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Imaginary Westlife
I wanna grow old with you
Fan Fictions
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I was looking in the paper for a job. I’d been a dancer for 15 years; I was now 21 and was in desperate need for a job. I looked down the column in the paper and saw: EXPERIENCED DANCER NEEDED. ABLE TO COPE WITH LONG HOURS. RING 07789250794. This was the ideal opportunity for me. I pulled out my mobile and dialled the number. “Hello.” A voice answered. “Hi, I’m enquiring about the dancer.” I said. “Oh yeah. I’m Louis Walsh. Do u wanna come down to Pineapple Studio’s and we’ll see what you’re capable of. What’s your name please?” Louis asked. “My name is . I’ll see you down there in 10 minutes. See ya!” I said. “Bye.” With that Louis put down the phone and I was left stunned. He hadn’t actually said much about the job, which puzzled me. Was there more to it than he was letting on? The name Louis Walsh seemed so familiar but I couldn’t work out where I knew it from. I caught the underground and made my down to Pineapple Studio’s. When I got outside, I opened the door to find a long, narrow corridor. There were several doors leading off to different studios. Louis hadn’t told me which studio I should meet him in so I was deciding which room I should go into. When suddenly a door swung open and there stood a man. “You must be .” He said. He had a strong Irish accent. “Welcome to the mad house.” He informed me. I was quite confused by what he said but laughed anyway. “What’s the job exactly?” I asked. “I’ll tell you later. I want to see you dance first.” With that he led me into a room and walked over to the CD player and put some music on. A woman suddenly appeared form another door and spoke. “Right, I’m gonna show you a short routine in ˝ then you will perform it to myself, Louis and one of the lads.” The woman said. I was even more confused now. ‘One of the lads,’ what the hell was she talking about. Was this some sort of prank show? The woman started to teach me the dance. After ˝ hour Louis said. “Right Pricilla, you’ve shown her for long enough. Let’s see her in action.” He walked over to the CD player and said to Pricilla, “Go and get one of the lads. It doesn’t matter which one.” Pricilla left the room from the same door, which she’d entered in. I heard shouting and screaming from the room she’d just go into. The door then swung open to reveal Pricilla and she had brought a lad with her who was wearing shades and had a cap on. He didn’t say anything but smiled at Louis. Louis pressed play on the CD player and a cheesy pop song came on. The song didn’t have a strong enough beat so I said to Louis. “Please can you put on a song with a stronger beat because this song’s knaff.” The lad turned and walked out the room, slamming the door. Louis looked quite alarmed and spoke. “I’m sorry if you don’t like this song. I’ll put a dance track on for you.” I waited and noticed Louis wink at Pricilla who opened the door again and brought the lad back in and he looked mad. The music started so I began to perform the routine. ˝ way through the lad looked at Louis and smiled, he didn’t look as annoyed as he had done 5 mins ago. When I’d finished the routine I stood still in the middle of the room. “Louis yep she’s hired. As long as she doesn’t think our song’s are crap.” The lad spoke. I was so confused I burst out, “What the hell’s going on. What’s the job for anyway and what’s with the shades and hat?” I asked. The lad now had a massive grin on his face. “Sorry to keep you in the unknown but we can’t let anyone know that were are here. Especially with the lads.” “What lads?” I asked. The lad suddenly removed his hat and shades to reveal himself and said. “Well done babe. You’re gonna be one of Westlife’s tour dancers.” “Oh my God.” I said. I couldn’t believe it, in front of me stood Kian Egan. He winked at me and left the room. The next few weeks I got to know the lads really well and practiced the routines with them. One night when we were all downstairs in the bar, Kian came over and spoke to me. “At first not being nasty or anything but I thought you were really rude you know when you refused to dance to one of our songs. But when I saw you dance I knew that you were perfect for the job.” He was looking directly at me. His gorge twinkling blue eyes melted my heart. He carried on, “I’ve got to know you really well over the past few weeks and I’ve grown to really like you. I wondered if we could get to know each other better? If you know what I mean!” He asked. He grabbed my hand and took me up to his room. 1 year later… Kian and me are still together. Kian’s fans have taken this well and all the other lads really respect us. I hope we still go on strong. Coz I wanna grow old with him!!!