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Amber sat in her apartment wishing she was with the only man she ever loved, Kian Egan. He was now known for his talent in the pop group Westlife. But to her he was just Kian Egan, not Kian Westlife, shed never see him like that. He said that the band wouldnt split them up but his hectic schedule prevented them from seeing each other. She secretly hoped that one day theyd meet up again, but that wasnt very likely! Theyd broke up about 2 months ago and she doubted whether she'd even see him again.

On her birthday her best mate , Carly came round. "Guess what I've got you for your birthday Amber!" "I dunno." Carly handed 2 Westlife tickets over to Amber. Amber was sooo chuffed!

One the night of the concert Amber and Carly were stood in the foyer when a voice shouted. "Amber Hargrove" hoping it was Kian, Amber spun round quickly to find it was a security guard. "Are you Amber Hargrove?" the guard asked." Yeah why?" Amber replied. "Coz Kian has given me this to give to you." The security guard handed over a hand written letter. It read:

Hi Amber,

Soz I didnt get in touch with you earlier, Ive been sooo busy. I heard you were coming down today. You know I wish wed never split up. I know this sounds stupid but I wake up every morning thinking of you and go to sleep every night thinking of you. I really wanna be with you. Maybe we cud meet up later?

Loads of luv


Amber couldnt believe it. Her dreams once again were coming true. She went into the Arena and couldnt stop thinking about Kian and the letter hed written her.

The lights dimmed and the music started booming and there on the stage appeared Westlife. The first 3 songs they played were mega then Kian took the mike and spoke "I have a special surprise for someone in the audience." He jumped off the stage and headed straight for Amber. He pulled her over the railings and led her up onto the stage. "Everyone I like you to meet my girlfriend Amber!" Kian shouted down the mike. He looked at her and winked. Amber couldnt believe it once again Kian Egan, the man who made her life worth living, loved her. All the Westlife lads joined Kian on stage and sung 'Swear it again.' Kian sung it looking into Ambers eyes and holding her hand tightly. When the song had finished Kian took Amber back to her seat and whispered in her ear. "Come down to the Redwood Hotel tonight after the show, Im number 549. Ill be waiting." Kian gave her a quick smile and ran off back to join the other lifers.

After the show Amber went down to the Redwood Hotel as instructed and stood outside room 549 wondering whether to go in or not. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Kian opened it. "Hiya babe," he said. Kian was stood with no top on and a pair of jeans he looked even more stunning than she could remember. He took her arm and then closed the door. "I really meant what I said earlier, you know, about you being my girlfriend." He hugged her tightly and then spoke. "Can we go back to the way it was?" "Yeah course we can." Amber replied. Kian pushed her onto the bed and they started kissing passionately.