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It's been a busy few months for westlife's twinklemister. Lets see what he's been up to...

Do you get on ok with Bryan?
Of course! In fact, Bryan and I have been writing songs together, just the two of us. We're pretty well- matched on a singing/songwriting level and we've come up with some good stuff!
If you could have one wish, what would it be?
I have had more than I could have imagined a couple of years ago, so just the normal things: Like health for the people around me. Oh yeah and I hope I have a great birthday on Thursday. I'm going out with my family and mates.I'm going to let my hair down!
Who's your best friend in the group?
It depends. I go to different people from time to time. Each person has their own point of view. I can talk to any of them. If I'm asking about girls? I dunno I would keep asking for opinions until I hear the right one!
Are you building up souvenirs from around the world?
Not really any more coz I've been to nearly every country and I couldn't take home souvenirs from everywhere-I'd have no room left in me house! I'll maybe bring back something for my dad or sisters, like pictures or monuments. I brought back different hats and trainers from the Far East. Souvenirs are just stuff to trail around.
Do you have a secret girlfriend?
No I don't! I think most of my serious relationships was about a year ago before the band. I went out with a girl for a year. Since the band I've just been having fun. Nothing too serious, thanks be to God. Not yet!

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