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Imaginary Westlife
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I walked down to my local newsagents and bought the latest copy of Smash Hits, my fave mag. I went back to my house and flicked through Smash Hits in hope of some gorge pics of my fave band, Westlife! I’d flicked through nearly the whole magazine when I saw a picture of them, looking as fit as ever. Especially Mark my fave! I read the article and at the end was a chance to go backstage and meet them and then have front row tickets to the concert. You had to answer a question and then send it off to the Smash Hits Studio in London. “Like I’ve got a chance!” I thought to myself. I decided to answer the question and I put my name, age and address on a postcard and posted it. The next few days I waited anxiously by the letter box in hope of winning the competition, but I eventually gave up. 2 WEEKS LATER… “ there’s a letter for you. I haven’t a clue what it is. Come down and see.” My mum shouted. I bounded down the stairs and picked up the letter. I’d completely forgotten about the Westlife competition so I didn’t think that it was anything connected with Smash Hits. I opened the letter to find the words: YOU’RE GONNA TO MEET WESTLIFE TOMORROW! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I couldn’t believe it. My dreams were finally reality. “AHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed. I hadn’t even told my mum that I’d even entered the competition. My mum swung the door open. “What’s all the fuss about?” She asked. “I’ve won a competition to meet Westlife tomorrow!” I screamed. “Oh my God!” My mum screamed. For the rest of the day I was in heaven. I was wondering what tomorrow was going to be like and if the lads were really what they were made out to be. NEXT DAY… I woke up at 7am and got dressed into my tight black trousers and my fave purple top. I ate a bit of breakfast but I felt too sick to eat. All I wanted to do was be in Marks arms. He had gorgeous blue eyes and that look of mood on his face made him even sexier. My mum drove me down to Earls Court, which was about ½ hour from our house. I stepped out the car and found two security guards waiting outside the entrance. “Are you who won the competition with Smash Hits to meet Westlife?” He asked. “Yes I am.” I said. “Follow me this way then. You’re one lucky girl!” He told me. I waved at my mum and she drove off into the distance. The security man led me up some stairs and took me down a long corridor. “You’ll have to excuse their behaviour. Lads will be lads though, if you know what I mean!” The security man joked. “I’ve been working with the lads for about 1 year now and they’re a decent set of blokes. Who’s your fave?” He asked. “I like Mark.” I told him. “He’s single at the moment but don’t tell him I’m giving off his personal info or he’ll kill me!” He joked. “Well here we are!” He said opening a door to reveal the lads. Bryan was running round with a pair of boxers on his head screaming and Shane was chasing after him. Nicky was having a fight with Kian and Mark ripped the boxers off Bryan’s head and got him into a headlock. “See what I mean about their behaviour!” The security man said. “What’s wrong with our behaviour?” Bryan asked. “I’m perfectly normal!” Nicky declared. “I’ll leave you to it then. They shouldn’t harass you too much.” The security guy said. “Oh yeah we will.” Shane said running over and picked me up in his arms and ran over to Mark with me. “Bye.” The security man left the room. “I can tell you’re a Mark person myself. You like him best don’t you?” Shane asked. “Yeah. I suppose I do!” I replied. “How the hell did you know that?” Kian asked. “Sorry Egan but I have the gift you don’t!” Shane said smugly. “The gift of seeing that she was eyeing Mark up when she came into the room. Ha ha ha” Nicky laughed. “Don’t think you’re clever Filan, coz you aren’t no match with me!” Bryan said lunging at Shane and punching him. “What’s your name?” Mark asked me smiling. “ .” I said smiling back at him. He had the purest blue eyes ever and his smile put me in heaven. I couldn’t believe such a gorgeous man was single. Mark started asking me loads of stuff and we started getting on really well. After we’d been talking for about ½ hour whilst the other lads were prating around, wrestling with each other, Nicky broke from the fight and came over and said. “I think he’s trying to chat you up. He’s a bit shy with girls. Do you want me to break the ice for you?” Nicky asked. Mark looked at me and winked. “I think that just proved it!” Nicky said grinning. Shane’s head suddenly popped up and said. “What’s going on?” “ is Mark’s new girl!!!” The door opened and Anto was stood there. “Lads you’re gonna have to start getting your opening outfit on. The show starts in 1 hour.” He shut the door and left. “You can stay in here and watch the show from the side of the stage if you want?” Mark asked. “Yeah. The view will probably be nice!” I said. The lads got into their outfits and made their way to the wings. Just before they were due to go on Mark came over to me. “I love you, darlin’” He said and hugged me. “Good luck for the show!” I said to him. “I won’t need it if you’re stood watchin’” He said, grinning. “Cummon Mark we need you on the stage.” One of the crew said. Mark kissed me on the cheek and took his position on the stage with the other lads. The lads sung a few songs and then came off for a quick change. Mark quickly kissed me again! He then left in a sprint to get onto the stage on time. When the concert had finished he ran off the stage. “That was ace!” I told him. “Thanks babe!” He said to me. He took my hand and led me into his changing room. He was sweating like mad, he looked sooo sexy! He sat down on a chair in his dressing room. “I’ve never met anyone as special as you before.” Mark told me. “I love you.” I told him and we indulged in a life long kiss.