stood and watched us. As we finished the last line together the lights went out. It was the end of the show. Kian took my hand and led me off stage. I suddenly remembered that was sat in the audience, so Nicky quickly ran back and got her. "You wanna come back to my changing room?" Kian asked with a cheeky glint in his eye. "You bet!" I said grinning and he took me in for that precious kiss.