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Nicky woke up feeling rough his head was pounding from the night before and he felt quite sick. Hed been on the town with the other loifers last night and now like usual he was starting to regret it. Ring Ring. "Oh God!" Nicky shouted. Nicky slumped out of bed and picked up the phone. "What da ya want?" Nix said. "Nix get up NOW! Its Anto weve got a photo shoot for Smash Hits magazine in hour." "Yeah Im sorta getting up" Nix said. "OK See ya!" Anto said. Nix slipped back into bed and fell back to sleep. He was awoken by Bry banging on the door. "Nicky are awake? Are you ready?" Bryan screamed through the door. "Yeah Im coming." Nicky replied. "Anto wants us in 3 mins down in the reception." Bryan said. Nicky got up wondering how the hell hed fallen back asleep but there wasnt much time to think. He quickly got dressed and went downstairs. "Nicky finally," Anto said. "Right come on guys wed better get going." The lads got into a taxi and made there way down to the Smash Hits studio. They made their way inside and started to have their make up put on. "Im off outside for a min Anto. I need a bit of fresh air." Nicky said. "OK but dont be wandering off will you." Anto said. "Im not that stupid. What da ya take me for?" Nicky said and made his way out of the studio. He walked out side and sat on the steps outside with his shades and hat on so as not to be spotted by fans. "Byrne!" someone shouted. Nicky looked round to see whod shouted his name to find it was one of his old school mates, Steve OBrien. "Hiya Steve what are you up to these days?" Nicky asked. "Nowt much. Hows life in Westlife?" Steve asked. "Fantastic!" Nicky said. "Look do you mind doing me a really a good favour. I need you to look after this for me. Ill come and get it off you later." Steve handed Nicky over a small package and when Nicky looked back up Steve had disappeared. Nicky headed back into the photo shoot, thinking nothing of the package.


After the photo shoot


"Lads were flying over London tonight." Anto said. "Im sick of flying." Kian said. "Do u wanna be famous Ki?" Anto asked. "Yeah, course I do you eejit!" Kian replied. "Well shut up then," Anto said. So Kian smacked him round the head with the magazine he was reading. They made their way down to Dublin Airport. Nicky got out of the mini bus first and walked through the airport talking to Shane. "Right weve only gotta go through customs and then straight onto the plane." Anto said. "I really dont see the point in customs for us. Its not as though wed be carrying anything!" Nicky said to Shane. They one by one walked through the body scanner Nicky was the last to go through and it beeped. Nicky wasnt really bothered it had done this many times perhaps he had his moby on him and had forgotten to take it out of his pocket. The security guards checked him over a pulled out the small package Steve had given to earlier today. The security guard suddenly looked alarmed and spoke down his walktalky. "Paul, send 3 of your heavies down NOW!" Nicky started to look alarmed. "Anto whats happening?" Shane asked looking worried. "I dont know. What the hells going on? Whats Nicky done?" Anto asked impatiently. "I cant say too much Sir. But hes been caught carrying heroin." The security guard said. Nickys face fell and he burst into tears. "Nicky what the hell do you think youre playing at?" Anto asked. "Oh my God." Bryan said running over to Nicky trying to comfort him.  The three heavies appeared round the corner all holding guns and handcuffs. The men placed the handcuffs around Nicky. "What the hell are you doing to Nicky?" Shane asked, now crying too. "We are arresting you on the possession of drugs anything you say now may be used as evidence against you." They led Nicky off down the corridor and took him down to the police station. "Bring him back. He hasnt done anything you idiots!" Mark screamed. All of the lads went and collapsed on the nearby chairs, sobbing their hearts out. None of them speaking to one another but all lost in their thoughts of fear and helplessness. "Calm down all of you. Nicky will be back soon enough dont you worry." Anto said. Surely Nicky wouldnt do anything this stupid? But even he wasnt convinced by his own words.


A few days later


The next few days the lads were unbearable. Nicky was all over the headlines in the newspaper and the other lifers were finding it really hard to cope without him. It hit Shane really hard to because out of all the band members Shane found Nicky the easiest to talk to they had a unique bond that he didnt have with any of the other lifers. He missed those late night chats with Nicky, mucking about and just mainly losing his best friend in the whole world. Shane was in his hotel room crying his heart out. He didnt care about the band anymore the only thing he wanted back was Nicky.


"GET LOST!" Shane shouted from his bed in the room. "Shay, let me in its only Kian." Kian replied. "Just leave me alone I dont want you, I want Nix back!" Shane said. "Look I know you really miss him but can you please just let me in and we can talk about it." Kian pleaded. Shane pulled himself up from the bed and let Kian in. "God no offence but you look a mess Shane. Youve really taken this hard havent you?" Kian said. "Yeah well what do you expect he is my best mate." Shane said sitting down on the bed. "Nickyll be back and running in no time dont you worry." Kian said trying to assure Shanes feelings. Shane suddenly broke out again into a stream of tears. Poor lad, Kian thought. Kian put his hand round Shane and held him tightly, what Shane needed now was friends. Shane felt upset and empty. Something was in his life was missing. Shane had never felt this way for anyone before. Nicky was his best mate and no one could ever take his position. "Just leave me alone will you Kian. I know youre only trying to help but Id prefer to be alone if thats OK?" Shane said. "Yeah thats cool!" Kian said taking his hand off Shane he walked over to the door and then turned back and said. "Just shout if you need me." Kian smiled at Shane and then walked out of his room and went next door and flopped onto his bed. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! KIAN HELP!" Kian could hear Shane screaming from next door. Kian picked up his mobile and rung Bryan. "Its Kian, Bryan get Mark and come to Shanes room NOW!" Kian said down the phone and then hung up. He quickly put on some tracky bottoms and ran next door. As soon as he opened the door he wished he hadnt. Shane was lying on the floor with a knife next to his head. Blood was everywhere. "What the hell?" Kian shouted. "ANTO!!!" Kian bawled at the top of his voice. Kian ran into the bathroom and wet a towel. He then ran back into the room where Shane was lying and nursed his arm, which had been slashed by the knife.The door suddenly swung open and Bryan was stood with Mark. "What in the name?" Bryan said. Mark just stood there unable to move." I dont know what happened. All I heard was Shane screaming Kian at the top of his voice so I ran over as quick as I could. Hes still in a state of shock. I think." Kian said. Bryan got his mobile and rung for an ambulance. Shane was sobbing, his arm had some how been slashed with the knife that laid next to him on the floor, but Kian didnt know how the hell it had happened. Kian could hear footsteps coming up the corridor and the door swung open for the third time. "OH MY GOD! Shane what the hells happened?" Anto screamed. "Anto calm down. Bryan has rung an ambulance and its on its way Shane is in a state of shock and cant talk much at the moment." Kian informed him. The ambulance came down and took Shane to the nearby hospital to treat his wounds.


Next Day


Bryan was sat by Shanes bedside waiting for him to wake up from his nights sleep. Bryan was very confused and wanted to know how it had all happened. Bryan was sat daydreaming when Nicky twitched and moaned. "Uhhh," Shane said. "Bry help where am I?" Shane shouted. "Shane calm down your OK youre in hospital and been treated for that nasty wound on your arm. How did it happen?" Bryan asked. "Two heavies came into my hotel room, they must have had a spare key matching my lock on the door and then they slashed my arm coz they wanted to know all this personal stuff about Nicky and I wouldnt tell em." Shane said. "Its OK now Shane youre safe in here with me and the lads. Just try and forget about what happened. You can share a room with Kian now until Nicky gets back." Bryan said.


A few days later


Bryan and Kian were sat in Kians hotel room discussing the past weeks events. "I cant believe how hard Shanes taken the whole Nicky thing. I didnt realise they were that close. I knew that they were best mates and everything but Shane has really taken this harder than any of us. Poor lad!" Kian said. Kian was still shocked by Shanes arm been slashed by the knife and the men managing to get into Shanes bedroom. Anto walked into Kians room to find Kian and Bryan both looking dismal. It was understandable though; their whole career could be going down the pan if Nicky was sent down. Westlife would be over. Their fans would be distraught. "Nickys trial is tomorrow. You lot are all coming arent you? Do you think Shane will be able to cope with seeing Nicky again?" Anto asked Kian and Bryan. "Yeah us lot are all coming and so is Shane he should be OK." Bryan replied. "The trail starts at 11:00 tomorrow morning. Ill meet you in the main lobby at 10:00. OK?" Anto asked. "Yeah see ya later Anto. Thanks for all you help. Youre star you know!" Kian said to Anto. Anto walked out chuckling to himself. It was only a small chuckle because at the moment really there wasnt that much to laugh about.


Next Day


Mark came out of his room dressed in his suit for the trial he made his way downstairs and like usual he was first down, besides Anto. Mark chatted to Anto about the band for about 5 minutes until Bryan came down to join them. "Any sign of Shane yet?" Bryan asked. "No. He should be coming down with Kian any time now." Mark said. "I have a feeling today wont be one of his best days." Bryan said. As he said this Kian and Shane emerged from behind the door and Bryan was right it wasnt one of Shanes better days. Shane looked as though he'd already been crying and he had black rings under his eyes. Overall Shane looked a wreck. The poor lad cant cope with it all, Mark thought. "All right lads." Bryan said whilst walking over to Shane and hugging him for support. "Hmmm" Shane said. Today is going to be a very long day, Mark thought to himself.

          All the lifers got into the taxi and made their way down to the court. The taxi pulled up outside the court and Anto and the boys jumped out. Bryan placed his arm round Shane for support and walked into the main entrance to the court. They walked into the main court and sat down in their seats waiting for Nicky to appear. "I hope everything goes OK and Nicky isnt sent down." Mark whispered to Kian, hoping that Shane hadnt heard him. "Itll be OK Mark. Nicky will be freed. He hasnt done anything so what can he get sent down for?" Kian asked. Mark felt that he didnt need to answer that question.

          Bryan was sat next to Shane not saying a word and it was obvious that Shane was lost in his thoughts. Shane wasnt going to cope too well today Bryan thought.

          Nicky appeared from a door at the side of the court followed by 2 bouncers. Shane immediately burst into tears. "Its OK Shane," Bryan said putting his arm round him and bringing Shane into a hug. "I miss Nicky so much. I dont think I can live without him," Shane said. "Dont worry he'll be back soon," Bryan said in reassurance.

Mark looked down at Nicky and hed never seen him looking so bad. Nicky had big black circles under his eyes and he looked as though hed been crying. Nicky was usually fun and full of energy but he now looked down and knackered. The court proceeded and the final verdict was only seconds away

The judge spoke, "I have taken into account all of the evidence Ive heard today and I my verdict is NOT GUILTY!!!" "YESSSSSSSS!!!" All the lifers and Anto screamed. Silence in the court. The judge shouted. "Nicholas Byrne is free to leave after 3:00pm tomorrow."

          Shane couldnt believe it his best friend was back. Nicky turned around to face the lifers and revealed a huge grin on his face. Shane smiled back at him in delight.


Next Day


            Kian was in his hotel room and had never seen Shane in such a good mood. Only 2 more hours to go. Nickys coming back here isnt he. "Ive told Anto to tell him our room number and hes going to come straight in here!" Shane said.


1 hour later

          All of the lifers were sat in Kians bedroom awaiting the arrival of their fellow band member and true friend Nicky. The lads got into a heated discussion about what their next single was going to be when the door suddenly swung open. "Nicky Byrne is currently in da house!" "NICKY!!!" Shane, Bryan and Mark shouted at the top of their voices. They all ran at Nicky pushing him into the door leaving him in a collapsed heap on the floor. "Don't all come and greet me at once will ya!" Nicky joked sarcastically. "Get up u eejit!" Shane shouted at him giving him a hand up. They embraced in a hug. "Its nice to have you back Nicky." Shane said. "Its nice to be back." Nicky said.