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Imaginary Westlife
What makes a man
Fan Fictions
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I was walking through a field happy and content with myself. I was listening to my fave band on my walkman. Westlife. I heard a cry and when I turned around I was in darkness and my whole life fell before my eyes. My body was shaking. When I woke up I heard someone sobbing their heart out. “ I can’t believe I’ve killed someone.” The voice said. “What the hell do you think you’re playing at Filan.” The voice carried on. “And she’s really pretty what a waste of a life and it was all my fault. If only I hadn’t acted like such a expert on my horse showing off. “It’s not that bad mate. When she comes round she’ll forgive you. I mean what was she doing in that field anyway?” Another voice said. Shane leant over and I had to still pretend I was in a coma. Shane picked up my cassette recorder. “ Lets see what’s on it mate. It might be us if you’re lucky.” What the hell’s he on about I thought. When I remembered I almost fainted. Surely to the Lord Westlife weren’t in the same room as me. And where the heck was I anyway? Shane pressed the PLAY button to hear “This isn’t goodbye…” “ It’s What Makes a Man, Shane” A different voice said. “She’s a fan. That makes it even worse. She’ll hate me even more.” I suddenly got the urge to say. “It’s not nice to talk about people you no and I do have a name!” I opened my eyes to see Mark and Shane both jumping of their chairs in shock at the same time. Nicky was looking aghast and Kian’s eyes almost popped out of his head. But Bryan was the quickest to react. “Yer girls awoken Filan. Now’s yer chance!” “Get lost you lot. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.” Shane said. He layed across my bed and nearly suffocated me. “Get off yer eejit.” I shouted at him. “I’m sooo glad you’re alive and it was my fault you’re in this dump.” Shane said. “I saw you walking in the field and I tried to turn my horse but it was uncontrollable and I rode straight into you. We were filming the Bop Bop Baby video. It was the scene where I was riding the horse. I’m sooo sorry. I’ve been by your bedside ever since the accident. I was praying that you’d come round. And my prayers have been answered. Thank you God!” Shane said getting quite emotional. “Shane forget it. I really like you. Infact I like you a lot. Your everything and more that I look for in a man.” I said. “The question I’m asking is please tell me what makes a man? Coz I’m confused!” Shane said. And with that he leaned over and kissed me. “ You make a man Shane. You’re perfect in everyway.”

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