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Imaginary Westlife
Dreams come true
Fan Fictions
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Lucy absolutely loved Westlife, loads of her mates said that she was obsessed with them. She often dremt of dating Nicky (her fave 'lifer)! All of her mates told her she was sad & that there was no chance of her even meeting him let alone going out with him.
Lucy and her mate, Elisha, decided to fly over to Dublin to see if they could find Westlife. When they got to Dublin they went in search of them. They walked down streets and alleyways for hours and when they'd almost given up hope there standing in front of them were 5 gorge lads. Yep, it was Westlife.
"Hiya lasses!" Bryan screamed.
"Hiya!" Elisha and Lucy shouted back. They stood and talked to the lads for about half an hour then Nicky suggested that everyone went back to his house , including Elisha and Lucy.
When they got back to Nicky's house Shane suggested playing some FUN games! Shane had a dirty mind though.
"Lets play spin the bottle, with kisses and dares," Shane suggested.
"OK," everyone said.
Bryan went and grabbed a used Coke bottle and placed it in the middle of the group. He then spun it round and it landed on him!
"Bryan you've gotta choose kiss or dare?" Kian asked.
"Dare," Bryan replied.
"OK, strip down to your boxers," Shane shouted.
"No problemo" Bryan pulled all of his clothes off 'till he was left with his Calvin Klein boxers on.
"Right next go," Bryan said. He picked up the bottle and spun it again this time it klanded on Lucy.
"Kiss or dare?" Mark asked her.
"Kiss," Lucy replied.
The bottle spun again. She was secretly hoping it landed on Nicky. The bottle seemed to spin for ages but then it finally landed on.....Nicky, and boy did he look chuffed!
"Come here babe," Nicky said holding out his arms. Lucy came over to him and gave him a snog. Nicky looked as though he'd enjoyed it and he said to the lads.
"We're just off upstairs for a bit."
"Oh I know what you're up to," Kian said.
Kian raised his eyebrows at Nicky and he grinned back. Nicky led Lucy up to his room.
"I want you to be my girl," Nicky said.
"I do to," replied Lucy. Nicky took hold of her and kissed her. Lucy's dreams had finally come true!