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Imaginary Westlife
Don't wanna let you go
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“Cummon ,” my Mum said. “We’ll be late if we don’t go now.” “What the point Mum? It’s only stupid footy game.” I replied. “I won’t tell you again. You’re coming so get in the car. Now!” My Mum said. I came downstairs and got into the car. I was going to watch my brother, play footy at Leeds. He was in the U/16 Junior squad and the only benefit out of going to watch him play was seeing fit lads run around in shorts! I sat down in the stadium and waited for the game to begin. At ½ time Leeds were losing 1 - 0. The start of the second half began and one of the lads caught my eye. He was number 1 and was Leeds goalie. He had floppy blonde hair and had a gorge body. His name printed on the back of his shirt was BYRNE. “He’s well fit,” I thought to myself. “I’d love to be his girl!” I went into dreamworld only to be awoken by the full time whistle. Leeds had lost 1 - 0. “We’ll have to wait for your brother to come out of the changing rooms.” My Mum said. “It’s OK, you go back home and I’ll wait for him and we’ll walk back home.” I said. My Mum and Dad left and I went round the back of the stadium to where the back door of the changing rooms were. I sat down on a bench outside, I was secretly hoping that I might get a glimpse of Leeds goalie. After about ½ hour a few of the lads had come out but there was no sign of my brother and Byrne. I was sick of waiting so I got up and started to walk back home when I heard the door of the changing rooms swing open. I couldn’t be bothered to turn round so I carried on walking. “TWIT TWOO!” I heard a wolf whistle from behind but thought it was just some immature idiot having a joke with a few of his mates. “Oy can’t you tell when someone’s trying to get your attention babe!” A sexy Irish voice said. I spun round to find in front of my eyes the gorge Leeds goalie in front of me! “I couldn’t help but notice you.” He said. “I was gonna come out earlier but I didn’t want to make a fool of myself! My name’s Nicky.” He said. “And mine’s .” I said. “What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.” Nicky said. “Do ya sorta wanna go out some time?” “I’d love to. Can we meet up here tomorrow at 5:30pm?” I asked. “Yeah I’d really like that.” Nicky said. He winked at me and left. I waited for my brother and then we walked home together. The next day he went to training and then came back in a right strop. “What up with you?” I asked him. “Leeds have just laid off 3 lads and I’m scared that I might be next.” He said. “Who have they sacked?” I asked. “Thompson, Byrne…” I interrupted him. “Byrne, as in Nicky Byrne?” I asked. “Yeah he’s flown back home to Dublin today. He was distraught and he gave me this to give to you.” My brother handed over a letter. I ran up to my bedroom and jumped onto my bed. I carefully opened the letter which read: Dear I’m really sorry to have to write this but Leeds have sacked me for been too small! How crap is that? Anyway I’m going back to Dublin to concentrate on my music and maybe even make a career out of it. Fat chance! I hope we can meet up again one day. I won’t ever forget about you. Love Nicky. I burst into tears I was never going to see Nicky ever again… 7 years later… Nicky was sat in his hotel room with Bryan chatting about life and lasses. “So you haven’t you got a girl yet Nicky?” Bryan asked. “No.” Nicky said. “Ever fallen in love?” Bryan asked. “Once when I was in Leeds U/16 Junior squad. I met this lass. I fell in love with her straight away and I hardly even got to know her coz Leeds sacked me for being too small. I flew straight back to Dublin and never saw her again. I wish I could go back and see her. But it’s almost impossible.” Nicky sighed. “Nothing’s impossible Nix.” Bryan informed him. “Yeah well, if I got to know her we might not of got on anyway.” Nicky said. “Stop whingeing mate and go and find a girl.” Bryan told Nicky. Nicky just looked at him and they both burst out laughing. RING RING. Bryan answered his mobile. “Hello.” Bryan said. “You’ve got to meet 5 competition winners Bryan in 5 mins downstairs in the main room. OK?” Anto asked. “Yeah me & Nix will be down in a minute. Are Mark, Shane and Ki down yet?” Bryan asked. “No. Can u get ‘em as well please?” Anto asked. “Yah I’ll go and knock on their door now. See ya later.” Bryan said and put down the phone. “Cummon Nix. We’ve gotta go and get the other lads and go down and meet 5 competition winners.” Bryan told Nicky. Bryan and Nicky went and knocked on Shane’s door and they all came downstairs into the main room. “Hello people!” Bryan said to the competition winners. “Oh my God!” One of the winners screamed! Nicky looked round at the competiton winners and saw sat in front of him . Nicky walked straqight up to her. “Hiya. Long time no see!” Nicky said. “I can’t believe I’m seeing you again. I did’t think we’d ever meet again.” said. “Do you wanna make up for lost time?” Nicky asked. “I don’t think I need to answer that question.” said. Nicky took hand and led her upstairs, to his room.