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Imaginary Westlife
More than words
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I was walking down the rainy streets of Sligo after a break-up with my boyfriend, Duncan. I’d just been on a shopping spree to make myself feel better but it isn’t the same without my friends. Suddenly a strike of lightening light up the grey Sligo sky. Annoyed and upset I ran into the nearest shop for shelter. “Oh I’m sorry,” the lady said. “We’re closing in a few mins.” A figure appeared from behind the counter and said. “I’m sure we can serve her, Mam.” I looked up to see a very familiar face. I thought it was one of them lads from boyzone. It made sense to me coz he was Irish. “What would you like. Little girl?” The lad asked. “For 1 I’m not a little girl, I am to be precise. So get your facts right. Boyzoner!” I said. “ You should get your facts right little girl coz I ain’t in no crappy boy band.” The lad said. “ Can I have a coke and chips please?” I asked. “Commin’ right up. My love!” The cheeky chappy said. I sat down near the counter and watched the fella getting my chips and coke. He was fiddling about behind the counter. Looking kind of sexy I thought. He walked from behind the counter and gave me what I’d ordered. “There you go Miss …? “My name’s .” I said. “What a lovely name! Mine’s Shane.” Suddenly it struck me like the lightening outside. It was Shane, Shane Filan from Westlife. I wasn’t really fan but I was quite star struck! Shane frowned he knew what I was thinking. “Yep, I’m from Westlife. I suppose you’ve realised. Don’t make that change how you think about me though coz I really like you.” I felt quite attracted to Shane. His brown hair and dark eyes looked kind of cute. I’d almost forgotton about Duncan until. BANG! Shane quickly jumped up from his seat and declared. “Soz mate. We’re closing. No more orders.” I turned around to be looking into the eyes of my ex. Duncan. “Oh you’re that gay Westlifer but you’ll make an exception for my girl will you?” Duncan said. I got up and said, “I’m no-ones girl at the mo. And especially not your’s, you freak Duncan.” “You heard the lass. Get lost!” Duncan was just getting started he won’t moving nowhere fast. “I’m not going till I get my lass back!” Duncan said. “Oh get a life. She doesn’t want you. Come here.” Shane said. So I ran over to him and he held me tightly in his arms. “Stop touching my bird. You Irish twat. Give her over now. Or else!” Duncan pulled out a gun from his pocket. “What the hell?” Shane gasped. “Come here babe. Now. Or I’ll kill your lover boy!” Duncan threatened. I ran over to him and Duncan put a firm grip round me. “So fame can’t buy you everything!” Duncan laughed and took me in his grasp out of the café and onto the street. Duncan still had the gun in his hand and I couldn’t belive he’d threatened to kill Shane like that. So I quickly pulled the gun off him and pulled the trigger. I looked up and saw Duncan falling slowly onto the ground. I still felt for him but not like I felt for Shane. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I heard Shane screaming. “ “ He screamed. I couldn’t believe Shane was coming to see if I was OK coz he thought that I’d be shot. How sweet. Shane ran over and saw that I was OK and hugged me tightly. “I thought that you were dead for a moment. Please don’t do that again babe coz I love you sooooooo much. Words cannot describe how I feel about you.” Shane said. “Am I more than words?” I asked embarrassed for knowing the song. “ Yeah,” he said laughing. “ I suppose you are!”