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Are you suited with Shane or is your match Mark? Find out here!
I'm sorry, but this is a long process, if like every normal person you don't want to overload your brain, get a calculator now! You have to add up all your points...

1. At a restaurant with your fave 'Lifer, what would you order?
a) Sushi- 5 points
b) Chips, chips and more chips!- 20
c) Spag Bol- 10
d) Steak- 15
e) Something you know they'll never have- just to annoy them!
2. Do you cry easily?
a) Yes- 20
b) No- 5
3. What is your fave colour?
a) Blue- 5
b) Greeen- 15
c) Red- 25
d) White- 20
e) Black- 10
4. What is/was your fave subject at school?
a) Sports- 5
b) Art- 20
c) Languages- 15
d) MAths- 10
e) Eh? What are you on about? I hate lessons! Breaktime all the way!-25
5. At Christmas, what would you give your fave 'Lifer?
a) Aftershave- 20
b) Trousers- 5
c) Hoodie- 25
d) Socks- 10
e) Album- 25
6. You are meeting your mates at the mall, but you are late, why?
a) Overslept- 20
b) Looking at the new clothes in Dolce et Gabbanna- 5
c) Carefully parking my brand new BMW- 10
d) Doin' my hair. If the hair isn't right, nothing is.- 20
e) Trying to get stuck in a lift, whatdya know it worked!- 25
7. What would make you look twice in a personal colum?
a) Are U lukin 4 sum1 dark, tall, handsome wit a gud body? Well skip me coz that isn't me!- 5
b) Young Irish fellow is lukin 4 a girl who can hav a gr8 laugh- 20
c) Irish and desperate!- 25
d) Small, cute blue eyed lad lukin 4 love- 20
e) Young male, dark hair and ready for action!- 10
8. Are you an early riser or a night owl?
a) Early riser- 5
Night owl- 20
9. What kind of music are you into?
a) Rock- 20
b) Pop- 10
c) Soul- 15
d) Rn B- 5
e) Punk- 25
10. You secretly hope your match is...
a) Bryan- 20
b) Mrk- 12
c) Shane- 7
d) Nicky- 2
e) Kian-17
So... After all that work! Here is your reward. Look at your total...

0- 50

WOOO - America


151- 200

201- 250

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