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Imaginary Westlife
Kian- Swear it again
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Broken hearted as of his busy life, Kian just wants to be with Katherine again. Will he or won't he? It's up to you!

I sat motionless thinking about my one and only love. Kian Egan. We had to finish since he joined westlife because of his hectic schedule. To millions of girls all over the world he is known as Kian "The fit blonde one from westlife". But to me, he's just Kian. I loved him because of who he is. Which is more than I can say about the girl in the paper. On the front page was Kian arms around a blonde bimbo Julie or whatever.I thought about the day he told me. He said I was the only one and will always be. We both cried and he put his arm around me somewhat arkwardy. Suddenly his touch was gone, and as I looked up I saw him running towards a car. Mark's or Shane's I don't know. He didn't even say goodbye. As I sighed, my mobile started vibrating. I only then realised I was back at Uni again in class. I glanced at the screen, and recognised the number. Kian! I mouthed in awe. It had been a whole year.Everything was going through my head at once. Should I ignore it? Should I turn it off? Should I cut it? Or should I answer it. After a deep breath , I decided to...

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